6 best breeds of cats for children

Choosing a cat in a family with children

What child does not dream of a pet? But if parents decided to have an animal, they should carefully weigh the pros and cons, and also consider whether it will be safe for the baby. Of course, neither the child nor even the teenager is able to provide the cat with proper care, nutrition and treatment. Responsibility for a kitten, rather big expenses for its maintenance and treatment falls on adult family members, and you must be prepared for both expenses and hassles.

Of course, many keep cats at home. Fluffy purr can be a great friend for the child, make it kinder and responsible. Scientists have long proved the role of cats in combating stress and a positive effect on sick people.

If you want to buy a kitten in a family with small children, you should attend to the selection of the best breed of cats for a child. Accidental acquisition of a hysterical or too fluffy cat can turn into tears for the baby and unnecessary worries for the parents.

Consider the best cat breeds for the house or apartment where the child lives. The average prices for show-class kittens are indicated (that is, with the highest breed characteristics), animals of pet and breed classes can cost a little less.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The calmest cat breeds1British Shorthair9.9 / 1030 000
2Scottish lop-eared9.8 / 1025 000
3Persian9.7 / 1035 000
4Burmese9.2 / 1045 000
The most hypoallergenic cat1Canadian Sphinx9.5 / 1020 000
The most sociable cat1Maine coon9.6 / 1035 000

The calmest cat breeds

British Shorthair
30 000 (for kittens of different color)

Very popular now, the British Shorthair cat has actually been known to the world for a long time. Characteristic features of the breed: tranquility, passing into a certain phlegm, self-esteem and a "plush" appearance. The special structure of the wool (thickness and abundant undercoat) makes them very soft to the touch, and a round short muzzle and massive bones increase the cat's similarity with a soft toy.

Color varies greatly, but body structure and character remain the standard of the breed. Parents can be sure that such a cat will not throw and offend the baby, unless of course it will not squeeze too much. The British are capricious, but they are happy to make contact and show friendliness to all family members.

Main advantages:
  • calm temper.
  • increased fluffiness;
  • tendency to corpulence;
  • wayward character.
9.9 / 10
The advantage of my cat is its pride and independence. She will not get meowing and constantly get involved. Very clean and never steals food from the table.
Scottish lop-eared
25 000 (for kittens of different color)

Scottish Fold cats are in many ways similar to the British, people often confuse them. A special mutation made the ears of these cats very tiny and pressed to the head, which gives them a special cute look. In addition, they have slightly shortened legs, a short muzzle, thick, soft, but short hair and can stand on their hind legs without much effort. Scottish Folds are very attached to family members, but they are fearful towards strangers. Meow quite rarely, in a strange, raspy voice.

Main advantages:
  • calm temper;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • increased fluffiness;
  • shy character;
  • additional care for the ears is required;
  • tendency to corpulence.
9.8 / 10
Our cat is just superb! He walks around the house majestically and impressively, but at the same time is not able to offend even a fly. The best breed of cats, if the family has a small child, I think. It is simply impossible to pass by and not cuddle him.
35 000 (for kittens of the classical type)

Persian cats are familiar to everyone: they are massive, extremely fluffy, have a short muzzle and a snub nose. Persians are very attached to their owners, they love communication, but they are extremely calm and quiet creatures. These cats are not afraid of children and can be good partners for games, although they prefer activity to rest. Cats are devoid of aggression and very clean. Excessive pressure from the child will be tolerated, or they will disappear, but they will never scratch.

The beautiful long hair of the Persians requires careful care and will remain throughout the apartment, especially allergy sufferers and people prone to diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In addition, Persian cats often suffer from deprivation, to which young children are especially sensitive. Special care is required for the face, as discharge from the eyes can accumulate in the folds of the nose and cause inflammation. Many owners cut their pets under the machine with the approach of the summer heat.

Main advantages:
  • calm and quiet temper.
  • a lot of wool is contraindicated for people prone to asthma attacks and allergies;
  • Careful care of hair and eyes is required.
  • propensity for disease versicolor.
9.7 / 10
Very beautiful breed! Our cat is affectionate with us, but does not like strangers. Never disturb, very neat and delicate. But the care of hair and eyes really takes a lot of time.
45 000 (for a show-class kitten)

Burmese cat is a charming fluffy blue-eyed creature that loves its owners very much. She has a very gentle nature. When communicating, she is playful and affectionate, likes to sit on her hands, but if the owners are busy, she can sit quietly on the sidelines, as she has a rather calm temper. Despite the fluffiness, the Burmese are quite easy to care for: they do not have a thick undercoat, so it is enough to comb the hair once or twice a week so as not to collect hair all over the house. The breed as a whole has quite good health and is distinguished by a rare mind. This cat is the best companion for a child with whom you can play and have fun.

Main advantages:
  • calm character;
  • tied to the owners;
  • moderately playful.
  • Kittens of this breed are harder to find.
9.2 / 10
The best cat breed - Sacred Burma! Beautiful, very smart. I taught my Manyunya to bring me pencils and a ball, she just gives in to training.

The most hypoallergenic cat

Canadian Sphinx
20 000 (for a show-class kitten)

Although not everyone likes the appearance of the Canadian Sphynx, one cannot deny the numerous positive features of these unusual cats. Big ears, thick folded bare skin, the almost complete absence of a mustache - this picture emerges for all who hear about sphinxes. In fact, nothing terrible in them. The skin is amazing soft, silky and pleasant to the touch. Since the body temperature of cats is higher than human, sphinxes seem to be some kind of walking hot-water bottles.

The nature of cats is also special: they are kind and peaceful, are not afraid of people and other animals, build special, friendly, trusting relationships with a person. Sphinxes do not like loneliness and try to spend all their time close to their owners, including at night.

The skin of these cats is especially tender, the glands secrete more secretions, so sphinxes need constant hygiene: they need to be wiped with special wet wipes, periodically bathed and even helped to keep clean after toilet. Care must be taken to feed and conditions for these pets.

Main advantages:
  • very attached to the owners;
  • non-aggressive;
  • do not have wool.
  • subject to various skin diseases;
  • have a peculiar smell;
  • need improved hygiene and skin care;
  • often chill.
9.5 / 10
Quite a difficult breed, many nuances and features of care. But they pay with such boundless love that it is simply impossible not to rejoice at all their pranks!

The most sociable cat

Maine coon
35 000 (for kittens of different color)

Breed Maine Coon in recent years is gaining popularity, primarily due to its unusual appearance: many people want to have a huge fluffy cat with tassels on their ears at home. These giants, despite the similarities with the trot, have a very balanced and calm nature. Maine-coons are attached to family members, they are extremely sociable and have high intelligence.

Long wool does not require special care, just comb it out once a week. Many owners teach cats to walk, to give them enough physical exertion and allow them to do their business outside (with the size, the amount of animal excretion increases). Maine-coons are very tolerant of childish tricks, such a cat can be the best friend for the child and for the whole family.

Main advantages:
  • smart;
  • calm
  • excessive sociability;
  • large size: requires more food, more space, goes to the toilet a lot.
9.6 / 10
A cat for those who want an intelligent, affectionate and sociable friend. Maine Coon is easy to teach to order, does not require special care, only need more space and food for him.

Which cat is better to have a baby?

Each cat breed has its own characteristics, which are better known in advance, and its own character. If there is a child in a family, of course it is better to choose a cat among non-aggressive, contact, playful breeds. Before buying, familiarize yourself with the features of the breed, prepare for possible difficulties.

If the breed is determined, pay attention to the breeders. Unfortunately, now there are more and more people who are trying to make money on breeding, not caring about the health of animals. Low cost may indicate that the animal was raised in poor conditions and fed with cheap food, without veterinary control, or the kittens appeared as a result of closely related crossbreeding. Such cats can have a number of serious defects and diseases.

It is important for parents to remember: whatever animal they bring, it is necessary to carefully monitor the health your pet. First, we are responsible for those who have been tamed, and secondly, our younger brothers themselves can become carriers of certain diseases that are dangerous to humans, if the elementary rules of prevention are not followed.

Be sure to visit the veterinarian with a view to routine inspection and vaccination, at least 1-2 times a year. At least 2 times a year, you should drive worms with special means: even if the cat is sitting in an apartment, you can bring helminth eggs or dangerous viruses from the street on your shoes. When you go out into nature, you should not forget about the treatment of wool against fleas and ticks.

It is also better to immediately discuss with your doctor the method and timing. animal sterilization: it will save the cat from a number of diseases and improve its temper. Encourage your child to always maintain hygiene and wash hands after contact with an animal. A healthy cat can become a true friend to you and your children and a full member of the family for many years.

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