The best glasses for the driver (anti-headlights)

Motorist eye protection
Author: Alexander Lazarenko

Every driver knows how much danger lurks the night road in itself. And when such a factor as blinding from headlights of oncoming cars is added to this, it is not far from here before the accident. Halogen and xenon headlights emit light with a powerful blue component. Polarized yellow and orange colored lenses are designed to absorb this radiation, which are used in the manufacture of safety glasses for drivers. Thanks to the “anti-headlight” glasses, the contrast and clarity of objects are increased, the blue component of the light is cut off.

In our ranking - the best manufacturers of glasses for drivers, popular in the Russian market.

A placeNameRatingPrice
1CAFA FRANCE10 / 101 990
2SP Glasses9.9 / 10960
3Autoenjoy9.8 / 102 567
4Matrix9.7 / 10900
5Alice 969.6 / 10690
1 990 (for model Cafa France C12931Y)

If the name of the brand contains the word France - this does not always mean that the manufacturer is from France. In this case, Cafa France is a Russian company manufacturing its products at a plant in Taiwan. The company never hides and is not ashamed of this, since the anti-headlight glasses they produce are in good fame among motorists. Cafa France polarized multi-layer lenses have excellent clarity, transparency, do not distort the image, and most importantly, they really cut off the harmful blue eye component of the light. The yellow filters of the anti-spotlight glasses do not obscure the already dark night picture, but they are struggling with blindness for all ten points. In addition, they comfortably ride at dusk and in fog, during rain and snow, and long-haul drivers even claim that glasses take off sleepiness. The frames of the Cafa France polarized glasses are comfortable, suitable for long wearing, and their wide selection allows you to choose the best glasses for the driver for any type of person.

Main advantages:
  • wide range of;
  • really help when driving at night;
  • excellent workmanship;
  • strong, reliable frame;
  • modern design;
  • affordable price.
  • not.
10 / 10
I did not believe in anti-headlight glasses until I tried it. I go for three years. Do not dazzle the headlights, I see the curb better, my eyes become less tired. Previously, at night he was afraid to ride, now without problems. Recommend.
SP Glasses
960 (per model SP Glasses AD009)

Marketers of SP Glasses glasses claim that they were developed under the guidance of the famous Russian ophthalmologist S.N. Fedorov, so sometimes these glasses for drivers are called Fedorov. We will not dispute this circumstance, but the fact that glasses for SPG drivers perform their function perfectly is a fact. All this is due to the use of yellow-orange optical plastic lenses, which detain ultraviolet radiation, which is harmful to the eyes, especially its violet-blue part, while passing through the rest of the spectrum of the light spectrum. As a result, we get a clearer picture, the visibility of objects improves in conditions of poor visibility, the light of oncoming headlights no longer annoys us, which means that the eyes get less tired and the night road no longer seems to be hell. In addition, doctors say that eye tissue cells, especially those responsible for photosensitivity, regenerate faster, and their aging process slows down. It’s true, we don’t argue, most likely, more than one thesis will be written on this topic, but the fact that SPG night glasses significantly reduce glare from headlights, protect our eyes from overwork and significantly increase the contrast of the image - these are real feedback motorists and professionals.

Main advantages:
  • lenses made of impact resistant optical plastic;
  • wide selection of frames;
  • suitable for fishermen, hunters;
  • decent workmanship;
  • durable case included;
  • low price
  • with prolonged wear there are complaints about comfort.
9.9 / 10
With age, he noticed that his eyes began to dazzle headlights more strongly. Heard about glasses, anti-headlights, but unpleasant reviews repelled the purchase. Until I saw Fedorov glasses SP glasses. Issue price of 1000 rubles, therefore I took a chance, bought it and have no regrets. They really helped.
2 567 (for premium model S01BM yellow)

Autoenjoy's anti-glare glasses have a good polarizing effect, as they are equipped with decent lenses. In the production of glasses every detail is important. Autoenjoy glasses are comfortable silicone protectors and shock-resistant ten-layer polarizing lenses made of cellulose triacetate made using the fusion technology using thermal methods, without glue, blocking glare and enhancing image contrast. Corporate microfiber cover not only protects glasses from damage, but also serves as a napkin for

lens cleaning For each glasses are strictly specified parameters of width, height and distance between the lenses. Therefore, you can buy them in the online store without fitting. The range allows you to pick up glasses in a fashionable frame - the Fashion line, the standard - the Standard series and the premium design - Premium.

Main advantages:
  • safe polarizing lenses;
  • excellent anti-glare effect;
  • there are models with a folding polarizing lens and an auxiliary frame for diopters;
  • wide selection of frames;
  • universality - can be used in cloudy weather;
  • workmanship.
  • high price.
9.8 / 10
They write that Autoenjoy was created by Italian designers and meet the requirements of the FIA. I think that this controversial statement is used for brand promotion. Nevertheless, in my opinion, these are the best anti-headlights, the fact that they really help me on the night road is my personal statement of fact.
900 (per model Mat-1119c9476t)

Another best-selling manufacturer of eyewear for drivers, Matrix, successfully uses the achievements of science in optics and uses partially and fully polarized lenses in the production of its line of anti-headlight glasses. Matrix glasses also absorb the most unpleasant, blinding blue light of drivers, they let only the safe yellow spectrum through, which does not interfere with seeing objects, and the discomfort from the glare of the oncoming headlights disappears. The developer of glasses claims that just partial polarization enhances the effect of glasses, therefore many models of anti-flashlight glasses are partially polarized. There are models with a protective strip on the lenses, the so-called “mask”, although when using such a model, you will have to tilt your head to “catch” the light of oncoming headlights in the zone of this band.

Such glasses with a protective strip will help to cope with the problem of the so-called low sun in the early morning or during the evening sunset. A wide range of products will allow you to choose the best Matrix anti-headlight goggles both by frame, and in size, and in price.

Main advantages:
  • low price;
  • use a mirror mask at the top of the lens;
  • universality;
  • selection under the anatomy of the face:
  • presence of overlays on glasses with dioptries.
  • discomfort from prolonged wear;
  • tight rims.
9.7 / 10
I have long wanted to buy glasses for driving at night. From oncoming headlights eyes shamelessly tired. Chose an inexpensive Matrix in the frame "aviator". Just shine: food is calm, I do not twitch from the counter, my eyes get less tired - only if I wear it for a long time, rubbed behind my ears.
Alice 96
690 (for model AC002)

Points for drivers of the manufacturer Alice-96 are also positioned as a product of joint activities with academician Fedorov. Argued that these are the same SP glasses, only sold under a different brand. It is important that this budget version of polarized glasses has quite good reviews from motorists who spend a lot of time driving at night. Inexpensive, solidly made glasses, as well as more expensive glasses from competitors, do well with their primary task, reduce the blinding effect of the headlights of cars passing by oncoming cars, eliminating the unwanted spectral part, and have a relaxation effect.

Main advantages:
  • inexpensive;
  • can be used in bad weather;
  • strong, thin frame;
  • reduce eye strain.
  • discomfort from wearing long;
  • do not always cope with their task at 100%.
9.6 / 10
Bought on occasion. Rode long at night. Eyes terribly tired. I saw at the gas station, it was written that Alis96 (Fedorovskie) anti-headlight glasses were written. Bought - dressed - drove. It became much easier. Issue price of $ 10.

What glasses for the driver (anti-headlights) is better to buy?

The laws of physics, namely, the dispersion of light has not been canceled, and the person, in order to cope with the bright light, has adapted to squint, only his eyes get very tired of this tension and do not have time to recover quickly. When driving a car at night, these moments may not be enough, and a blinded driver is at high risk of an accident. Yes, and driving at night does not bring pleasure, but rather becomes a torment.

Glasses-antiphars really help, just need to choose glasses with high-quality polarized lensescertainly yellow or orange. You should not buy glasses with a dimming category of more than 2, preferably 0 or 1. Then the bandwidth of a good light spectrum will be high.

Further… glass or plastic? Far from the fact that the lens of mineral glass is better than plastic. Modern plastic lenses are very scratch-resistant, while applying polarizing layers on them is much easier. Glasses with plastic lenses are much lighter than their glass counterparts, and when broken, plastic will not shatter into small fragments and will not hurt you.

Frame- This is more to the personal preferences of comfort and visual appearance, but there is a recommendation that the arms of the glasses be thin, so as not to limit the review of our peripheral vision. Very interesting are the flexible frames (flex-system), which can be bent at any angle. These glasses can be comfortably worn with any type of person.

Successful to you purchases and conscientious fellows on the road!

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