6 best impact drills

Assistant master, the nightmare of neighbors

When drilling bricks, concrete, a percussion mechanism is simply necessary - without a preliminary impact, the cutting edge of the drill simply cannot capture the material. Meanwhile, to have a full-fledged hammer drill at home is hardly justified - this heavy tool is too narrowly specialized, so it is not surprising that the impact drill mechanism is widely distributed on the market. The best impact drills (according to reviews of masters and experts) are presented in our ranking.

What is the fundamental difference between a percussion drill and a perforator?

If the perforator has a tool driving mechanism, it primarily hammer (a crank mechanism based on a poetically called “drunk” bearing with a high frequency drives a massive hammer back and forth), then for impact drills the mechanism uses a simple end ratchet pushing the cartridge spindle forward with a small amplitude. Hence the difference in the handling of the tool (the perforator beats with inertia, the hammer drill must be tightened), and in the resource - the teeth of the ratchet are licked under load, the amplitude of oscillation decreases, and as a result the hammer drill turns into a normal one. Plus, in full accordance with Newton's law, the vibration from the ratchet is transmitted to the hands in the same way as to the drill.

So you should not be serious about this tool - a hammer drill is primarily a drill. It can sometimes help to drill concrete, but it will constantly work in the percussion mode by an order of magnitude less than a perforator, and it cannot be compared with it in performance (the percussion energy of a professional perforator is comparable to a shot from the IL-79-9T traumatic pistol at close range, withstand similar shock the high frequency of the drill operator physically would not have been able to).

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top net impact drills1Metabo SBE 900 Impuls9.9 / 1020 432
2Makita HP1640K9.4 / 104 678
3ZUBR ZDU-850 ERMM29.3 / 103 490
Top Cordless Impact Drills1Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 09.8 / 1013 189
2Bosch GSB 18-2-LI Plus 09.5 / 107 150
3DeWALT DCD937P29.3 / 1026 520

Top net impact drills

Metabo SBE 900 Impuls
20 432
Power tools Metabo aggressively climbs into the place of the previously unqualified leaders - the order of the late Bosch and Makita. And, although the price of the impact drill SBE 900 can not be called budget, it could not be missed in our rating. What do we get for this money?

The drill is not small - after all, the motor has a power of 900 watts. It is possible to use it with small-diameter drills, however, without any difficulties due to well-thought-out ergonomics, provided you have strong hands, naturally. But in the shock mode, the weight of almost 3 kilograms becomes a huge plus: the level of vibrations transmitted to the hands is less than that of the lightweight competitors. Considering the fact that Metabo can give out almost 60 thousand vibrations per minute ... Imagine for yourself the effect of vibration at a frequency of under kilohertz on your hands, here the “extra” kilograms are only for good.

Most of all in the drill I liked the speed regulator - it not only does not loosen torque at low revs, but also allows you to select the maximum torque value - two handwheel settings are located on the upper part of the body. Adjusting the mode without lifting the left hand, of course, will not work, but this drawback is far from critical.

The gearbox in aluminum housing uses a percussion mode switch, similar to those found in rotary hammers. Inside, the safety clutch is hidden, which quickly disengages at the moment the drill is blocked. Metabo is definitely worth the money.

Of the minuses, we note the cartridge - it is fast-clamping, that for a powerful drill, clearly designed for hard work, it looks strange - large-diameter drills in it will inevitably slip, a standard key cartridge would be more appropriate here. After removing the cartridge, you can then find another nice “bonus” - a nest for bits in the spindle.

Main advantages:
  • Powerful and reliable gearbox.
  • Moderate vibration level in shock mode.
  • Functional speed control.
  • Not the most convenient arrangement of handles of a regulator of turns.
  • Self locking chuck.
9.9 / 10
This professional tool that can work every day without overheating and breakdowns. A good impact drill, paid for its price long ago.
Makita HP1640K
4 678
If in the eternal battle between Hamster and Toad the idea of ​​buying a Metabo SBE900 has been strangled by the latter, you should look at the HP1640K - the tool is, of course, amateur, but the price difference is threefold!

All that is needed is an amateur drill, there is - an ergonomic handle, a good balance, quite decent power of 680 watts. The speed control, however, would be more suitable for the more-armed owner - personally, the slider on the sidewall seemed comfortable to me, but with a smaller brush size in the topmost position it would be difficult to grab it with a short thumb. The same can be said about the weight - 1.8 kg can be used by someone with one hand, someone will not interfere with the additional handle.

In short, in the role of a drill, Makita will work out his money for one hundred percent, and he definitely deserves recommendations. But in the role of a hammer drill, it, like most of the representatives of this class, can be used except little by little and rarely - yet the vibration that occurs during operation is much higher than that of Metabo, and the brush drains on excellent.

Main advantages:
  • Convenient, quite powerful and moderately standing amateur drill.
  • Excessively high vibrations.
  • Insufficiently accurate centering of the regular cartridge on many copies (there are no complaints to the spindle itself).
9.4 / 10
Two years of work - great flight! Of course, in case of hard work, the drill significantly overheats - but in an amicable way, it is not intended for mixing the solution.
3 490
The metal case of the gearbox initially attracted attention - although this is a rather fragile grade of silumin, but an obvious application for a good resource under high loads. In terms of its power (850 W), the Zubr impact drill practically caught up with the leader of the best rating, and is completely similar in weight. So, for the amateur models presented to your attention, the competition for the second place was tough - “Makita”, although it was less successful as a hammer drill, won with a small margin just for ergonomics with the most frequent household chores. If the shock mode is supposed to be used more often - the “Bison” will get a certain advantage.

I didn’t like the implementation of the speed regulator - it is completely controlled only by the handle on the handle, this solution is normal for small hand drills, but for a heavy shock it is not the most optimal: leaning on it, at the same time, it is inconvenient to keep the necessary turns on the vibrating trigger. Theoretically, such a regulator allows you to conveniently control the beginning of the drill incision, but in practice it is impossible to accelerate the drill smoothly from zero to the desired revolutions - first, the trigger burns out without effect, at the moment of starting the revolutions immediately jump, and the trigger has to be released. In this regard, the implementation of the regulator at Makit is much more practical.

The main claim to the “Bison” is the strength of the ratchet of the percussion mechanism: it is insufficient for complying with the application for professional use.

Main advantages:
  • Powerful engine.
  • Large mass, effectively damping vibrations.
  • Inconvenient speed control.
  • Ratchet typical for "Russian-Chinese" brands of quality.
9.3 / 10
At the time of repair in the apartment, the impact drill "Zubr" made it possible to successfully avoid buying or renting a perforator, although it is now beating and significantly weaker. Here the motor pulls perfectly so far.

Top Cordless Impact Drills

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 0
13 189
The phrase “expensive, but worth it”, which became the verdict for the Metabo SBE 900 Impuls, the battery “drummer” from the same company fits no less. As a screwdriver, it boasts a torque of up to 110 newton meters - a little less than the engine of the VAZ “classics”! In combination with a proprietary impulse mode (its presence is also reflected in the title), this makes it possible to use a relatively compact screwdriver, even for loosening soured bolts. To power a powerful engine, a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4 ampere-hour is used - this is a reasonable trade-off between mass and charging frequency.

The screwdriver can operate in two speeds - up to 500 and up to 1700 revolutions per minute. So they can be drilled quite well. As for the percussion mode, Metabo turned out to be quite good in it - the vibration level is acceptable, especially considering the weight in two kilograms, concrete can really be drilled, and the aluminum gearbox instills confidence in the reliability of the device.

As for ergonomics, here again the solid five - weight distribution, given that the screwdriver will most often have to work with one hand, almost perfect. In the hand Metabo sits like a glove, all controls are convenient and logical located. So, the reputation of a professional tool has again been fully confirmed - we have the best cordless impact drill in front of us.

Main advantages:
  • Versatility.
  • Sophisticated ergonomics.
  • Lithium-ion battery with fast charging.
  • I would like to see rubber pads on the handle to improve hand vibration protection.
9.8 / 10
An indispensable tool in the workshop - he drills and twists bolts with nuts, without straining, if necessary, and copes with bricks. The battery charges quickly - also a huge plus with constant use.
Bosch GSB 18-2-LI Plus 0
7 150
The update of the “blue” professional Bosch series this year also affected the screwdrivers - the new GSB 18-2, being essentially a refinement of the already well-known screwdrivers of the previous generation, although it cannot be compared with the top Bosch models, but it attracts with a completely humane price tag.

Ergonomics here is typical for "Boshi" - under the index finger of the trigger, above it is a reverse reverse switch, equally comfortable both left-handed and right-handed. The choice of operating mode (screwdriver / drill / impact drill) is placed on the ring, which is under the usual limiter of the tightening force.

Of course, in comparison with the hammer drill, the Metabo Bosch lost pretty much - the maximum torque of 63 newton meters is slightly higher than in the “sparing” BS 18 LTX Impuls mode, but the latter also has a second mode of maximum torque, which Bosch can oppose nothing already. In the shock mode, the screwdriver's weight is immediately affected - the polutorakilogrammovy Bosch fairly itches in the palm of your hand, since the rubber pads on the handles are thin and do not save much from vibration. The battery is also exhausted faster, as it is lagging behind in the Bosch tank.

The most annoying thing is that, in fact, it cannot cost it - the seven and a small thousand indicated in the prices are asked for a complete set without a charger and a battery. So doubt the choice of Metabo vs. Bosch we did not have to.

Main advantages:
  • Convenient as a screwdriver - lightweight, well seated in his hand.
  • In the complete set price increases significantly from the promised price tag.
  • Excessive vibration in shock mode.
9.5 / 10
The ability to drill concrete and bricks is not a panacea, but a nice appendage to a convenient screwdriver, which is also very, very high quality.
26 520
Branded yellow-black color DeWALT does its job - and attracts the eye in the window, and uniquely identifies the manufacturer (if there are no mimicry "state employees" Stanley). Then, however, the eye falls on the price tag, and here the battle between the Hamster and the Toad will be much more fierce than in the case of Metabo.

What do we offer? We note an indisputable plus of a percussion drill in the form of a brushless motor (of the DeWALT tools ranked in the rating, it was the only one with this type of motor) - this is also an increased resource (no brushes - no problems), and reduced power consumption. As a result, having the same five-amp battery, like Metabo, DeWALT will last longer on one charge.

The three-position speed controller seemed like an interesting solution. After the usual two-positioner, at first it is unusual ... but then you realize that this particular “average” regime is often not enough. If there was still a pulsed mode of loosening, like the Metabo, the DCD937P2 could claim leadership in the ranking of the best impact drills, but alas - the high price, taking into account the lower torque (75 newton meters), would make it an outsider.

And, of course, do not pass by the shock mode. Well ... Here DeWALT does not pull on leadership again, Metabo handles concrete more successfully - and with less vibration. Alas, the tool is good, but too expensive for its characteristics.

Main advantages:
  • Good autonomy on a single charge.
  • Brushless motor.
  • Tri-band adjustment of turns.
  • Price.
9.3 / 10
I use this at work. Powerful enough, the battery lasts a long time. Alas, I wouldn’t have bought myself - it's expensive.

Which hammer drill is better to buy?

Since we are now talking about drills with a percussion mechanism, we paid considerable attention to his work. Unfortunately, as was already mentioned at the beginning of the article, even a top-end instrument of this class is not suitable for permanent work in shock mode - too much vibration is transmitted to the hands. But as a universal household tool, such a hammer drill will be an excellent choice, therefore in the end both we and you should choose a balance between choosing how effective the drill will be in both its forms. The requirements here are polar - the impact drill should be at least heavy, but it will be inconvenient to work with it with ordinary drills all the time, the light plastic drill and the owner, and wear themselves with vibrations. In addition, consider the spindle drive mechanism, which is far from perfect: the ratchet on the budget tool will inevitably wear out, and quickly.

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