9 best mini ovens

Compact assistants for modern kitchen

One of the trends in the development of small appliances for the kitchen is increasingly becoming the emergence of compact and versatile appliances that can act as a worthy alternative to their larger counterparts or replace several of them at once. Such devices include modern desktop mini-ovens that combine the functions of a toaster, grill and electric oven. And some models do represent a smaller version of a full-fledged cooker. The range of stores, as always, is very extensive. And in order to narrow the circle of worthy applicants and thereby facilitate your choice, this rating of the best models of mini-ovens was created.

Criteria for choosing the best mini-oven

Volume and dimensions

Most miniature mini ovenswhich for some reason most often referred to roastersusually have an interior space of 9-12 liters. Such mini-ovens are best suited for making toasts, hot sandwiches, or heating small portions of food.

TO middle in size include specimens of 18-22 liters, which already allow you to cook or reheat dishes for 3-4 people. These and more capacious models of mini-ovens are already able to cope with more complex tasks - baking, meat, poultry, fish.

Finally, the most roomy mini-ovens can have an internal volume of 26-45 liters and are a desktop and a more compact replacement for a full-size oven, almost the same as possible.

Functionality and type of management

The simplest mini-ovens are equipped with one, but most are still two heating elements that can be used individually or simultaneously. Sufficient baking ovens are often complemented with a spit for cooking poultry or grilled meat, and the best are also convection for more even baking.

Management is traditionally either mechanical or electronic. Here each has its own - electronics usually implies more precise timer settings and a modern appearance (and a higher price tag), and mechanics always remain the most reliable option. The control itself is usually a choice of operating mode, cooking time and temperature.


From this parameter depends on the speed and efficiency of heating, and often the possibility of mini-ovens. Of course, the larger the volume and the better the functionality of the mini-oven, the higher the power normally required. The value varies somewhere in the range of 1000-2500 watts.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best compact roasters (mini-ovens)1Panasonic NT-GT1WTQ9.8 / 102 890
2Supra MTS-2109.7 / 102 990
3BBK OE-0912M9.3 / 101 800
The best desktop mini-ovens (ovens) with convection1Rolsen KW-2626HP9.9 / 105 900
2Steba KB 28 ECO9.8 / 1013 850
3Kitfort KT-17029.7 / 105 990
4Simfer M45729.7 / 109 690
The best mini-ovens of traditional heating with grill1Delta D-0249.8 / 103 700
2ED-0259.5 / 102 500

Best compact roasters (mini-ovens)

Panasonic NT-GT1WTQ
2 890

This miniature desktop electric oven with a volume of 9 liters does not “steal” a lot of space even in a small kitchen and is perfect for everyday use in cases when using a large stationary oven is not rational. With this roaster, you can easily fry toasts or make hot sandwiches, warm up croissants or pastries, defrost foods.

The device is equipped with upper and lower heaters, power consumption - 1310 watts. The control is mechanical, consisting of a timer up to 15 minutes and a heating temperature controller (low, medium, high and toast). Included are: lightweight baking sheet and stainless steel grate. The transparent door allows you to visually monitor the process of readiness.

Main advantages:
  • Good producer;
  • Compact size;
  • Auto power off.
  • Thermostat without specifying the exact temperature;
  • Volume for 1-2 servings.
9.8 / 10
Very good, quite powerful and well-made mini-oven. Excellent toast and sandwiches. Although it is possible to fry sausages or even a small ham. Dimensions allow you to place both on the table and on the shelf. In operation is convenient and simple.
Supra MTS-210
2 990

A compact mini-oven of medium size (20 liters), which, nevertheless, is not much inferior in its capabilities to many full-size ovens. This model is “able to” not only defrosting, heating semi-finished products or toasting bread, but also preparing various types of baking, as well as meat, fish, poultry, both in oven mode and on a grill using a rotating skewer.

The roster management consists of three elements:

  • Temperature regulator up to 250 ° С;
  • Mode switch - 4 options;
  • The timer with a scale to 90 minutes.

The power of the device - 1300 W, complete - grill, pan, spit and special grip.

Main advantages:
  • Affordable price;
  • Ability to select individual or both heaters;
  • Auto shut off.
  • Only one pan;
  • Heats body and glass.
9.7 / 10
It bakes a roaster very well, no worse than an ordinary oven. The size of the stove is small, it does not take up much space. Spit has not yet been used, but the fact that it is possible to turn off one of the two heaters is very convenient.
BBK OE-0912M
1 800

A small oven has a chamber volume of 9 liters, which allows you to bake vegetables, cut up chicken or cook pies for 2 adults. There are upper and lower heating elements, the temperature range is from 90 to 230. The timer controls the cooking time up to 30 minutes, at the end a beep will sound and the oven automatically turns off. The weight of the device is only 3 kg, so it can easily be put away in a closet or taken away to the country in the summer. Comes with a grill and baking tray without a non-stick coating - for easier cleaning, use foil or baking paper when cooking.

Main advantages:
  • easy;
  • comfortable grip pan;
  • reliable mechanical control;
  • there is a grill for grilling.
  • baking tray without non-stick coating.
9.3 / 10
Bought my son in a hostel, a compact and lightweight stove. A small pizza or a pair of stuffed chicken breasts is placed on a baking sheet, there is a grill - you can fry sausages, there is just enough space for 1-2 people.

The best desktop mini-ovens (ovens) with convection

Rolsen KW-2626HP
5 900

Excellent and one of the most popular desktop mini electric furnaces. The reason for the high rating compared to more eminent competitors is easily explained - with similar, and sometimes even better, characteristics, combined with decent quality indicators, the Rolsen mini-oven is distinguished by an adequate price without a margin for the brand's “coolness”. In addition, an absolute majority of the owners are very positive about the model.

Rolsen KW-2626HP - in principle, this is a complete desktop electric stove with an oven. After all, its upper surface is also equipped with heating rings. Just a dream for summer residents, students and all those who for some reason have no traditional stove.

Technical side of the model:

  • Internal volume - 26 l;
  • 4 modes of operation;
  • Convection and grill with spit;
  • Temperature range - up to 250 ° С;
  • Internal illumination of the camera;
  • Power - 1500 watts oven, 1000 and 600 watts burners.
Main advantages:
  • Excellent functionality;
  • High-quality execution;
  • Affordable price.
  • Somewhat inconvenient markup regulators;
  • The case is heated.
9.9 / 10
This mini-oven really bakes great. Pies are excellent. But as meat or chicken on the grill - all the beauty. Not bad implemented internal lighting. They took with them to the cottage - it helped a lot.
Steba KB 28 ECO
13 850

Mini-oven with a chamber volume of 28 liters and a capacity of 1400 watts. Heats up quickly and confidently keeps the set temperature, which is adjustable from 90 to 230 degrees. The device has a good set of modes - the upper and lower heating elements can be turned on together or separately, combined with convection and a spit. Note that only a small bird can fit on a spit - weighing up to 1 kg. There is a mechanical timer for 90 minutes. Good thermal insulation of the case and double door will not let you burn yourself during cooking.

Main advantages:
  • good thermal insulation of the case;
  • fast heating;
  • clear mode selection.
  • brochette.
9.8 / 10
A decent mini-oven, the best alternative to a full-size oven. Cooked chicken and pies, the result is very pleased. Compact, less energy costs, you can take to the country.
Kitfort KT-1702
5 990

Roster of 28 liters and power of 1500 watts. The temperature is adjustable from 0 to 230 degrees, so the oven can both defrost slowly and fry quickly. Heats up quickly and evenly keeps the heat, all the parameters are set using convenient mechanical handles. The set includes 2 baking sheets and a grid, and the capacity of the stove allows you to cook on two levels at once. A convenient handle-tack is designed for pulling out hot trays. There is a timer for 60 minutes, his work is accompanied by a audible ticking.

Main advantages:
  • good equipment;
  • quiet fan;
  • heats up quickly;
  • comfortable lighting.
  • The case heats up significantly.
9.7 / 10
The oven bakes qualitatively - bread, biscuit, muffins turn out magnificent and tasty! Heats up evenly, if you put two full baking sheets, even with meat, you still cook everything quickly.
Simfer M4572
9 690

The desktop electric furnace of the Turkish production to which the prefix "mini" already not absolutely approaches. Although in comparison with the stove or built-in oven, it is still noticeably more compact.

Useful internal volume Simfer M4572 - 45 liters. The multifunction oven can operate in 5 modes: upper or lower heating, top + bottom, lower heating with convection, bottom + top + convection.

Mechanical control with stainless steel rotary switches. The interior of the oven is enameled. There are embossed guides, lights. Door oven with double glass. The kit includes: grill, deep and round baking. The maximum power of the device - 1400 watts.

Main advantages:
  • Good thermal insulation;
  • Production - Turkey;
  • Interesting design.
  • Large dimensions;
  • No skewers.
9.7 / 10
That rare case when the furnace is not assembled in China. And it is very pleased. Absolutely full oven, not inferior to full-size counterparts. Preparing different dishes - everything turned out great.

The best mini-ovens of traditional heating with grill

Delta D-024
3 700

The mini-oven with a chamber volume of 33 liters has a capacity of 1300 watts. A chicken weighing 1-1.5 kg is easily placed on a grill with a spit and baked qualitatively. The temperature is adjustable from 50 to 320 degrees, making it easy to cook tender meringues and fry meat. There is a timer for 90 minutes - at the end it beeps and turns off the oven. Included are 2 large enameled baking sheets - rectangular and round in shape, there is a grill. Be careful when cooking - the outer walls of the stove noticeably heat up.

Main advantages:
  • clear control;
  • uniform cooking;
  • convenient timer
  • capacious pans.
  • no backlight;
  • The case heats up.
9.8 / 10
Grandma was pleased with this stove - now she feeds all her rural neighbors with cakes! Everything bakes qualitatively, convenient management, it’s good that there is a timer - you put dinner and do other things.
2 500

A small 25-liter stove received a solid power of 1500 watts. Therefore, it warms up quickly, and thanks to 4 heating elements, even large pieces of meat are evenly fried. The upper and lower heating elements can be included together or separately, adjusting the heat. The inclusion of only the top element allows you to simulate the grill, baking dishes with a beautiful crust. The temperature is set in the range from 100 to 250 degrees, there is a timer for 60 minutes. The set includes an enamelled baking sheet and a rack.

Main advantages:
  • heats up quickly;
  • powerful;
  • convenient management;
  • uniform roasting of dishes.
  • The timer sometimes does not work.
9.5 / 10
I bought it at random, and got an excellent oven - it cooks faster and more qualitatively than a bulky kitchen pita! You can fry and heat food at a glance, it heats up evenly in a matter of minutes.

What is the best mini-oven to choose?

First of all, it is worth noting that all the above mini-ovens really correspond to the epithet - the best. However, most of them have at least high-quality and convenient counterparts with a different volume or set of possibilities. For example, Rolsen offers consumers, in addition to the KW-2626HP, options for 30 and even 35 liters, as well as models without burners on top.

As for manufacturers that did not make it into the rating, such brands as Delta and Maxwell performed well in the field of production of inexpensive mini-furnaces. Products of a higher price segment are offered by Steba and Rommelsbacher. Models of the latter are usually also distinguished by their stylish “expensive” design.

Anyway, the final choice is always yours. The purpose of our rating is to share information about the best and most sought-after mini-ovens, highly valued by the current owners.

Enjoy the shopping!