Which iPhone is better to buy in 2019?

11 best iPhones 2018 - 2019 - according to customer reviews and experts
Author: Vladimir Nyenets

Apple brand products can be loved or not, but what exactly the iPhones do not take away is their great popularity. Therefore, the question “Which iPhone to buy in 2019?” Is very relevant. It is not surprising, if we take into account the ongoing official supply of the iPhone, first introduced back in 2016.

General advantages and disadvantages of iPhones

TO merits These include impressive performance and excellent photo / video shooting capabilities, if you look at the phones themselves, as well as a streamlined ecosystem and guaranteed many years of support, generally speaking about iOS.

High price, no complete set with two SIM-cards, the inability to expand the memory is a small part deficiencies. In fairness, we note that the last moment is not so relevant, but I would like more options in terms of the amount of internal memory.

Many users are not satisfied with a software ban on recording telephone conversations, problems with transferring files or the specifics of iTunes. For example, to copy music in FLAC format, you have to use a third-party application. By the way, the variety and quality of the software available in the App Store is not at all impressive. Unlike its price. In addition, try to download an honestly purchased application in the store if its size exceeds one hundred megabytes, and only an Internet connection is available.

Whatever it was, Apple is equal, successful solutions of the company are shamelessly copying (the latest example of monobrow confirmation of this), and we offer you an overview of the best iPhone models popular in late 2018 - early 2019.

The best models of iPhones, popular in 2019

A placeNameRatingPrice
1Apple iPhone 8 Plus9.7 / 1049 480
2Apple iPhone 89.6 / 1042 490
3Apple iPhone Xs Max9.5 / 1089 000
4Apple iPhone 7 Plus9.5 / 1048 190
5Apple iPhone SE9.5 / 1018 990
6Apple iPhone 79.4 / 1040 800
7Apple iPhone 6S Plus9.4 / 1031 790
8Apple iPhone Xs9.3 / 1082 490
9Apple iPhone Xr9.3 / 1059 750
10Apple iPhone 6S9.2 / 1023 999
11Apple iPhone X9.1 / 1058 990

Top iPhones of 2019

Apple iPhone 8 Plus
49,480 (for a model with 64 GB internal memory)

If you know the model of the iPhone "in the face" is almost impossible (except for the last one), then the back panel of any such device will unequivocally indicate what kind of generation of the apple communicator is in front of you. In particular, in the iPhone 8 line, this part is made of glass. And not for the sake of beauty, but for the good of the cause - the induction circuit of wireless charging is hiding behind it. Actually, the two main differences from its predecessors, we called. Significant factors in favor of the G8 can also be the new A11 Bionic chip, the ability to adapt the brightness and color rendition depending on the lighting conditions, the dynamics are larger, the LTE category is higher, and other options for bundling the built-in memory (64/256 GB for new products vs. 32 / 128 gig from previous generations). In addition, the manufacturer claims that the main camera iPhone 8 uses a larger matrix, there is an improved color filter and new lenses. Recall that the Plus version is equipped with a tandem photo module.

Main advantages:
  • uncompromising performance;
  • Excellent photo / video quality;
  • wireless and fast charging;
  • protection against splashes and dust.
  • Includes only standard 1 A adapter;
  • requires very careful handling.
9.7 / 10
Long thought, which iPhone is better to choose. I bought 8 Plus, and indeed, some solid pluses. The camera is great! I got charging from Samsung - everything charges normally. Very convenient, put - and do not look for a wire.
Apple iPhone 8
42,490 (for a model with 64 GB internal memory)

The eighth iPhone is significantly more expensive than the seventh, but these costs can be justified if the device is purchased with an eye to the active use of augmented reality (AR) technology in the near future. By the way, the A11 Bionic platform, which provides the right advantage, incorporates a graphics processor developed by Apple specialists (previously, Cupertino people used Power VR solutions from Imagination Technologies).

What distinguishes these two generations technically is the emergence of the iPhone's support for fast charging technology. The irony is that the corresponding adapter is not included in the scope of delivery and must be purchased separately. Of course, if you do not have any of the latest MacBook with a suitable power supply.

Main advantages:
  • record performance;
  • excellent ability to photo and video;
  • support wireless and fast charging technology;
  • IP67 protection.
  • adapters for fast and wireless charging need to be bought separately;
  • fragile and slippery glass case.
9.6 / 10
IPhone fast, performance with a margin of 3-5 years. Wireless charger. Good screen.
Apple iPhone Xs Max
89,000 (for a model with 256 GB memory)

Despite all his dislike for borrowing other people's technical ideas (read, having to pay for them), from time to time the company from Cupertino is forced to listen to the wishes of fans of the brand. This is both good and not so. For example, the development of an analogue mode HDR + has allowed the latest iPhone model range to significantly expand the dynamic range of images. Stereo sound when recording video is the only thing that iPhones really lacked to get the title “The Best” in the corresponding nomination. Apple programmers were able to realize the potential of today's neural coprocessor more fully than others, by “attaching” SIRI and graphics processing (partially) to it. Two SIM cards appeared, finally, though not everywhere. But OLED-displays ... Along with undoubted advantages, they have the same undeniable drawbacks. The same PWM, traditionally used to change the brightness level. However, we should pay tribute to the specialists of Apple - the ripple level of the iPhone Xs Max is still lower than that of the Samsung and Huawei flagships.

Main advantages:
  • the most powerful hardware platform;
  • high / perfect photo / video quality, respectively;
  • perfectly customized picture on the screen;
  • normal autonomy;
  • IP68 class protection;
  • There is a 2-sim version.
  • brightness is adjusted using PWM;
  • The adapter for fast charging needs to be bought separately;
  • Unstable call quality, LTE and Wi-Fi;
  • very high price.
9.5 / 10
Good, no great! Face ID works: at night, sideways, with glasses, propped his head on his hand - he recognizes! NFC, which is included for payment by double pressing the right button, is VERY CONVENIENT! You get used to manage svayp in 1,5 minutes!
Apple iPhone 7 Plus
48 190 (for an iPhone with 128 GB internal memory)

The first generation of iPhones, in which the “simple” and “plus” versions differ not only by the screen diagonal and battery. A larger phone is equipped with a dual main camera, where a wide-angle lens is complemented by a telephoto. This tandem allows you to change the depth of field and get a double optical zoom due to different focal lengths. Electronic processing of visual information is a resource-intensive task. Therefore, Apple engineers even had to half increase the amount of RAM in order to avoid the appearance of "brakes" when shooting. There are no complaints in this sense, but switching to the camera, which is the background process, is delayed. Removes the iPhone 7 Plus perfectly, but it should be noted that the video recording is accompanied only by monaural sound.

Main advantages:
  • powerful stuffing;
  • increased RAM;
  • dual main camera;
  • convenient mute;
  • touch button Home;
  • IP67 protection;
  • fairly good autonomy.
  • far protruding lenses;
  • monaural sound when recording video;
  • there is no classic audio jack;
  • no fast charging.
9.5 / 10
The best iPhone. At any time, any task, any load (and I load it - Mama Do not Cry). Keeps exactly the working day, I charge at night. He takes pictures, calls, plays, never braked at all, never scratches anywhere, even though there is no film.
Apple iPhone SE
18,990 (for a model with 32 GB internal memory)

This budget, from the point of view of Apple, iPhone is a good mix. During its development, the case, display, front camera and scanner of the 5S model were used, and the smartphone platform got the same as the 6S devices. Of course, it was not without simplifying the rest of the filling. For example, Wi-Fi works under the 802.11ac protocol, and the corresponding antenna facilities do not support MIMO technology, i.e. maximum speed through this interface can not exceed the bar of 433 Mbit / s. With iPhone 4G mobile networks, this iPhone is friendly, and on a huge number of bands, but does not suspect the aggregation of frequencies - it is capable only of the basic Cat.4. Here's what the iPhone SE can do perfectly (compared to classmates) is to shoot video, including in Slow Motion mode and 4K format. Of the important drawbacks, we note the modest battery capacity and a long time charging it.

Main advantages:
  • productive hardware platform;
  • very good ability to shoot video;
  • compactness;
  • classic audio jack.
  • long obsolete front camera;
  • mediocre autonomy;
  • no fast charge;
  • relatively low screen quality.
9.5 / 10
This iPhone is a good workhorse, especially after the prices for SE in 2018 have plummeted.
Apple iPhone 7
40,800 (for an iPhone with 128 GB internal memory)

If we compare the line of iPhone 7 with the previous generation flagships, then along with purely technical improvements, such as the new hardware platform with a 4-core A10 Fusion chip, it has undergone a number of design changes. Finally, iPhones have stereo speakers, as well as protection from dust and splashes, the Home button lost the mechanical part and turned into a touch one (with such a good extension of functionality), but the most painful innovation was the company's fundamental failure of the 3.5 mm classic audio jack. Music lovers with high-quality wired headphones were very unhappy with the need to use an adapter on Lightning.

As for the "seven" itself, its main camera has received optical stabilization. Of the pleasant moments, we note a noticeable increase in the autonomy of the device, although its battery still charges for a long time.

Main advantages:
  • high-performance platform;
  • stereo speakers;
  • high quality video shooting;
  • optical stabilization;
  • protection from splashes and dust;
  • convenient touch Home button;
  • acceptable autonomy.
  • camera lens sticks out;
  • there is no 3.5 mm audio jack;
  • long duration of the charging process;
  • quite slippery.
9.4 / 10
The speaker is really powerful, the device is very smart. Under the games and the Internet 6-7 hours work. In normal mode, calmly holds the charge all day.
Apple iPhone 6S Plus
31,790 (for a model with 32 GB internal memory)

This autumn will be the third for this generation of iPhones - an impressive achievement for high-tech electronic equipment, which still has not lost its relevance. Actually, what modern requirements can these smartphones not satisfy? The performance of their stuffing is sufficient to perform almost any demanding tasks, including "hard" games with average graphics quality settings, at a minimum. Removes iPhone very worthy. By the way, Plus is different from the “simple” 6S by the presence of an optical stabilization system. Well, the battery is more powerful here, so the model gets a higher score deservedly so. If we estimate the speed of the mobile Internet, then even the potential of LTE-A Cat.6 will be realized only in Moscow and in the top ten or other of the largest cities in Russia. Finally, this is the last of Apple’s flagships, equipped with a classic wired audio jack.

Main advantages:
  • sufficiently productive platform;
  • main camera with optical stabilization;
  • the ability to connect wired headphones.
  • the screen glass is easily scratched;
  • full battery charging time about 3 hours.
9.4 / 10
The display size allows you to comfortably use the browser, browse multimedia, read books. I haven’t bought it myself and haven’t tried a smartphone with such a diagonal, I thought it was extremely inconvenient.
Apple iPhone Xs
82,490 (for a model with 256 GB storage capacity)

Apple doesn’t change its traditions, so the new 2018, the iPhone Xs model, is more likely an upgraded version of the first ten, than another revolutionary product. New chip, more memory, better camera, etc. The principal difference is one - dvuhsimochnost. True, domestic cellular operators do not support eSIM technology and for us this feature has no practical value. The Chinese version of Dual SIM exists only on iPhone Xs Max. At the same time, it cannot be said that the changes in the new iPhone are minimal. The same chip is made on a more subtle process technology and consumes less energy - higher device autonomy. The main photosensor has larger pixels - the dependence of the quality of shooting on the level of illumination is weaker. And taking into account the Smart HDR mode that has appeared, the dynamic range is wider and the details are better studied. Finally, a stereo sound appeared when recording video. The protection of the case from moisture penetration has become more reliable. Is it worth all this impressive increase in price - that is the question.

Main advantages:
  • record performance;
  • decent photo / video abilities;
  • decent running time on one charge;
  • reliable dust and moisture protection.
  • noticeable ripple at 30% screen brightness (PWM);
  • equipment in the traditional style of Apple;
  • high price.
9.3 / 10
The device is worth every ruble spent - it is fast, incredibly convenient, functional and, thanks to the super camera, it is able to replace the camera.
Apple iPhone Xr
59 750 (for a model with 128 GB memory)

The compromise model of 2018, the release of which at Apple tried to somewhat smooth out the negative, due to the explosive price increase when updating the "dozens". If you are not a fan of video, it makes sense to prefer the “old” iPhone X - with a display on the OLED matrix, support for 3D Touch and a dual main camera. On the other hand, the hardware blurriness of the background and the optical zoom of the latter may not outweigh the stereo sound (appeared in Xr in the captured video), along with the analogue of the HDR + mode (helps to better work out the shaded and overexposed areas of the frame). In addition, the iPhone Xr - is the most "long-playing" apple phone today, which also adds to its appeal. We recommend to look at the simplified flagship for those users whose eyes are too sensitive to PWM. Well, the six color choices also mean something.

Main advantages:
  • high-performance stuffing;
  • good chamber part - nothing superfluous;
  • best autonomy among iPhones;
  • six colors.
  • does not support 3D Touch technology;
  • unsuccessful design of the main camera lens;
  • non-standard screen resolution;
  • quick charge adapter not included;
  • high price.
9.3 / 10
Fast Face ID. There were fears that in the dark it would not work, but no, in a completely dark room, it recognized as if nothing had happened. Very high quality pictures and video. Battery holds 1.5-2 days, depending on the activity of use.
Apple iPhone 6S
23,999 (for a model with 32 GB internal memory)

This particular iPhone is the most popular in the history of Apple, if you believe the statistical calculations, published by research company Newzoo. In the Russian market, the iPhone 5S was more successful, but through official channels it is no longer for sale. The device differs from the “plus” version by the screen diagonal, stabilization system (here is digital), and also by a less capacious battery. At the same time, the 6S does not have fast charging and its battery accumulates 100% from scratch in two hours. Recall that just with the release of the line under consideration, the Apple flagships learned to recognize the force of pressing on the touch screen and got a very fast fingerprint scanner.A weighty argument in favor of the “old man” can be the presence of a 3.5 mm jack. Moreover, the sound path of the iPhone 6S is quite good.

Main advantages:
  • good photo quality and excellent video;
  • relatively powerful stuffing;
  • convenient switching of sound profiles;
  • audio jack
  • quiet call speaker;
  • inconvenient control of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • weak autonomy;
  • no fast charging.
9.2 / 10
Good iPhone, especially if you need a good camera. And one Simka is completely satisfied.
Apple iPhone X
58,990 (for a model with 64 GB internal memory)

The revolutionary model of iPhone at once in several senses. First, Apple's management radically changed the point of view on OLED displays. Previously, they hayalis in every way (from competitors), but now they suddenly began to conform to the “highest standards of the iPhone” and replaced the good old IPS-matrices. And despite the fact that Samsung does not sell on the side of the latest developments, leaving them to their own flagships. Secondly, the Cupertins themselves convinced the user community of the convenience of the fingerprint scanner, brought this unlocking technology to perfection, and in the iPhone X they abandoned it in favor of Face ID. At least, the latter is significantly slower than fingerprinting, not to mention other nuances. The third point is the disappearance of the touch button "Home" and the transition to full gesture control. There are a lot of such commands for the operating system and for the first couple of weeks the owner of the device cannot do without a reference book. In addition, the "path" in some cases has become longer. Well, the filling of this iPhone is almost the same as that of the model 8 Plus.

Main advantages:
  • most powerful hardware platform;
  • frameless design;
  • wireless charger;
  • spectacular appearance.
  • adapters for wireless and fast charging are not included;
  • gesture control will have to learn;
  • unlocking problem, slow and in two stages;
  • OLED screen quality is not impressive;
  • low maintainability.
9.1 / 10
The best iPhone for geeks and lovers of new products. Some features require configuration, interface and Face ID - getting used to.

So which iPhone is better to choose in 2019?

Put at the forefront the quality of the photos you get - give preference to any “top ten” or at least one of the “pluses”.

The device for video filming is required - the best choice would be an iPhone from the Xs line or the Xr.

Line 6S will give you the opportunity to connect wired headphones in the usual way and do not interrupt the listening to charge iPhone.

The seven is not afraid of splashes, it will “stretch” longer from the outlet and is more convenient than its predecessors in control.

Want to be stylish and charge the device wirelessly? Take a closer look at the iPhone 8. Do you need the best and most advanced? You need a tenth model.

Just looking for a solid workhorse? So this is an iPhone SE!

Have a good shopping!

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