12 of the quietest washing machines

Choosing the quietest washing machines

Long gone are the times when affection was caused by the fact that the washing machine fills itself with water, takes the powder, washes, rinses, drains, squeezes and beeps, they say, remove everything! Nowadays, the requirements for automatic home cleaners have increased markedly. The quality of washing should be higher, time and power consumption less, wear of linen is minimal, and the output is almost dry, but without folds, residual stains and unwanted odors. No, not all! Another process should occur with minimal noise and attract attention only when the "sovereign" of home appliances deigns to evaluate the final result. It is for this reason that our today's rating will be dedicated to the best silent washing machines-automatic!

Why are some washing machines quieter?

Reducing the volume can provide several factors:

Inverter motor

Brushless design of the electric motor of the washing machine is devoid of rubbing parts, has a high efficiency, increased resource. And in combination with an almost instantaneous exit to the set speed and their most accurate maintenance, a significant reduction in noise background and more economical energy consumption is achieved.

Direct drive

The absence of a belt and additional moving parts undoubtedly contributes to the quiet operation of the washing machine. But it is not worth overly flattering. Much depends on the class of the washing machine, the quality and properties of components, the assembly in the end. In other words, in theory, direct drive is good, in practice, you can find many models with a belt that have at least, and sometimes more outstanding performance.


For some reason, there is a perception that full-size (85x60x60 cm) washing machines are suitable only for a large family. In reality, this is the ideal format for quiet operation, thanks to better stability and less inclination of the washing machine to vibration. In addition, they erase such machines better due to the increased surface of the drum, and it is not necessary to load to the maximum. True, all this makes sense only if there is free space for installation. It's okay, there is an average format (40-45 cm). But the "super-slim" models are usually noisier than the rest.

Method of loading laundry

Other things being equal, frontal washing machines are quieter. Plus, they are vertical in space saving, and the mythical increase in reliability due to the drum fastening on two semi-axes is more of a marketing trick. The problem with top-loading models is a closer arrangement of the nodes, which is why the machine is more susceptible to vibration. The washing process is usually quite comfortable, but the low spinning noise is almost an impossible dream. Although there are exceptions.

Rating of the most silent washing machines of 2018-2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The quietest vertical washing machines1Miele W66710 / 1099 900
2Electrolux EWT 1567 VIW9.7 / 1061 268
3Whirlpool TDLR 602309.6 / 1033 850
Top Quiet "Narrow" Front-loading Washing Machines1LG F-10B8ND9.8 / 1022 890
2Candy GVF4 137TWHN / 29.7 / 1018 935
3Samsung WW70K62E00W9.7 / 1032 126
The quietest full-size washing machines1Küppersbusch WA 1940.0 AT10 / 10227 600
2Miele WDB 020 W1 Classic9.9 / 1059 900
3Electrolux EW8F3R28S9.8 / 1073 900
4LG F-4J6VN0W9.7 / 1030 300
5Whirlpool FSCR 904209.5 / 1040 790
The quietest built-in washing machines1Bosch WIW 285409.9 / 1099 990
2Hotpoint-Ariston BI WMHL 712839.4 / 1032 800

The quietest vertical washing machines

Miele W667
99 900

What other top-loading washing machine could be better in terms of quiet operation, and in terms of quality in general? Of course, Miele. And even if the price is high, the design is unusual for this format, but if there is an opportunity to afford such a model, only the most positive ones are waiting for impressions.

Supported noise background (wash / spin) - 49/72 dB. And this is an excellent indicator, meaning that it will be heard, but only in the immediate vicinity, but at a distance or with the door closed - no discomfort. The maximum available load is 6 kg, the spin speed is 1200 rpm, the energy efficiency class is А ++. The W667 is equipped with a laundry count sensor, automatic parking is provided for the drum, and there is a pile filter.

The corporate style of the German brand is a gentle wash without damaging the fabric. In addition to the classic programs for cotton, synthetic and wool, the following modes are available: Shirts, Soak, Hand, Quick wash (30 minutes).

Main advantages:
  • Patented cellular drum;
  • Watercontrol system for leaks (housing);
  • High build quality;
  • The country of origin is the Czech Republic;
  • Warranty period - 2 years.
  • Rather big price;
  • Peculiar design.
10 / 10
This machine compares favorably with the predecessors in our house by a much better washing with an amazingly delicate attitude even to the most subtle linen. Of course, with the correct choice of the program. Great purchase!
Electrolux EWT 1567 VIW
61 268

There are plenty of Electrolux top-loading models, but the EWT 1567 VIW washing machine can really please the owners with a quiet job. To a large extent, thanks to the high quality inverter motor at the base of the drive. The main wash cycle occurs almost silently with only 47 dB, but the spinning process is heard - 77 dB. But for a vertical washing machine, the last figure is quite worthy.

The load is up to 6 kg, the maximum spin speed is 1500, the control is electronic with a rotatable programmer and a large BF LCD display. Fuzzy Logic technology is supported. In the arsenal of 14 selected modes, including the function of refreshing with steam. There is a delayed start timer. The end of the wash is accompanied by a beep.

EWT 1567 VIW is produced in Poland, warranty - 1 year, standard sizes - 89x40x60 cm.

Main advantages:
  • Energy class - A +++, washing - A, wringing - A;
  • The TimeManager function, allowing to save time or the electric power;
  • Automatic positioning and soft opening of the drum leaves;
  • Load weight sensor;
  • Foam control, imbalance, leakage protection.
  • Great price;
  • Vibration when spinning at high speeds.
9.7 / 10
It works quieter than the old front-end washer, but it is more compact and interferes more. The parking drum is not always perfectly accurate, but not annoying. At first, they did not understand TimeManager, but now they figured out, we use.
Whirlpool TDLR 60230
33 850

Really silent washing machine from the famous brand Whirlpool. The model is very tech and advanced. And although it is possible to meet both very positive and negative reviews on the network, it’s not always worthwhile to blindly trust the latter, because sometimes there is a feeling that some are the result of the authors' wild imagination or unwillingness to read the instructions.

By the way, a tip: for the most part, top-loaded machines may not completely wash out the powder and it is more convenient to use easier water-soluble liquid products.

However, from the lyrics to the technical aspects. What is important to us? Noise level. Here his figures are encouraging - 51 dBA for washing, 72 for spinning. Good reasons for this are highly efficient inverter motors and innovative ZEN technology or simply direct drive. The maximum possible load of linen: cotton - 6 kg, synthetic - 3, wool - 1. Spin at a speed of up to 1200 rpm. Going model in Slovakia, warranty period - 1 year.

Main advantages:
  • The 6th SENSE technology, which adapts through the sensor system the costs of water, energy and time, depending on the volume of linen, the properties of the fabric;
  • 14 programs, including Eco, Fast 30ˊ, Jeans, Office wear;
  • Option Color 15 ° (preservation of the brightness of the colors of synthetic fabrics);
  • Fresh Care function - if the laundry was not immediately removed, every 15 minutes it is “agitated” to preserve freshness, prevent the appearance of unpleasant odors, the formation of folds;
  • Smooth opening of the drum leaves.
  • High price;
  • Adjustable height only front legs.
9.6 / 10
Good-quality washing machine with a good modern design. It works really quietly, especially in comparison with the previous vertikalka, who died in the Bose. How do you like it, modes are not very many, but everything is on the case.

Top Quiet "Narrow" Front-loading Washing Machines

22 890

Washing machines of the Korean company LG are traditionally among the leaders in popularity, and if we take into account the notorious good price-quality ratio, comfort, efficiency and such a relevant criterion in our case, like quiet work, the competitors were crying at all. A favorite among specific models is the LG F-10B8ND.

First, the main thing. The declared noise level (wash / spin) is 55/76 dB. In practice, the machine in both modes is not at all loud, and some serious increase in the background sound appears only sporadically while typing and draining the water. The functionality is determined by 13 washing programs, among which, besides the classical ones, there are such interesting ones as the Duvet, Health Care, Children's, Sportswear, Fast 30.

Control - electronic with LED-display. Spin adjustment is available up to 1000 rpm, temperature selection, timer, super-rinse, “No fold” mode, drum cleaning function.

Main advantages:
  • Direct drive based on inverter motor with a 10-year warranty;
  • The maximum degree of loading - 6 kg;
  • Technology "6 movements of care";
  • Mobile diagnostics system;
  • Automatic balancing, the amount of linen.
  • Limited spin adjustment;
  • The program is reset when the network is turned off.
9.8 / 10
It works quietly, erases well, does not take up much space. Choose a model with a removable lid for installation in the kitchen. This one came up in price, design, and performance. In its class a great option.
Candy GVF4 137TWHN / 2
18 935

Relatively inexpensive washing machine made in Russia with good characteristics for its price. Candy GVF4 137TWHN / 2 differs in compact dimensions (depth 40 cm), moreover, the maximum load of the whole 7 kg. The noise level parameters are 51 for washing and 76 dB for spinning. The value is worthy, although there is reason to suspect the manufacturer in a slight exaggeration.

Management - electronic. Programs - 18, including several fast modes, the shortest of which is 14 minutes. A good set of additional functions: delayed start up to 24 hours, Hygiene +, Easy ironing, Control lock, as well as the ability to select the degree of contamination, temperature and spin speed (maximum 1300 rpm).

Interestingly, the steam function is implemented in this model. It simply is and is not presented by the manufacturer as something outstanding.

Main advantages:
  • Energy class - A +++;
  • The diameter of the loading door - 35 cm;
  • KG detector and child protection function;
  • The ability to control from a smartphone via Wi-Fi;
  • Control of foaming, spin imbalance.
  • Build quality is average;
  • Loud bay of water.
9.7 / 10
A small but roomy and heavy washing machine. It is important to accurately install on the floor and problems with vibration and no noise. You can calmly and without discomfort wash at night, activating the spin in the morning.
Samsung WW70K62E00W
32 126

Not only quiet, but also a very practical washing machine from the Korean brand. Produced in Russia, but with the quality of the order and service at the height. Plus impressive features and functionality. And since we are important indicator of the level of noise, with this, too, not bad - 54/73 dB (A).

WW70K62E00W - medium size device (lid depth 45 cm). At the same time loading decent - 7 kg, the maximum extraction - 1200 rpm. Bright "chips" of this washing machine - the AddWash function, which allows you to add forgotten clothes after the start of the cycle, and the generator of the active ecobubble ™ foam. The control is electronic with a touch panel, for which a lock against accidental pressing is provided very appropriately.

A set of programs is really relevant and, in addition to standard modes, includes: Baby and Dark clothes, Fast (15 minutes), Eco drum cleaning, etc. Among the options: Rinse +, Pre-wash and Intensive wash.

Main advantages:
  • Motor Digital Inverter;
  • Effective stain removal thanks to Bubble Soak technology;
  • Steam (served from the bottom for better penetration into the fabric);
  • Ceramic heater;
  • Smart Check function for automatic detection of possible faults.
  • The price is not the most democratic for the Russian assembly;
  • Doubtful efficiency of steam function.
9.7 / 10
Really quiet washing machine. Compared with the old - heaven and earth. Literally at the first use, the AddWash option was in place. Somehow even nothing to complain about, let's see what happens next.

The quietest full-size washing machines

Küppersbusch WA 1940.0 AT
227 600

A true representative of the premium segment with the corresponding elite status of the price tag. What can be expected from a washing machine of this level? High-quality assembly, reliability, efficiency, improved functionality. They have it. And with a solid margin, the envy of competitors. And, of course, an expensive prestigious model should attract attention only at the end of the selected wash cycle, and not in the process.

The criterion that is relevant to our rating is that the noise level is incredibly low here: 45 and 70 dB (the second value for spinning). Loading - frontal, up to 8 kg of dry linen. There is auto-weighing with recommendations on the dosage of detergent. Spin speed (maximum) - 1600 rpm.

Control - electronic touch with a large waterproof display. A wide range of programs and additional options is available. It supports the preservation in memory of the 6 most frequently used modes, delaying the launch for up to 7 days. There is a dirty laundry sensor. Produced by Küppersbusch WA 1940.0 AT in Switzerland.

Main advantages:
  • Class A +++ power consumption;
  • Soundproofing Supersilent Plus;
  • LED highlight drum;
  • Stainless steel water tank;
  • Two heating elements, temperature regimes from 20 to 90 ° C;
  • Express programs lasting from 15 minutes;
  • Full Aquastop.
  • High price.
10 / 10
The car is good. There is nothing to compare, and everything speaks in favor of the new acquisition. No nonsense such as steam is not here, it wipes perfectly without any marketing nonsense. Very quiet, even when wrung out.
Miele WDB 020 W1 Classic
59 900

Gorgeous washing machine from the famous brand from Germany. The model is relatively simple. It is not worth looking for any steam functions, some exotic programs to increase their total number (which, as we know, does not always turn into quality) and other often useless functional “frills” supposedly to improve washing. Miele without superfluous tricks provides excellent results.

Now about the noise. WDB 020 W1 Classic is very quiet. The numbers with decibels are not indicated anywhere, but the happy owners of this product of German engineering do not need them. After all, everything is great and without additional measurements! And this is easily explained by the excellent quality of assembly and materials, the perfect layout and balancing of components and parts, the presence of high-class, economical, powerful and almost silent ProfiEco motor.

The following characteristics complement the overall picture quite well: power consumption - A +++, load from 1 to 7 kg. Produced model in Germany. Warranty - 2 years.

Main advantages:
  • Corporate cellular drum (maximum efficiency in the absence of a negative impact on the linen);
  • 7-segment electronic display;
  • 11 washing programs, additional modes, spin speed - up to 1400 rpm;
  • Protection against leakage Watercontrol System;
  • Possibility of installation under a table top or in a column with a tumble dryer.
  • There is no dedicated program for down items.
9.9 / 10
Finally we got this car. For Miele, the price is normal. And as for the quality of washing and minimal noise, they have never seen anything better. Well, that did not lead to the Asian branding brands.
Electrolux EW8F3R28S
73 900

Do you want a truly high-quality, quiet and reliable Electrolux washing machine? Then it is better to choose a full-size version.It so happened that the budget narrow models for our market are made in Ukraine, the build quality is rather average, the characteristics do not always correspond to those stated. Devices of the same standard dimensions are collected on the territory of the EC, as for themselves. Such are the European "partners".

The considered option belongs to the advanced series PerfectCare 800, made in Poland. The maximum load - 8 kg, revolutions per minute on the spin - 1200. With regards to a comfortable noise level, the indicators are very good - 50/73 dB. The main merit of this high-end inverter motor with permanent magnets. Washing class - A, energy efficiency A +++ (- 40%). Electronic control, there is a multifunctional LED-display of a decent size.

Main advantages:
  • The UltraCare system (before washing, the detergent is completely dissolved in water and fed into the drum already in a liquid form);
  • 59-minute low-temperature program without harm to clothing;
  • SensiCare - optimization of water consumption, energy and cycle time depending on the load;
  • Anti-Allergy Vapor - a combination of steam and intensive washing for effective control of pathogens;
  • EcoTimeManager function.
  • Great price;
  • Only 1 year warranty.
9.8 / 10
The device is expensive, but very cool. There is a feeling of some kind of solidity. I hope to serve will be long. To the quality of washing the slightest claim. And, of course, impressive very quiet operation in all modes.
30 300

For a full-size version, this washing machine is relatively inexpensive. Nevertheless, the functionality makes the model very seriously. Yes, and in the design of the Koreans did not disappoint. As for the dimensions, the depth along the cover is 56 cm, taking into account the protruding door - 59. The assembly, of course, is Russian.

So, the noise level is 53/74 dB. Which is quite good. Its role is clearly played by the inverter type motor and partly direct drive. You can load up to 9 kg of laundry in the car. A set of 14 programs can satisfy a variety of user requests. Take, for example, such as "Removing stains", "Silent", "Sports", "Hygiene", "Clothing of the child." It is possible to adjust the cycle with the help of additional functions: "Without folds", "Rinse +", "Reduction of time", "Add laundry".

Main advantages:
  • Convenient touchscreen display;
  • Boot indication;
  • Spin at speeds up to 1,400 rpm;
  • Smart Diagnosis and Tag On technology for contactless communication with NFC smartphones;
  • Drum cleaning function.
  • Noisy operation of the valve bay and pump;
  • No freshening steam (controversial minus).
9.7 / 10
Not LG fans, but the old car suddenly decided to leave us, but in terms of price-performance-quality, this model turned out to be the most optimal. It works well, washes well, noise is not much.
Whirlpool FSCR 90420
40 790

Modern and quite nice model from one of the oldest American brands, a pioneer in the production of washing machines. Whirlpool FSCR 90420 is made in Italy, hence a higher-quality assembly than the Slovak counterparts. Drive - straight with high quality quiet and economical engine. And this could not affect the performance of the noise level - 49/69 dB.

Quiet work contribute to the size. The format is full-size with a body depth of 64 cm. As a result, if you install correctly, you should not worry about any vibration and “walking” around the room. Downloading up to 9 kg of dry laundry is suitable even for a large family, squeezing - 1400 rpm may well become an incentive not to “bother” with the purchase of a tumble dryer. Washing programs - 10, including "Children's things", "Colored fabrics" and an express cycle of 30 minutes.

Main advantages:
  • Low energy consumption (class A +++);
  • Snooze timer up to 24 hours;
  • Convenient and clear electronic control with LCD display;
  • Direct drive ZEN with inverter motor;
  • 6th Sense technology, dosage tip, cycle acceleration.
  • Only partial (casing) leakage protection;
  • Connection to cold water only.
9.5 / 10
Car class! Externally, it looks very modern. How it works is almost inaudible, the sound of incoming water is inevitable, but without this in any way. There are very interesting modes of washing. Easy and comfortable to use.

The quietest built-in washing machines

Bosch WIW 28540
99 990

Fully built-in washing machine Serie 8 from Bosch is a serious equipment. Expensive, but for this class of devices - this is almost the norm. Especially since the WIW 28540 model is produced not just anywhere, but directly in Germany. That is, with the quality of a complete order, as well as with the reliability and efficiency of washing.

The drive is based on an inverter-controlled brushless EcoSilence Drive motor, thanks to which the drum rotates gently without jerking. The fact that it is economical is clearly visible in the energy class of the machine - A-30%. Well, actually, the noise level is very comfortable - 41/67 dB.

Functionality is on top. A variety of programs are available, including baby clothes (removal of germs and allergens), Shirts, Jeans, Sport, quick modes. Additional features include VarioPerfect (cycle reduction or energy savings without compromising washing quality), Easy to iron, up to 24 hours timer, child lock. Bosch WIW 28540 has an analog - Siemens WI 14W540.

Main advantages:
  • Loading - up to 8 kg, spin - 1400 rpm;
  • Large multi-function display;
  • Intelligent water management ActiveWater;
  • Unique WaveDrum drum, cleaning mode with a reminder function;
  • Full AquaStop with warranty over the entire life cycle;
  • Automatic imbalance suppression with a 3D sensor.
  • Price;
  • No drying.
9.9 / 10
Expensive, but, in my opinion, this is the only truly standing model among the embedded cheraloc. In the work manifests itself perfectly, in the management is convenient, no excess noise. German assembly in the end.
Hotpoint-Ariston BI WMHL 71283
32 800

An example of the fact that the "installation" can cost quite adequate money, while being quite quiet in operation. This Hotpoint-Ariston washing machine is manufactured under the auspices of Whirlpool, because its appearance and certain characteristics may coincide with the products of the current owner of the Italian brand.

However, we turn to the specifics. The BI WMHL 71283 model is capable of processing up to 7 kg of dry linen in the cotton mode, a maximum for synthetics - 4, for wool products - 1.5 kg. Spin parameters - from 0 to 1200 rpm. The minimum value of residual moisture is 53%. Noise declared by the manufacturer is only 46/71 dB.

Management electronic. The number of programs is 16. Using the display, you can set the required individual parameters, set the delayed start timer - 3, 6 and 9 hours. Supported by blocking keys from accidental pressing.

Main advantages:
  • Relatively affordable price tag;
  • Motor - inverter;
  • Energy consumption - class A-30%;
  • Indication of the modes, stages of the program, the remaining time;
  • Production - Poland.
  • Standard functionality;
  • Small loading hatch - 30 cm.
9.4 / 10
About three months working without complaints. Really quiet machine. Erases normally. In general, the usual embedded model at a very competitive price. As will be further - we will see, now everything suits.

Which of the washing machines is the quietest and best?

This question is asked a considerable number of potential buyers. Only a clear answer does not exist. By the only criterion, choosing a washing machine is not the most reasonable move. After all, even with an incredibly low noise level, one or another model may well not fit in size, not to arrange for performance or price, just not like the appearance or have problems with reliability.

With manufacturers, too, not everything is simple. Want an example? Often, the leaders of other ratings are recognized not cheap varieties from AEG, Italian Electrolux and even the German production. They are really the quietest, erase perfectly, look great. But we did not get into our review for a simple and banal reason - very often some of these models do not shine with longevity (especially after the warranty period), and the cost of repairs is quite prohibitive. Who knows, maybe these are some regular “tricky” EC sanctions? Something is hard to believe that somewhere in Germany they will put up with such a thing. Well, then, but “Koreans” and companies more scrupulous about their own reputation are overwhelmingly happy and do not miss the opportunity to improve their positions in the immense Russian market.

Of course, there are Miele and other excellent all-round options in the premium segment. Here, the virtually silent washing machines from the German Kuppersbusch, in which manufacturability is well complemented by the presence of special noise insulation panels, can be considered as a vivid example. It’s a pity not everyone is able to afford a model from 140 thousand rubles.

Actually, the result

The goal of our rating is not to poke a finger at a specific washing machine, for which the manufacturer has indicated the most beautiful figure, but rather to facilitate the search for a certain "golden mean" as much as possible. For this reason, the best models are divided into several categories, where everyone can choose the best option for themselves in terms of size, price, and, of course, comfortable noise levels.

Enjoy the shopping!

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