Competent choice of kitchen scales

How to choose a good kitchen scale

Do you plan to add kitchen scales to your arsenal of culinary helpers? Our article will be a guide to help you buy a model that suits you in all respects.

Decide on the type of scales

Mechanical or electronic scales to buy? You decide. We can only name the pros and cons of both categories.

Advantages of electronic scales:

  • High accuracy of weighing (an error of only 1-2 grams).
  • Compact and modern appearance.
  • Additional features: tare weight deduction, calorie counting, memory.

Cons electronic scales:

  • High price.
  • The need to connect to the mains, power consumption.
  • Higher probability of breakage than mechanical scales.

Advantages of mechanical scales:

  • Low price.
  • Possible load capacity up to 20 kg.
  • They are almost impossible to break.
  • They can be used anywhere.

Cons of mechanical scales:

  • High error (up to 5 grams) - not suitable for weighing a small mass.
  • Mechanical scales are usually quite cumbersome, so they take up a lot of space.

Look for scales without protruding buttons

Products on the scales are usually in the process of cooking, and not all housewives wash their hands before pressing the button. As a result, dirt and pathogenic bacteria accumulate in the openings between the buttons, which can harm health. Therefore, it is worthwhile to protect yourself in advance against infections by purchasing scales with touch controls.

Choose scales with the function "container" and "memory"

When there are a lot of ingredients, and most of them are loose or liquid, each time we weigh first empty and then full dishes are very troublesome. Acquire a scale with the “tare” function that will automatically subtract the weight of the dish stored in the instrument.

Pay attention to the materials

Most electronic scales are made of glass, but not all glass scales are equally durable. Take the time to look at the label and find the words "shock-resistant glass", and then you will not have to lament when collecting fragments mixed with flour or sugar from the floor. It is desirable that the basis of scales was metal, but not plastic.

Check the manufacturer's reputation

Look in the Internet to read reviews about popular models of scales. The most positive reviews leave on the scales of these companies: Polaris, Scarlett, Mystery. In addition, there are service centers for manufacturers in almost every city.

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