Overview Bosch Bosch GWS 12-125

Bulgarian Bosch GWS 12-125 - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


General characteristics
Machine typecorner
Power consumption1200 watts
Max. disk speed11,500 rpm
Max. disc diameter125 mm
Spindle threadM14
Nutritionfrom the network
Functions and features
Opportunitieslimiting the starting current, spindle lock, overload protection, speed control, speed stabilization system, power button lock
Additional handlethere is
Dimensions (L x H)297 x 103 mm
Weight2.3 kg

Reviews Bulgarian Bosch GWS 12-125


  • As a matter of fact, advantages can be simply taken and copied from the product description. I will list in descending order of importance for me personally.
  • 1. KickBack Stop.
  • 2. Adjustment of turns.
  • 3. Sufficient power for many types of work.
  • 4. SDS nut (in the configuration “0 601 794 007”), here you can also include the spindle-hold button.
  • 5. The protective casing, rotated without additional tools, just pressed the key and turned.
  • 6. The case (in the configuration “0 601 794 007”), though big (probably designed for compatibility with other cases with special latches for convenient transportation - even saw a trolley in some kind of advertisement), but it has a well-thought disk storage system and a lot of space for all kinds of things.
  • 7. Long and soft power cord.
  • 8. All kinds of electronic things such as soft start, maintaining speed under load, “not killed” brushes and engine, etc.
  • 9. Handle, damping vibration (although, so far failed to estimate).


  • The temperature of the gearbox after, probably 20-30 minutes of work for about two hours. Maybe this is a consequence of “direct cooling” and that is how it should be, or maybe because it worked at first speed with a flap disc on a tree and with sufficient pressure, it can be more than enough. It is also possible that such a barbaric attitude to the tool became the cause of the second drawback - despite the stabilization of the revolutions once, but it was nevertheless that the turns went down and then increased with a jerk.

The tool was chosen as a gift to a fifteen-year-old kid, so security considerations were paramount and Bosch “pushed” all competitors with his “KBS”. Since the exact purpose of the tool was not known, it was based on universality: 700 W is light but weak by weight; 1.5 kW is powerful, but hard (especially since I read in one of the reviews, “This operator will rather drag away somewhere than slow down ...”, and since modern youth is heavier than a computer mouse or any burger, it’s not used to then it stopped at 1.2 kW, again for the country wiring, this option will be more gentle.
Despite the “gift”, it so happened that I had to use it. It was necessary to do: grind off part of the wooden door leaf; cut the “quarter” in the box, which was strongly curved with time and the door simply did not close; shorten the screws and bushings and do all this quietly, because it was already late, and without dust. Well what can I say? Kayf! Working at the first speed, the dust does not soar upwards and then does not settle on everything that is possible, but pours downwards, as when working manually. SDS nut is also beyond praise, because I had to work with four disks alternately. In general, the impressions are very positive, despite the shortcomings described.
Ipatov Alexander, 2014-04-02 Evaluation 5


  • Work on the stone, very difficult operating conditions. Cutting, grinding, polishing the stone. The tool replaced Makita after Makita began to make a marriage. There are no complaints, a great tool for such money. I went the 3rd year, changed the brushes.


  • Sometimes knocks the power button.

Take it and do not regret anything. The truth is not familiar with the Russian assembly.
Litvin Bogdan, 2014-10-11 Evaluation 5

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