Description wheels Enkei SC23

Enkei SC23 wheels - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


General characteristics
Type ofType: cast
MaterialMaterial: aluminum alloy
ColourColor: silver / golden / graphite
Standard size
Rim widthRim width: 7 / 6.5 / 7.5 "
Rim diameterDiameter of the rim: 15/16/17 "
Number of mounting holesNumber of mounting holes: 4/5
Diameter of hole patternDiameter of hole arrangement: 114.3 / 98/100/105/110/112/108/115 mm
Diameter of the center holeDiameter of central hole: 56.1 ... 73.1 mm
Departure (ET)Departure (ET): 25 ... 48 mm
WeightWeight: 0 ... 8.7 kg

Reviews for cast disks Enkei SC23


  • Great wheels. I bought myself a Subaru Forester, very satisfied. I drove into normal holes a couple of times, a small lump appeared on one tire, nothing to the disks. Maybe I am mistaken, but it seemed to me that the dynamics of the car improved. If anyone tries, you will definitely not regret.


  • I haven't found it yet

ega8, 2013-02-10 Evaluation 5

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