10 best steamers

2019 rating: the best steamers for connoisseurs of healthy food and culinary masters

Healthy nutrition is not only fashion, but also an extensive market. To free yourself from unnecessary expenses, buy a double boiler. With it, you can cook really healthy and varied food quickly and efficiently. However, the latter is true only if you choose a good model. Our rating will help to make the choice, which includes the best steamers presented in 2018-2019 on the Russian market.

The functionality of modern steamers is great. They have delay timers, water level indicators, heat retention, overheating protection and / or automatic shutdown. In many models there is the possibility of topping up the water in the pan during cooking. Steam bowls are most often separate, but there are also options with partitions inside. Some steamers have a rice bowl, an egg hole or a spice and spice rack. Read and choose.

Top Best Steamer 2019 - Top 10

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best cheap steamers1ENDEVER Vita 170/1719.6 / 102 670
2Polaris PFS 02139.5 / 102 620
3ENDEVER Vita 160/1619.4 / 101 690
The best classic steamers for home1Tefal VC14519.8 / 105 010
2Braun FS 51009.7 / 106 430
3Tefal VC 1006 Ultra Compact9.4 / 105 186
4Tefal VC 1301 Minicompact9.3 / 103 490
The best steamers blenders for cooking baby food1Philips AVENT SCF8709.8 / 108 367
2Beaba Babycook Original9.7 / 108 100
The best steamers-sterilizers for cooking baby food1Miniland Super 3 Deco9.5 / 1038 890

The best cheap steamers

ENDEVER Vita 170/171
2 670

Our rating continues with a simple design and use of a double boiler with a mechanical rotary timer and three plastic transparent containers. The total volume of containers - 11 liters - is convenient when cooking for a family of five or for cooking with a margin of two to three days. Maximum power - 1000 watts. The volume of the water container is 1.3 liters. There is an indication of the device on and the water level. Under the bowls there is a pan to collect the juice of the prepared products. Model 170 is made in gray / white color, model 171 - in white and green. Manufacturer - China. Warranty period - 2 years.

Main advantages:
  • Three-level steamer with the ability to use one or two levels for cooking, as well as for disinfecting dishes, defrosting products.
  • The timer for 60 minutes with autoshutdown.
  • Automatic shutdown when boiling water.
  • Having added water in the course of cooking.
  • Use dishwasher to wash bowls.
  • Adequate warranty period.
  • There are no handles at the tank with condensate, it is inconvenient to pull out for draining.
  • The numbers on the timer are short-lived, erased over time (according to customer reviews).
  • Decent dimensions: 33x23.5x42 cm. But, if you remove the containers, the device is placed in a desk drawer.
9.6 / 10
Despite the Chinese origin of the double boiler, there is no smell from plastic containers. For me, this is one of the indicators of the quality of heating devices. Moreover, it works properly.
Polaris PFS 0213
2 620

A 650W steam cooker with two small bowls for cooking (total volume - 5.5 liters), small in capacity, is the best choice for a family of 2-4 people. Transparent containers of heat-resistant plastic allow you to monitor the cooking process and control it. The timer of the device is mechanical rotary, designed for 60 minutes. The model folds compactly for storage (24x24x18cm). The country of origin is China, the warranty period is a year, the estimated service life declared by the manufacturer is 3 years.

Main advantages:
  • Simple in its function and use of a double boiler.
  • Fast steam function: steam treatment starts within 40 seconds after switching on.
  • Automatic shutdown at the end of a specified time.
  • Safety shutdown in the absence of water.
  • Sound alert disconnect.
  • Capacities for preparation wash in the dishwasher.
  • Recommendations for use, useful tips and recipes in the instruction manual.
  • Water should not be refilled during operation of the device, but, usually, its volume is enough for the cooking cycle.
  • No water level gauge.
  • A very small soak-collector, some moisture accumulates in the lower bowl: it is better to cook vegetables in it, and fish and meat at the top.
9.5 / 10
I recommend to buy a model: simple and intuitive management. Water needs to be poured below the specified mark, otherwise it will spill out when boiling. Under the cabinets put a double boiler do not recommend. Steam goes upstairs and can damage kitchen furniture.
ENDEVER Vita 160/161
1 690

A miniature steam cooker (23x27x22 cm) with a power of 800W for cooking, defrosting food, and disinfecting dishes. The device is designed for meals for 1-2 adults, a rational choice for a family with a small child. The model is equipped with two transparent plastic bowls with a total volume of 4 liters, a capacity of 1.3 liters of water, a juice collection container and a rotary timer for 60 minutes. Model 160 is made in gray-white color, 161 - in white-green. Manufacturer - China, warranty period - 1 year.

Main advantages:
  • Uncomplicated and inexpensive double boiler with standard steaming technology.
  • Almost instant steam processing.
  • Indication on.
  • Protective automatic shutdown when boiling water.
  • Use if desired only one tier.
  • It is made of heat-resistant BIO plastic.
  • Anti-slip rubber feet.
  • There is no possibility of topping up the water during the cooking process.
  • No water level gauge.
  • There is no container with a shallow bottom perforation for cooking cereals.
9.4 / 10
The bowls of a double boiler, of course, require careful treatment so as not to split the plastic. I really like cutlets and steamed meatballs: they are juicier than in a frying pan. We made the best choice.

The best classic steamers for home

Tefal VC1451
5 010

Next in our rating is a double boiler from Tefal - a well-known manufacturer of high-quality kitchen appliances. The volume of two bowls for cooking - 6 liters, they are made of stainless steel and are suitable for washing in the dishwasher. The device is equipped with a rotary timer for the classic maximum 60 minutes. The model includes a container with a small perforation for the preparation of cereals and legumes. Homeland brand - France. Warranty - 2 years.

Main advantages:
  • Two-level steamer for the simultaneous preparation of two dishes.
  • Hygienic stainless steel bowls.
  • The ability to control the water level in the tank.
  • Topping up with water, if necessary, directly in the cooking process.
  • Convenient storage: the bowls fold into each other.
  • Automatic shutdown in the absence of water or at the end of the cooking time.
  • Spectacular "expensive" design.
  • The original "wordless" instruction with graphic information on use, cleaning, storage.
  • High price.
  • No timer delaying the inclusion of a double boiler, could be useful for cooking breakfast.
  • A device of such value could have the function of heating dishes (maintaining the temperature after cooking).
9.8 / 10
High-quality steamer, I use most often one bowl for cooking. Vegetables and meatballs are juicy, but the taste - for the lover of healthy food - no crispy crust or burnt side.
Braun FS 5100
6 430

The Braun FS 5100 steamer is popular due to its steam booster: with it the water boils in less than a minute. Two bowls with a total volume of 6.3 liters allow you to cook large portions. Tinted plastic allows, on the one hand, to observe the cooking process, and on the other - leaves imperceptible traces of products such as beets, pumpkin or spinach. Containers can be washed in the dishwasher. Also, the Braun FS 5100 has a device for boiling eggs and a container in which it is convenient to cook porridges and casseroles. The sterilization mode will be useful during the harvesting period and if you need to handle bottles for feeding your baby.

Main advantages:
  • Quick steam mode
  • Bowls for large portions
  • 60 minutes off timer
  • Paint tray included
  • Interesting design
  • The total amount is small
9.7 / 10
For me, the FS 5100 is the best design. Two tiers, medium-sized bowls, additional containers for all occasions.
Tefal VC 1006 Ultra Compact
5 186

Another steamer from Tefal in the ranking of the best. And, contrary to its name, it is not at all small. The three-tiered design is adapted for cooking three dishes at the same time and has a total volume of 9 liters: enough for a large family of 5-6 people. Only one or two tiers can be used for fewer feeders. Ultra Compact - because it allows you to fold all three containers into each other and place the device in the space of a small storage cabinet. Model power - 900 watts. The body of the double boiler is made of high quality plastic. Warranty period - 2 years.

Main advantages:
  • Volume double boiler with all the necessary classic features.
  • There is a container for cooking porridge and rice.
  • The mechanical timer for 60 minutes with autoshutdown and the sound notification of the termination of process.
  • Ability to fill the compartment with water during cooking, as well as control its level using the indicator.
  • Protection against the inclusion of "dry."
  • The possibility of washing in the dishwasher, for convenience, the bottom of the containers for cooking is pulled out.
  • The manual provides recommendations not only on the preparation time of various products, but also on the weight of batches loaded.
  • Duration of warranty is adequate to the price of steamers.
  • Plastic bowls require careful treatment.
  • There is no function of heating dishes (maintaining the temperature after cooking).
9.4 / 10
Steamer bought when they became supporters of proper nutrition. Excellent model, practically does not float into the atmosphere. It is better to wash the removable bottom grilles immediately after preparation, then it is very difficult to remove food residues from the cells.
Tefal VC 1301 Minicompact
3 490

The main advantage of Tefal VC 1301 is its compact size. When storing this double boiler takes up minimal space. But in the operating mode, it can cook up to 7 liters of food in three containers. There is a special cup for rice (housewives know how problematic this product is for steaming). Baskets are easy to clean, plastic does not contain bisphenol A, is absolutely safe and does not smell. The power is not the highest - 650 W, but for the preparation of most dishes it is enough.

Main advantages:
  • Compact size
  • High-quality plastic
  • There is aquatimer
  • Beep when water evaporates
  • Nice design
  • No on / off timer.
9.3 / 10
When the child appeared, this great steamer became my magic wand!

The best steamers blenders for cooking baby food

Philips AVENT SCF870
8 367

Blender steamer from a well-known brand of products for children. AVENT SCF870 allows you to gently steamed fruits, vegetables, fish and meat without losing their beneficial properties. You can also immediately mix the prepared ingredients to a consistency suitable for the child - just turn the device and press the button. The kit includes a spatula, measuring cup and a booklet with useful information for mummies, meal plans and recipes for toddlers. The power of the device is small - 400 watts, however, the manufacturer planned it this way: the food should be prepared carefully.

Main advantages:
  • Two devices in one
  • Ease of use (no need to shift the dish before chopping and mixing)
  • Compact size
  • Steam quickly and efficiently
  • Easy to clean
  • Limited functionality: for older children is too small
9.8 / 10
The best 2-in-1 steam cooker for baby food! The volume of the bowl is ideally thought out - it turns out just a child's portion.
Beaba Babycook Original
8 100

A small-sized steamer will not only steam, heat and thaw, but will also grind products for mashed potatoes, smoothies or vegetable stews. Designed specifically for moms and kids. One - to facilitate the daily preparation of baby food, the other - delicious and vitamin-rich. The volume of the bowl for cooking - 600ml. The model has two functional modes: "grinding" and "cooking." It consists of an electric base, a bowl for cooking and grinding, a basket for steaming and a removable blender knife. The maximum evaporation time is 15 minutes. Grinding pulsed, for 10 seconds, for additional blending should be re-set the mode of "grinding". French brand, country of origin - China, warranty - 2 years (accessories - 6 months).

Main advantages:
  • Small blender steam cooker for cooking baby food, which is convenient to take on the trip.
  • System protection from the inclusion of not fully assembled device.
  • Disable steamer when boiling water.
  • Light indication of inclusion. The absence of sound signals (this is a definite plus for the house, where a small child).
  • In a set - a shovel for mixing and for taking out a basket.
  • A colorful booklet with recipes and recommendations.
  • There is no timer. The cooking time is set by the amount of water poured into the lower container using the cooking bowl (divisions 1, 2, 3 in the bowl).
  • The container for porridges is bought in addition.
9.7 / 10
I am very pleased with the purchase: put the pieces of vegetables, turn the toggle switch and you can go for a walk: the double boiler will turn itself off when the water boils away. After grinding, a smooth mash is obtained, without lumps.

The best steamers-sterilizers for cooking baby food

Miniland Super 3 Deco
38 890

In the ranking of the best steamers - a device with a capacity of 300 watts with several functions. With it, you can steam healthy food, heat the contents of bottles and jars, and sterilize the bottles themselves (1-6 pcs.) And nipples to them. It consists of a base with a water tank for steam generation, a bowl with a lid for steaming and a body for sterilization. The brand’s birthplace is Spain, the manufacturer is China, the warranty period is 1 year.

Main advantages:
  • Very functional double boiler: it has almost everything that is necessary for the preparation of baby food.
  • Stainless steel bowl for water.
  • There is the possibility of boiling eggs.
  • Automatic shutdown when boiling away moisture.
  • The package includes a built-in cup with graduation for precise measuring of the poured water, a ring adapter for bottles with a narrow neck, and a stand for sterilizing bottles.
  • There is no timer for cooking and warming up, the process time is set by the amount of water poured in: moisture boils away, the device turns off.
  • There is no control of the temperature of the heated food.
  • Quite a price.
9.5 / 10
Steamer-sterilizer perfectly copes with its functions, when heating baby food there are no harmful microwaves, as in a microwave oven. The truth on the container for water is periodically formed scale, it is better to pour bottled.

How to choose a good double boiler


This figure can vary from 400 to 2000 watts. It affects the speed and volume of cooking. We do not forget that the lower the power, the slower the preparation goes, which means it will hardly be possible to save seriously.

Number of baskets

When purchasing a double boiler, be sure to pay attention to this parameter. It is desirable that the containers for cooking were independent. The more of them, the more dishes you can cook at the same time. At the same time, the quality of cooking in a 4-container double boiler is lower than, for example, in a two-container one, since such a simple device is simply not able to accurately calculate the different heating zones. Material performance is not important, if it is of high quality. Stainless steel and plastic have both pros and cons.

Steamer which company is better?

Now, most companies have branches in China, where household appliances are manufactured.So in most cases the brand is just a memory of the past glorious times of European high-quality production. Therefore, when purchasing it is better to focus not on the beautiful inscription on the body, but on customer reviews. Have a nice shopping!

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