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Watch out! Parkin ...

Parktronic - what does it eat?

What is this very useful device and why is it so useful, it is easy to understand if you know all its names, which are used in literature and on the price tags of stores. Let's try to list:

  • parking sensors, he's
  • acoustic parking system (APS), he
  • Parking radar (in the west they also use the word sonar, which means ultrasonic radar), it’s
  • ultrasonic parking sensor, he is ...

Perhaps it’s enough to enumerate, the reader already understood that this is a device for a car, which, by means of ultrasound location and display of its results, makes parking easier.

What's inside?

The system in most cases includes:

  • front and rear bumper ultrasonic sensors
  • an electronic unit that processes the signals from the sensors about the presence of obstacles
  • a display device (LED or liquid crystal display) or an alert (sound emitter), through which the driver learns in time that he is about to hit something solid, for example, a lamppost.

Which parking sensors most parktronic?

If we maximally generalize the criteria for choosing the best parking system, then we should proceed from number of sensorsand most driver-friendly notification method.

Four sensors are required for installation on the rear bumper, and six are enough to organize control not only behind the car, but also in front of it. Reliable detection of small obstacles in front gives the installation of parking sensors with 8 sensors.

Important parameters of ultrasonic sensors, which are rarely paid attention to when choosing a particular device model, are directional pattern and provided detection area. The optimal position of the sensors relative to the roadway depends on the first characteristic, and the second determines the distances at which the obstacle is still or already invisible to parking sensors.

Concerning notification method, the simplest and most common variant of it is a two-sided multi-segment scale with a digital indicator in the middle. Some manufacturers offer solutions in which it is built into the rearview mirror. The most functional and convenient parking sensors, many drivers consider a system in which the sensor signals are supplemented pictureshot with a special camera. At the same time, the video image, with a distance grid superimposed on it, is displayed on its own screen or monitor of the head unit, helping to navigate when reversing.

Finally, an important element of the parking system is acoustic accompaniment. Least informative sound alarm, loudness, tonality or discontinuity of which varies depending on the distance to the obstacle. Maximum convenience provides voice alertable to voice direction and distance.

Top Parktronic 2018

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best parktronics with multi-segment linear indicators1AAALINE LED-14 inside9.7 / 105 500
2SteelMate PTS410M89.4 / 104 500
3SPARK 4R BIZON9.3 / 104 190
4BlackView PS-4.19.2 / 102 990
The best Parktronic with a graphic display1AAALINE LCD-18 inside9.7 / 1011 500
2Parkmaster 27-8-A9.5 / 1012 300
3ParkCity Kiev 818 / 302L9.4 / 106 290
The best parking sensors with rear view camera1Incar PT-1044B9.8 / 104 800
The best parking sensors built into the rearview mirror1ParkMaster 22-4-A9.7 / 103 600
2SPARK 8M9.5 / 109 250

The best parktronics with multi-segment linear indicators

AAALINE LED-14 inside
5 500
When installing parking sensors, many are confused by the need to drill a bumper. If the car is painted in a not very common color, then besides, you will either have to put up with eye-catching circles of sensors, or additionally spend money on tinting and painting scanty, in fact, square. Well, there is a way out - an upgraded version of the AAALine LED-14 parking sensors with indoor sensors.

How it works? In fact, it is simple - the sensors do not snap into the holes drilled in the bumper, but are screwed into the threads of special platforms glued onto double-sided tape inside the bumper. From the outside, nothing is visible from the word “quite”, and each sensor can be adjusted in sensitivity to the depth of immersion in the socket, which is precisely limited to complete mounting rings of different sizes.

And the plus here is not only in preserving the exterior of the car. High pressure washer, ointment on parking? Such mechanical effects will also finish off the original sensor of parking sensors of premium cars, what can we say about the Chinese installation kits. Here, the sensors are reliably protected - with strong blows, a double-sided tape will work as the last line of defense, and the platform with the sensor will come off the plastic (although the sensor can still not survive the concussion).

However, this also results in a minus. On many cars, parking sensors can be installed without removing the bumper, pulling the wires inside it with a simple hook made of thick copper wire. Here, you understand, it is necessary to remove the bumper unequivocally, and even to clean and degrease the quality of the inside, so that the sensor platforms do not fall off along the road.

Main advantages:
  • Hidden installation of sensors
  • Adjustable sensitivity of each sensor
  • Compact and informative display
  • Ability to install front and rear
  • Installation difficulty
  • Some bumpers will require trimming platforms to secure them.
9.7 / 10
I put it right on the new car, so I didn’t particularly bother with the bumper. But no protruding sensors!
SteelMate PTS410M8
4 500
Steel Comrade is a Chinese brand promoted in Russia by Parkmaster (ABIKS Technology LLC). Involuntarily, there are suspicions that parkmasters parktronics are produced at the same factories, but today we are talking about something else.

The display of this model is strongly elongated and easy to read by the corner of the eye, even if you do not pay attention to the numbers themselves. The possibility of ceiling installation with a corresponding display flipping. At first glance, the case looks strange - it closes the display, windows cut through the segments and the digital indicator in it. And the trick is that this is not the body itself, but its removable panel - you can choose black or gray, so that the parking sensors fit better into the interior.

Sensors are installed in the bumper with fixation not with ordinary spring latches, but with damper gum. Actually, this solution should be called controversial: of course, vibration isolation doesn’t hurt ultrasonic sensors, but according to the author’s experience, it’s harder to install sensors of this type than usual ones, and an inexperienced installer will most likely want to “push” the sensor into the radiator plane This is something you can not do. But it becomes possible to use compensation rings, which allow you to install the sensor horizontally in inclined bumpers, and there are such rings in the package. The sensor connectors are threaded, with good sealing, and the sensors themselves are quite reliable. Provided and function "Hitch".

Main advantages:
  • Decent quality
  • The possibility of ceiling installation of the display
  • Not the most convenient for mounting sensor mount
9.4 / 10
Normal parking sensors, since the installation of any problems, shows exactly.
4 190

The domestic manufacturer offers an interesting parking system of its own design, which differs from competitors in a number of functional features. First, the display unit provides four installation options, for which the indications of the indicators are switched to different modes. In addition to normal, it is possible to display, inverted horizontally and / or vertically. This allows you to install the display in any convenient place: on the dashboard, above the mirror or in the back of the car from the ceiling. The last option is most convenient when reversing, as you do not need to constantly move the view from the mirror to the screen. Secondly, the model has the function of monitoring the dead zones BIZON (Blind ZONe), activated by turning on the turn signal. Its presence allows you to avoid trouble on the road when rebuilding. Thirdly, the PDC has a training mode that allows you to customize the system over a wide range. Finally, the device has several modifications that differ in the color profile of the display, and a huge selection of sensors.

Main advantages:
  • dead zone monitoring function;
  • several sensor variants with different radiation patterns;
  • 12 colors;
  • programmable display modes.
  • No beep for dead zones.
9.3 / 10
Parktronic better, I have not seen. It works very quickly, the quality and reliability are good and with all this - an affordable price.
BlackView PS-4.1
2 990

One of the most common sets of parking systems for a car, offered by many manufacturers in different variations, is a set of ultrasonic sensors, a control unit and a display in the form of a multi-segment linear scale with a digital indicator in the middle. A similar type of BlackView Parktronic differs from competitors in the sensitivity of the sensors used. According to the stated specifications, they provide detection of obstacles at distances from 0.1 to 2.5 meters, while most other models have a corresponding area in the range of 0.3-1.5 m. The company offers three modifications that differ in design display (PS-4.1, 4.2 and 4.5), and all of them can be equipped with sensors of two sizes.

Main advantages:
  • wide obstacle detection area;
  • There is a choice on the design of the display part;
  • custom sound alert.
  • protection only rear bumper;
  • the need to switch attention from the display to the rear-view mirror.
9.2 / 10
I was looking for an inexpensive good parking sensors without unnecessary bells and whistles and was not mistaken with the choice. On which side the obstacle and the distance to it shows, the tone of the signal changes - for an experienced driver it is enough.

The best Parktronic with a graphic display

AAALINE LCD-18 inside
11 500
Parktronic with 8 sensors for internal installation is a great way to control both hemispheres without spoiling the exterior of the car by protruding sensors in front and behind. Unlike many Parktronic models, where alerts are configured at best by a small and inconvenient three-position switch, here on the display module there is an easily accessible button that can be used to set one of five levels of voice alert and buzzer (separately!), To turn on or off display segments.

The sensitivity settings of the sensors are individual (by spacers defining the gap to the inner plane of the bumper) and common (by a potentiometer on the central unit). On it you can find a switch that sets the warning distance in the front hemisphere.

In short, the parking sensors came out not only convenient to configure, but also pleasant in appearance. At the same time, there are no complaints about the quality, but, as in the case of AAALINE LED-14 inside, we can only complain about the laboriousness of the installation.

Main advantages:
  • Hidden installation of all sensors
  • Convenient notification settings
  • The complexity of mounting sensors
9.7 / 10
Cool parking sensors, feared for accuracy, but the sensors work fine through the bumper. But you can wash Karcher without fear of running to the store for new sensors.
Parkmaster 27-8-A
12 300
Our modern parking sensors continue our rating with the ability not only to work in both hemispheres (8 sensors included), but also to use internal mounting sensors if you do not want to drill bumpers - usually the same blocks for different sensors have hard-coded settings and cannot be used with sensors other type of installation. At the same time, compatibility with other series of “ParkMaster” sensors is preserved, and, for example, it is possible to upgrade the old parking sensors without changing the old sensors or pulling the wiring again.

The display is mounted on the universal "leg", which allows you to glue it on the torpedo or on the windshield using double-sided tape. There are sound and voice alerts. But on the control unit you can find the selector of the minimum response distance - the simplest seemingly thing that many parktronics lack.

The standard sensors have an installation diameter of 18.8 mm and are mounted in the holes with rubber dampers. Hmm, have we mentioned that the “purely Chinese” SteelMate and the “Russian-type” Parkmaster are suspiciously similar? Yes, their sensors are absolutely identical in appearance and compatible with each other. 12 variants of sensors with different colors are available - at least for most car colors you can pick up a set if not perfectly in tone, then not very conspicuous.

Main advantages:
  • Good information
  • Compatibility with indoor sensors (AX series)
  • 12 color sensor options
  • Saving in little things - for example, instead of 3M-ovsky scotch in a box is a certain Yong Guan
9.5 / 10
In the salon fit well, punched into the bumper lower, in an inclined place. And compensated for the angle with spacers - it works exactly and the eyes do not callous!
ParkCity Kiev 818 / 302L
6 290

The linear scale is not very convenient for Parktronic with two control zones - in this respect, the graphic display is much more practical. Parktronic Kiev from the company ParkCity - one of the best parking systems equipped with a display device of a similar plan. The universal design of mounting the display module allows you to install it on the dashboard or on the windshield (for example, in the area of ​​the rear-view mirror). Parktronic screen displays the location of the obstacles relative to the car, the distance between them and other information. The driver has the opportunity to choose the mode of operation: only visual, with voice messages or with an additional sound alarm.

Main advantages:
  • autotest function;
  • voice notification;
  • the possibility of selecting sensors in the color of the bumpers (16 options).
  • The minimum obstacle detection distance is only 30 cm.
9.4 / 10
Parktronic pleased - rescued many times already. In urban environments, sensors on the front bumper are not overkill. It is easier to put an eight-sensory system than to regularly run to look - how much is left before the car.

The best parking sensors with rear view camera

Incar PT-1044B
4 800
If the car does not have a regular multimedia screen with the ability to connect an external reversing camera, and the ability to control the trajectory is visually not superfluous (for example, if you have a Renault Duster with its disgusting visibility from behind), then there is a fairly budget solution.

Videoparktronik Incar PT-1044B is completed not with a usual segment screen, and the full-fledged display with a diagonal of 4.3 inches - not so much, but it is a reasonable compromise between the clutter of the dashboard and information content. Moreover, it is possible to connect not only the rear view camera, but also the front camera - suddenly you also have problems with parking moving forward. Not forgotten, and the traditional Parktronic functionality - on top of the display is displayed on top of the video signal the usual display with numbers and segments.

“And what if complete cameras do not fit me?” - you ask, and the answer Incar will be simple and radical.They are not included at all - buy at least the usual "cube with legs", even if it is built into the ceiling of the license plate, even though the camera is a frame, there are no fantasy restrictions here. At the same time, the figure on the price tag has become more attractive, although, of course, it will inevitably grow after the purchase of a rear-view camera.

Main advantages:
  • Possibility of installation on cars without multimedia display
  • The display developing at uselessness
  • The average sensitivity of the sensors (but that's what the video camera, so as not to catch centimeters for Parktronic)
9.8 / 10
I put it without problems, the screen is small, but not bad for convenience. I bought a good camera, so there are no problems with the video.

The best parking sensors built into the rearview mirror

ParkMaster 22-4-A
3 600
Good parking sensors for lovers of hidden installation - here you can hide not only the display, which is now built into the mirror, but also the sensors: like in other top models of Parkmasters, there is provided compatibility with sensors for installation inside the AH series bumper.

The issue of compatibility with standard mirror mounts is solved simply: a new mirror does not replace the old one, but is superimposed over it. In the disconnected state, the centrally located LCD display is not noticeable, and after turning on the parking sensors, it is convenient and informative - no worse than LCD models with a remote display. A definite plus to the rating of non-lovers litter the salon with unnecessary gadgets guaranteed.

Otherwise, nothing new - in terms of functionality and sensors, this parking sensor does not differ from, for example, the Parkmaster 27-8-A already described above (of course, if we take into account that there is no control of the front hemisphere).

Main advantages:
  • Universality of installation
  • Ability to work with sensors hidden installation
  • Informative screen
  • No brightness adjustment
  • Medium quality mirror itself
9.7 / 10
It is very convenient that nothing extra is sticking out. It works fine, everything can be disassembled on the display.
9 250

If the majority of competing offers have a linear scale built into the rear-view mirror and are parktronics with one control zone, then the parktronic SPARK 8M is distinguished by an advanced luminescent color indicator of the graphic type. It provides a clear display of information received from the front and rear sensors, indicating the direction and distance to the detected obstacle. The indicator is activated only when the reverse gear is engaged or when the brake pedal is pressed and does not interfere at all in other driving modes. A big advantage of this model range is the increased zone of detection of obstacles and the presence of modifications of BIZON, which allow controlling the dead zones.

Main advantages:
  • takes into account the presence of protruding parts (tow bar or spare wheel);
  • the minimum determination distance is 16 cm;
  • good system response time.
  • price;
  • no voice alert.
9.5 / 10
Excellent parking system with an informative display built into the rear-view mirror. Everything shows clearly, and most importantly, it is not necessary to transfer the glance from one object to another.

All devices are good, choose to taste. Which parking sensors is better to buy?

When choosing a parking system for your car, decide whether you need sensors on the front bumper. If opportunities permit, consider options with a rear-view camera. They are really practical and help you park safely, even though you need to regularly clean the lens.

To decide exactly what kind of parking sensors you need, learn the strengths and weaknesses of each model. Determine for yourself what is more important for you - checkers or go. And then the porridge in your head will disappear, everything will fall into place, and before your eyes will remain the same parking sensors, which is necessary for you - the parking sensors of your dreams.

Happy shopping!

Watch the video: Install Car parking sensors without Drilling (December 2019).