Husqvarna 323R Benzotrimmer Review

Benzotrimmer Husqvarna 323R - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


General characteristics
Type oftrimmer
Knife rotation speedup to 9000 rpm
Noise level97 dB
engine's typepetrol
Power1.20 hp
Engine speed9000
Fuel tank0.5 l
Additional Information
FeaturesA combined housing for trim heads and knives, a protective plate located under the engine, and spark plug protection are provided. Cylinder Bore / Stroke 34 mm. Speed ​​at full power 9000 rpm The maximum recommended engine speed is 11,700 rpm. Gear ratio / gear angle 1: 1.46. The length of the rod is 1483 mm. Diameter of a bar is 24 mm. The noise level is 88/97 dB. Weight 4.5 kg.

Comments on the gasoline trimmer Husqvarna 323R


  • The advantages of a lot of power is not whimsical spent for this season about 17-18 tanks of gasoline (pleasantly surprised consumption for the better). Over time, I can mow from 6 to 12 acres that was unreachable with an electric trimmer. Very high-quality plastic is very good quality processing of metal parts.


  • Not found !!

Worthy machine for your money!
igor-stypino, 2009-06-15 Evaluation 5


  • 1. I will put Light first in the first place, before that I used SPARK 25, harder and more uncomfortable harness.
  • 2. Economical.
  • 3. The quality of the assembly, the Swedes Respect, with the purchase thought the next China, at the dacha, disassembled all made out, on the engine a sign MADE IN SWEDEN.
  • 4. The quality of the material, just like a Faberge egg.
  • 5.Very convenient to operate harness, although long tormented with adjustment and uncomfortable to wear.
  • 6.Good well, did as in the instructions.
  • 7. Leskoy mows SUPER !!! SPARK 25 with a coil did not use at all, apparently there was a shortage of power, or the coil was bad, used only a knife. Here, on the contrary, the standard knife is not very good, although raspberries and young plum and willow are chopped up with a bang.
  • 8. Included was a protection (plastic nozzle) for transporting the braid with a disc, very convenient.


  • Very dreary tune harness. There were no glasses and headphones in the box, they were opened in the market with me.
  • Overpriced, bought over the Internet, took away himself.

I put a solid 4+, very satisfied, choosing between HUSQVARNA 128R and 323, never regretted. The amount of work 10 hectares, koshu always late when the weeds popoyas.
gan0979, 2011-06-27 Evaluation 4


I exploited 5 years in the tail and in the mane). Last year, the native spool under the line wiped on the ground, I had to buy a new one. This year I bought a knife, because native shy, I cut down their bushes.
The candle is still dear, in the spring gasoline poured, pulled the starter and went to mow. Beast machine)
prostoprohozhiy123, 2012-07-04 Evaluation 5


  • Very light and easy to use. We bought last summer. A plot of 15 acres, we don’t plant anything, several apple trees and everything. The grass overcame us and it turned out that throughout the summer, we only thought about it. Far places were overgrown with weeds They didn’t have enough for them. The first time, all the son, I was afraid that I couldn’t cope. The disk cuts everything. Carefully, look so that there are no glasses, bricks, etc.
  • Very good shield, grass does not fall asleep, gets a little bit on the shoes.
  • Trimer head, just lovely. I mow it. Very comfortable fit, you can squint to zero.
  • For me, the simplicity of Mihanizm and the plant is very important. Gasoline 95, for 1 liter of 2 cubic meters of native oil. No problems, everything works. The neighbors were stunned with what ease we ennoble the site.
  • I recommend it to everyone. A good, well-assembled thing.


  • For the first year did not find.

Anonim 2012-01-10 Evaluation 5


  • Powerful, quality made thing.


  • 1. The knife in the kit is not sufficient! Before leaving for agricultural work it is necessary to work well on the grinding machine.
  • 2. This is not a drawback, just a warning: buy face protection, especially if you mow the hogweed and other poisonous plants.

Long chose a braid. At first I bought for 6-7 thousand, I do not remember the brand. I handed over to the store, as I was very hot. Then I chose Husgvarn 128 for 9000, but refused to read a lot of bad reviews. Gritting his teeth against greed bought a model 323. Not yet found flaws. Like the workmanship. Good plastic. Everything is done soundly. It is produced from a half-turn. (I specifically followed this during the purchase, since I am not on friendly terms with a gas-powered tool). The first mowing was done in June when the grass was knee-deep. The grass flew in all directions. I am very sorry that I did not buy a mask that covers my face completely. It is good that the grass in the area is not poisonous, since then it was raked out of all the cracks in my body. I only mowed the line, that is how the knife turned out to be blunt. 5 hectares of grass mowed for two and a half hours (with breaks to set up the harness), tired: after all, two hours of exercise with a burden of 6 kg, the next day, the muscles that work to twist the body ached. In general, not bad, the current money pity.
Sand Alexander, 2013-06-13 Evaluation 5


  • 1. Ease of start and preparation for work.
  • 2. The quality of the material, ergonomics.
  • 3. convenience in replacing nozzles.
  • 4. The ability to work with a disk for a bush (trees of 7-10 cm in diameter) mows like grass.
  • 5. Productivity 6 acres, for 3 hours.
  • 6. Steel shaft - more reliable cables.
  • 7. Very quiet operation


  • 1. Bulky system, with packaging length - almost 2m. (It’s not so convenient to transport in a car - but this is a sacrifice in favor of durability).
  • 2. When working with a cable, the protective shield is heavily clogged with grass debris that are difficult to clean.
  • Nothing more is noticed ...

I chose between 128 and 323, the choice fell on this model due to the efficiency of the equipment. If the amount of work is not large - it makes no sense to take professional equipment, stop the choice on 128 or 125 models. If you have to clear a shrub, trim the crown of trees, or struggle with tall grass thickets, this tool is for you. It should be noted as well and thoughtful system harness, the entire weight of the mower is equally distributed on both shoulders, without distortions.
dogs-in-net, 2009-07-28 Evaluation 5

(in work)

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