10 best baby trolleys

Choosing a vehicle for a small car enthusiast

Now even the smallest children who are just starting to walk, have their own motor transport. In any children's store there are several types of plastic machines that you can ride, pushing with your feet. For the little ones, such wheelchairs can serve as a toy that helps self-walking: pushing it in front of you, the baby begins to take the first steps.

By itself, the wheelchair is an excellent developing toy: it strengthens the muscles of the legs, improves dexterity and coordination of the child, and teaches him to navigate in space. But all this with respect for the proportions - if the toy does not fit in age and size, it can only bring harm. The main parameters when choosing the best gurney will be:

  • height (it is important that the leg bent at the knee forms an obtuse angle);
  • width preferably less than 15 cm (for machines, which sit on horseback);
  • the foot must be fully pressed to the floor;
  • the back of the machine must have restraints to prevent the child from falling backwards.

Finding the perfect machine in terms of orthopedic safety is quite difficult. But it is better to be guided by these values, selecting the model that is as close to the ideal as possible, which will appeal to both you and the child. And we made a rating of the best wheelchairs according to reviews of moms.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best wheelchairs-tolokara without top1SWEET BABY Prestigio9.9 / 1029 990
2RiverToys Mercedes-Benz9.8 / 105 900
3Orion Toys Lambo9.7 / 101 447
4Gurney Leader Kids9.7 / 101 491
5Baby care sport car9.5 / 102 460
6Gurney Chi lok BO Mercedes-Benz9.5 / 102 580
7Alternative Fun Racing8.5 / 101 510
The best type of wheelchair with roof and doors1Wheelchair machine Lerado9.0 / 1012 200
Top Wheel Motorbikes1Orion Toys Motorcycle 2-wheeled9.7 / 101 845
2Puky puklino9.6 / 104 250

The best wheelchairs-tolokara without top

SWEET BABY Prestigio
29 990

Bright and safe machine-tolokar made of durable plastic, and the seat is sheathed with textiles, so that the child does not slip. Supports give stability and prevent from turning. There is a trunk, as in my father's car, a compartment under the seat. The child can roll the machine in front of him, holding his high back, or ride in it, pushing with his feet. The wheels are powerful, but the car itself is not heavy, only 2 kg. It is suitable even for one-year-old children who are just learning to walk. The length of the machine is 62 cm, the height of the back is 42 cm, the width of the seat is 28 cm.

Main advantages:
  • compartment under the seat;
  • durable;
  • safe;
  • there is light, sound;
  • suitable for children from 1 year.
9.9 / 10
The child mounts a gurney easily. The seat is comfortable and safe, the back is fixed. The sound and light of adults does not enrage)
RiverToys Mercedes-Benz
5 900

Supercar, a real child Mercedes. Looks solid. Buyers note the excellent quality, comfortable, thoughtful leather seat (under which nothing leaks), good back support. Plastic is not erased, does not smell. Lateral protection prevents the child from slipping off the seat. It does not produce sharp unpleasant sounds, like many other children's cars, on the contrary, the musical signals are interesting, pleasing to the ear, and the sound of the starting motor makes the child feel like a real driver. When driving does not rattle, easily controlled. Wheels with illumination delight children even more. Headlights shine brightly, but in the dark it is better not to ride.

Main advantages:
  • There is a pen for an adult;
  • trunk for small things;
  • sound effects
  • safety rim.
  • maximum weight is only 20 kg;
  • Batteries have to be changed frequently.
9.8 / 10
Good quality, very comfortable seat. But most importantly - the signals! The child is just fascinated by the new gurney!
Orion Toys Lambo
1 447

This machine wheelchair is suitable for boys and girls, fans of cartoons. Models are brightly painted, you can choose transport for a spiderman, a little fashionista or a classic DPS. By the way, when buying, pay attention to the design. The wheels are wide, stable, with sports wheels. There are stoppers for safety. The baby is unlikely to appreciate it, but the parents - necessarily. What your child will definitely like is a comfortable ergonomic high-back seat that you can hold onto, the ability to steer (steering wheel turns, connected to the wheels) and sound effects, for example, a police siren, signals, noise of the track. The wheelchair is well suited for children older than 1 year.

Main advantages:
  • sound effects;
  • there is a trunk;
  • wide resistant wheels.
  • powered by batteries, you need to replenish stock.
9.7 / 10
Minor is constantly playing. Goes great. And we are satisfied, it does not smell of plastic, the quality is good.
Gurney Leader Kids
1 491

Musical and bright machine wheelchair will be the most favorite transport of the baby. The machine is made of durable plastic, has an attractive design. The front wheels are rotated using the steering wheel, on which are located the buttons that include sound effects. The power of the musical element is produced using two finger-type batteries. Below is the limiter, which gives the toy additional stability. The wheels are plastic, the length of the toy is 62 cm, the height is 38 cm, and the width is 32 cm.

Main advantages:
  • musical effects;
  • strength;
  • there is a trunk for toys;
  • attractive price;
  • over time, stickers are erased.
9.7 / 10
Bought my son in a year, he quickly figured out what was happening and began to dissect the apartment. Very high quality made, fairly stable.
Baby care sport car
2 460

Next in the ranking of the best gurneys is a bright, maneuverable machine, which is easy to control for both the baby and mom (or dad). Made neatly. In the glove compartment can be folded all sorts of stuff. Another advantage of this model is the side bezel for child safety. Footrests make skating even more convenient. For kids, the steering wheel is blocked. The sides, long handle and footboards are removed, so that if the child has grown up, you can give him more independence. This machine is convenient to use at home and on the street, with it you can go to the store.

Main advantages:
  • Bumpers for safety;
  • steering lock;
  • convenient to manage the parent.
  • not very stable;
  • Korean tunes only, not Russified;
  • stand starts to fall off quickly.
9.5 / 10
The machine is very beautiful, comfortable steps. We are happy to ride, but so far only in the apartment. On the street will be indispensable.
Gurney Chi lok BO Mercedes-Benz
2 580

Durable plastic car for little fans of classic models. On the steering wheel there are buttons with various musical effects, including the machine produces sounds of the signal and the engine running. Under the seat is a compartment for storing toys. The machine is made of durable plastic, the bottom provides for elements that block the inversion of the machine. The length of the machine is 67.5 cm, height 30 cm, width 30.5 cm.

Main advantages:
  • sound effects;
  • compartment under the seat;
  • similar to the present.
  • clumsy;
  • short back.
9.5 / 10
I bought my daughter the same car as myself. Very durable and beautiful toy, like the real one. I just thought there was little sound.
Alternative Fun Racing
1 510

Funny machine, reminiscent of a truck, will be a great friend for a child from 1 year. Unlike other car-gurneys, the typewriter has 3 pairs of wheels, which gives it extra stability. It has both a back and a handle behind the seat, with which it is convenient to roll the machine in front of it. On sale there are cars of several designs and colors, as well as an option for girls, white and pink, with eyes and a bow. The length of the machine is 69 cm, height 29 and width 40 cm.

Main advantages:
  • 3 pairs of wheels;
  • affordable price.
  • short back;
  • wide seat
8.5 / 10
The gurney is very stable, I was pleased with the choice: I bought my daughter a rose with a bow, and my son got a police car, everyone is happy.

The best type of wheelchair with roof and doors

Wheelchair machine Lerado
12 200

A wheelchair with a roof and doors will not leave indifferent any child. After all, he can feel very big, riding in such a machine. Simulating a sound when turning the ignition key and a signal only reinforces the similarity. The machine is made of safe plastic, has no sharp corners. Comfortable high back. Designed for children from one and a half to 5 years.

Main advantages:
  • the roof protects from the sun;
  • ignition key and signal.
  • heavy;
  • long going;
  • high price.
9.0 / 10
Beautiful machine, the child delighted. She came to us in a disassembled form, to collect really, but you have to apply force.

Top Wheel Motorbikes

Orion Toys Motorcycle 2-wheeled
1 845

Even a three-year-old can imagine himself a motorcycle racer. Do not look that this wheelchair has only two wheels! Orion motorcycle is very stable. His wheels are wide, strong body. By itself, not heavy, only 2.5 kg, but the center of gravity of the wheelchair is designed so that the child does not fall, and the motorcycle without a driver does not lie down. The seat is low (about 30 cm from the floor), and the baby can easily reach the ground with his feet. In some stores, this type of transport is recommended since 1 year, but still it is more suitable for older children.

Main advantages:
  • unusual model of a wheelchair;
  • bright design;
  • inexpensive;
  • stable.
  • plastic is erased over time.
9.7 / 10
Skate 1-2 g. On such motyk possible. Of course, on steep turns it is erased slightly, but you should see how the child drives! Orion loads withstand.
Puky puklino
4 250

Silent wheelchair on 4 rubber wheels designed for growth of 75 cm and above. The height to the saddle is 22 cm. The seat itself is soft, narrow (14 cm), so that the baby can comfortably walk and even run. The saddle is designed so that the child does not move forward, to the steering wheel, or back. The gurney is very stable: the wheelbase is wide, 26 cm, on the steering wheel - a turn limiter, so there is no steep turn. The kid quickly masters a new toy and starts to drive around the apartment. You can take it for a walk. A useful offer for parents: the guarantee for a gurney lasts up to 5 years, even if it is presented to a new owner.

Main advantages:
  • rubber wheels do not spoil the flooring;
  • handles with comfortable grip, non-slip;
  • assembled in Germany.
  • To build a key is needed, not included.
9.6 / 10
Gave the child for 1 year. So the son, as soon as he sat down, immediately figured out how to go. As a result, we learned to ride earlier than walking.

Which gurney is better to buy a child?

As we can see from the presented models, open type Tolokers have a rather wide seat, which creates an excessive load on the muscles of the inside of the leg, which can increase the valgus deformity of the foot. Therefore, orthopedists recommend allowing the child to actively play with such a machine for no more than 15 minutes a day. The rest of the time he can carry toys in it and use in other games.

In this regard, the choice of a wheelchair-car with a roof would be a better and safer option, since the child is sitting differently inside, not riding a seat. Do not use the machine for children older than the age recommended by the manufacturer.

Otherwise, you should focus on the child himself - whether he will be interested in models with musical effects, bright, or vice versa, having a more realistic look. For the smallest tolokar - a great way to quickly learn how to walk. Do not leave the baby unattended when he plays with the machine. Despite the restraints, the risk of falling will still be present, especially when walking on the street.

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