7 best baits on a crucian

Review of the most catchy crucian lures - in winter and summer

Carp - one of the most fastidious fish in terms of bait. One day he pecks at a worm, and tomorrow he will be served dough or corn. Each fisher who gathers behind a crucian should have about a dozen different lures in his arsenal. But to choose the best bait on a crucian need to be tailored to the season

  • In winter Crucian in many reservoirs is in a state of anabiosis (asleep). But there are ponds and lakes where it feeds even in the coldest time of the year. For ice fishing of crucian carp is best suited. But this bait is inconvenient to stick on the hook, it quickly deteriorates. As an alternative, some anglers use artificial bloodworms.
  • If a in early spring Since carp fishing is successful in the moth, then in May the fish prefers dung-worm, dough or corn.
  • Summer in the priority of the freshwater gourmet vegetable nozzles. In addition to the traditional dough, corn, pearl barley and peas, today such baits as boilies and pellets (pellets) help hunt for trophy fish.
  • In the autumn The diet of fish is increasingly filled with animal components. Very well at this time of the year the crucian reacts to the moldy worm (the larva of the meat fly). The disadvantage of the nozzle is a fast pupation when stored in a warm place. The fly larva is also a hygiene hazard to the angler. Therefore, increasingly used imitation maggots.

The best baits for crucian carp, which passed the test of time and earned positive feedback from anglers, were in our rating.

CategoryA placeNameRating
The best bait on a trophy crucian1Canned corn9.9 / 10
The best nozzle for a large crucian in the summer1Canned peas9.8 / 10
The best boyle for crucian1Boilies d 12 mm9.7 / 10
The best bait for autumn crucian1Maggot9.8 / 10
The best bait for carp fishing in winter1Motyl9.8 / 10
The best natural bait on a crucian1Dough9.9 / 10
2Rain worm9.9 / 10

The best bait on a trophy crucian

Canned corn
380 (200 ml, corn Bagem Matchbaits)

Corn is a natural plant bait that will interest large carp. It is possible to use a nozzle from the end of spring to the middle of autumn. The manufacturer offers soft, but at the same time durable grains that will hold well on the hook. Depending on the whims of the crucian, you can pick up the bait with a certain aroma. The grains are calibrated in size (8x12 mm), one jar (200 ml) will be enough to fit on the hook, and to add to the bait mixture. When mixing the bait is useful to add instead of water corn brine.

Main advantages:
  • cuts off small bites;
  • reliably keeps on a hook;
  • has an attractive appearance and flavor.
9.9 / 10
On one of my favorite lakes I use canned corn for catching large carp. Best of all, the fish bite before and immediately after spawning. In the catch there are always trophy copies weighing 0.5-1.5 kg. Often comes across a decent carp.

The best nozzle for a large crucian in the summer

Canned peas
80 (110 ml, Nozzle tinned Fish.ka "Peas-hemp. Tutti-frutti")

Steamed peas - one of the best baits for targeted fishing for large fish. Loves this bait and crucian. In order not to conjure near the cooker, it is better to purchase canned peas for fishing. Crucian is considered a gourmet, so the manufacturer offers the bait with different additives and flavors. Natural attachment has a dense texture, but at the same time soft peas. With the bait you can fish not only on the float rod, but also on the feeder. With the help of peas, it is possible to fish the fish, if for several days to throw the grain to the point of catching. One jar is enough for day fishing.

Main advantages:
  • ideal form for ingestion;
  • attractive appearance;
  • keeps well on the hook.
  • requires respect.
9.8 / 10
With peas, I visit several pond carashes. Where the fishermen have trained the gourmet to this nozzle, there is a good bite. Best of all, my crucian pecked on canned peas in the summer months.

The best boyle for crucian

Boilies d 12 mm
65 (15 pieces, bobs "MASTER CARP" d 12 mm)

Lovers of carp fishing have long felt the benefits of such a modern bait, like boilies. Only large fish bite at this nozzle. He loves boilies and crucians. Ideally suited for fishing balls size of 12 mm. The best flavoring additives are honey, vanilla, anise and strawberry. All boilies are equipped with hair accessories, which makes it easier to hook the bait. Fragrant dense balls can be in the water for a long time, waiting for the approach to the lured point of a large crucian. Depending on the nature of the bottom, sinking or floating boilies are chosen. In prikormku need to add a few whole balls or their halves.

Main advantages:
  • pecks large crucian;
  • for a long time may lie in the water;
  • quick and easy hook mounting.
  • fish should be familiar with boilies.
9.7 / 10
A couple of times I was with a friend on carp fishing. I tried to catch a boyle in a nearby pond. I really liked the new carp. The optimal size of the nozzle is 12 mm.

The best bait for autumn crucian

135 (25 pcs, maggot of Lucky John Pro Series Maggot)

One of the best baits for catching a crucian in the fall is considered to be the maggot. The larva of the fly is well known to fish, it has many nutrients that carp is especially necessary for before hibernation. Well-known manufacturer of fishing products Lucky John has created an artificial maggots. It is an excellent substitute for natural bait, possessing a natural taste and smell. Compared to the fly larva, there are a number of advantages to silicone snag. It does not pupate during long-term storage, is not afraid of the cold, long held on a hook, has an attractive appearance. Artificial larvae of 12 and 14 mm in size are well suited for autumnal carp fishing.

Main advantages:
  • does not freeze;
  • does not pupate;
  • bait is safe to use.
  • fish quickly recognizes the catch.
9.8 / 10
When the crucian goes to animal feed in the fall, I always take with me an artificial marsh. The fish is interested in the bright larva, tasting it. It is important to timely see the bite and cut the carp.

The best bait for carp fishing in winter

400 (Berkley arthritis, 110 pieces)

In the diet of crucian carp in winter and early spring, the mosquito larva occupies the main place. The natural bloodworm is a very delicate bait. When hooked onto a hook, liquid flows out of the larva. It constantly has to be changed, which is unpleasant to do in the cold. Store natural bait in the refrigerator, which causes outrage of loved ones. The artificial bloodworm is deprived of all these defects. It completely copies the mosquito larva in appearance, and it lasts much longer. The bait does not need to be stored in the refrigerator, because the moth imitation will never be spoiled. Even having been in the mouth of a fish, the artificial bloodworm retains a bright red color and a steady aroma.

Main advantages:
  • does not freeze in the hole;
  • does not deteriorate;
  • keeps well on the hook.
  • requires constant play.
9.8 / 10
In winter, fishing I take an artificial bloodworm. Once set on a hook and you can half-day fishing comfortably. In early spring, silicone bait rescued more than once while catching passive crucian.

The best natural bait on a crucian


The most common vegetable bait on a crucian is the dough. Fishermen are creative in making this nozzle, taking into account regional peculiarities and habits of fish. There are several popular varieties.

  • Viscous mass of semolina called chatterbox. It is filled with a medical syringe, from which it is convenient to wind the bait on the hook.
  • Mastyrka is a dough made from pea flour and semolina.
  • Hominy is a cornmeal dough with the addition of wheat or rye flour.
  • Even the usual mixture of rye flour with water may be of interest for crucians if you add a couple of drops of unrefined sunflower oil.
Main advantages:
  • wide scope for creativity;
  • soft texture;
  • delicious smell.
  • not suitable for long casts.
9.9 / 10
One of my favorite tips for catching a crucian is a semolina talker. It is easy to prepare and very effective. I put the finished bait in a syringe without a needle and wrap a hook around it.
Rain worm

One of the best baits for catching a crucian carp in the open water season is the rain (or dung) worm. It has an enchanting aroma for such species of fish as tench and crucian carp. Not every fishing store can buy such bait. Therefore, the angler needs to arm himself with a shovel and go to the livestock farm. Near heaps with manure, you can get bait in unlimited quantities. In summer residents you can find earthworm in compost heaps. Store the bait in a spacious container with holes. From one to 3-4 worms sit on the hook. Experienced anglers recommend tearing off the tail so that the bait emits a strong smell in the water.

Main advantages:
  • hook mobility;
  • strong attractive aroma;
  • bulk bait.
  • need to monitor hygiene.
9.9 / 10
I like to hunt for the golden crucian on river olds. The fish is very suspicious and cautious. Only a dung-worm can seduce her for a bite. I hook on a hook small pieces in the form of a volumetric bundle.

Choosing the best bait on a crucian depends also on the method of fishing.

  • Short The whole range of baits and baits can be used on the float rod. You can successfully fish even for such delicate baits as bloodworms, breadcrumbs, oatmeal, etc.
  • Match and feeder fishing implies a powerful long-distance casting snap. Some baits fly off the hook, not reaching the surface of the water. Therefore, this method is suitable for maggot and worm, canned corn, dough, boilies.

When fishing for crucian carp beginners do not take into account another important point. Changing the bait, it is important to consider and hook parameters.

  • For example, the moth can only be mounted on small hooks from the thinnest wire No. 16-20.
  • If you want to try a worm, then you need to replace the hook. It should be with a long forearm № 8-12.
  • Round-shaped hooks are selected under the grains of corn or peas, which are completely hidden in the nozzle.
  • For boilies and pellets used hair mounting. The hook remains completely open, and the bait is located nearby. When the ball is sucked into the fish's mouth, a small hook falls.

Consider these nuances when choosing a bait, then you will be able to catch a lot of good crucians. Successes on fishing!

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