10 best gaming consoles

The game on the console is worth the candle

The game is a part of the life of any person. Someone plays musical instruments, some football, some chess, some nerves, and someone is fond of computer games. Game consoles in the hierarchy of entertainment occupy a special position. More than 30 years have passed since the appearance of the first gaming console “Well, wait a minute!”, Which won the hearts of adults and children, in the vast expanses of our vast country. Since then, the army of fans of game consoles is only growing.

True modern game consoles - this is already high-performance specialized systems, sharpened by the calculation of complex graphics and "physics". Their price tags are solid, the games also cost a lot of money, but the excitement and exciting leisure activities are worth it. Right? There is a less expensive way to bring joy to young gamers. Retro consoles relatively inexpensive, and give pleasure no less.

What to prefer, you decide. We tried to impartially tell about the strengths and weaknesses of the best gaming consoles in all relevant categories as of the end of 2018 - the beginning of 2019.

Rating the best gaming consoles in 2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best Portable Game Consoles1SEGA Genesis Gopher 28.9 / 103 590
2Nintendo switch8.6 / 1022 490
3Sony PlayStation Vita 20008.0 / 1016 190
The best game consoles for children1Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System8.5 / 105 988
2SEGA Retro Genesis HD Ultra8.2 / 103 390
3SEGA Retro Genesis Modern8.0 / 102 150
Best SONY Game Consoles1Sony PlayStation 4 Pro9.3 / 1032 790
2Sony PlayStation 4 Slim8.9 / 1023 990
Top Microsoft Game Consoles1Microsoft Xbox One X9.4 / 1035 990
2Microsoft Xbox One S9.0 / 1021 370

Best Portable Game Consoles

SEGA Genesis Gopher 2
3 590

Simple inexpensive portable game console for retro games. Such a high rating in the rating set by us to the second generation Genesis Gopher should be perceived as relative. Yes, the recommended console and next to the shelf did not lie with AAA class games, but so its price tag is shorter than the figure compared to the cool portables of other brands. At the same time, the quality of the graphics of the same “Aladdin” is absolutely not inferior to the beauties of other modern platformers. And even some kind of "physics" in the named toy is present.

A peculiar chip Genesis Gopher 2 is the ability to save, which the old consoles did not have. In addition, this device allows you to emulate the work of some other consoles and, thus, to run "non-native" games. By the way, the choice of 500 pre-installed retro games can be expanded at any time with a memory card.

Main advantages:
  • many decent games without ads;
  • emulation of five types of consoles;
  • convenient form factor.
  • the process of choosing the right game is extremely inconvenient;
  • You need to get used to the new arrangement of buttons.
8.9 / 10
Emulation of NES, SNES and Sega MD is a plus in itself. 99% of children's games on smartphones for Android - poverty with advertising, and from the classics it is possible to choose something worthy, at least Mario in different versions.
Nintendo switch
22 490

Without detracting from the gaming advantages of conventional tablets and smartphones, we still note that specialized solutions have always surpassed the "wagons" in terms of convenience and functionality. In addition, for mobile iOS or Android just do not adapt many interesting projects. Accordingly, only portable consoles allow you to enjoy them. And we have not yet remembered the cooperative mode, for which there is no need to re-buy anything to the Switch. Let's pay tribute to the engineers of Nintendo, the proposed pair of Joy-Con - the best that was invented to control game consoles in different modes. Well, the method of transmitting video to a TV through a special docking station is much more practical than using clever wireless technologies. In general, if you need an advanced hybrid device that is suitable both for gaming pastime somewhere along the way, and for comfortable gaming in stationary conditions, the choice is obvious.

Main advantages:
  • several use cases;
  • self-contained equipment;
  • good performance (by mobile standards).
  • uncomfortable sizes Joy-Con for large palms;
  • very few AAA games;
  • low autonomy;
  • cannot be recharged from PowerBank;
  • a lot of complaints about the workmanship;
  • high price.
8.6 / 10
This is really a successfully implemented concept of a portable stationary set-top box. Convenient and fun to play in all versions. There were no problems, inconveniences or failures.
Sony PlayStation Vita 2000
16 190

In the age of smartphones and tablets, it seemed that portable game consoles would not stand the competition and would die as a class. However, more than 12 million owners of the PSVita portable console, who appreciate the convenience and comfort provided by this portable game console, do not think so. PSVita running a quad-core ARM CortexTM A9 chip gives gamers excellent graphics, which is responsible for the SGX543MP4 + video processor with 128 MB of video memory and a 5-inch touchscreen display. The console contains 512 MB of RAM, integrated 1 GB flash memory, dual cameras, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB connector and headphone output. The lithium-ion battery is capable of ensuring uninterrupted operation of the device for 6 hours. It is enough to pass the time on trips or flights. In addition to the many available games, the gadget is capable of playing video and audio content of popular formats. PSVita is compatible with the stationary PS4 prefix, so the Vita can be used as a gamepad, and an additional screen, and even transfer the peripeties of the game to the PS4 online to a portable console.

Main advantages:
  • sophisticated, stylish, fashionable design;
  • PS4 compatibility;
  • compatibility with games for the console of the previous generation portable PSP;
  • ease of management;
  • good autonomy;
  • touch screen;
  • decent browser;
  • embedded social applications;
  • practically not heated.
  • not enough internal memory;
  • the display flashes in the sun;
  • non-standard and expensive memory card;
  • high price.
8.0 / 10
No smartphone can replace PSVita. Convenience push-button control, elegant design, nice graphics. Those who love games, who spend a lot of time on the road, I definitely recommend to buy Vit, you will not regret. And there are plenty of good games on this console.

The best game consoles for children

Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
5 988

Reincarnation classic game consoles. Due to the historical and economic circumstances of the time, we are more familiar with the Chinese version of this famous console - Dendy. It should be noted that Nintendo implemented the idea of ​​re-issuing SNES in a rather peculiar way. Externally, the “new” console copies the “old” one, but no longer has a cartridge slot, and its cover is a dummy. Moreover, the recommended prefix does not provide for the official possibility to supplement the modest list of available games. On the other hand, there are not so many really standing old toys, and some of them are sewn into SNES. The original Nintendo console also possessed the ability to save, and the rewind function appeared here, thanks to which a gamer can choose the best moment for “resurrection”.

Main advantages:
  • connects via HDMI;
  • USB powered;
  • excellent selection of games;
  • There is a rewind, up to 45 seconds from the moment of saving.
  • wire controllers;
  • there is no exit button in the menu on the gamepad;
  • There is no regular opportunity to supplement the library of games.
8.5 / 10
Just a real must-have for lovers of retro games. When I turned on the console and walked through the old games, I remembered that forgotten lamp feeling from childhood.
SEGA Retro Genesis HD Ultra
3 390

A significant disadvantage of the simplest gaming set-top boxes, many owners absolutely deserve to consider the forced-short distance to the screen during the game. At individual manufacturers, the length of the standard controller cable is even less than a meter! The recommended SEGA console allows you not to sit on it “on a leash” and solve the problem of your own comfortable accommodation with the help of modern technologies. However, the Retro Genesis HD Ultra game console also receives a couple of points in the rating for the remaining wired connectivity of gamepads. The unambiguous advantage of this model is the presence of the HDMI interface, without which the full potential of new-built 16-bit games or advanced old hits cannot be realized. In particular, output stereo sound. There is no emulation of other systems, only SEGA Genesis and MEGA Drive cartridges understand. Built-in games 50.

Main advantages:
  • wireless gamepads;
  • can connect via HDMI or RCA;
  • There is a PAL / NTSC switch.
  • does not support emulation of other systems;
  • does not allow to work with memory cards.
8.2 / 10
Great prefix. A set of built-in games, of course, is not the best, but is solved by the fact that cartridges are supported. HDMI input and adaptation of games for HD screens are very pleased. Wireless joysticks are generally a separate like, incredibly convenient to use.
SEGA Retro Genesis Modern
2 150

The most inexpensive game console of our rating, focused on the use of classic 16-bit cartridges. Unfortunately, the launch of rums from memory cards by its design is not provided. In addition, there is no emulation of other systems in Retro Genesis Modern, therefore only SEGA Genesis and MEGA Drive cartridges are supported. But the recommended console has a switch regions (Europe / USA / Japan), which allows to normalize the gameplay in special cases (for example, the speed of passage). Theoretically, this console can even be connected to a very old television set that does not have a built-in automatic PAL / NTSC selector. In any case, she is able to forcibly change the television standard of her own output signal. There are 170 built-in games, 52 of them are for doubles.

Main advantages:
  • fairly comfortable joysticks;
  • 170 stitched games;
  • switch regions;
  • TV standard selector;
  • low price.
  • there is no possibility to run games from a memory card;
  • emulation of other console systems is not supported.
8.0 / 10
It's all like in childhood :) Of course, there are a lot of emulators that allow you to play retro toys on a PC, but what about without these warm tube sensations? Specifically, in this console set of games is quite diverse.

Best SONY Game Consoles

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
32 790

If at the time of release of the recommended game console (end of 2016) its potential was very difficult - there was not a large selection of 4K TVs and HDR10 format, nor a sufficient number of ported games in ultra-high resolution, now the situation has improved significantly. At the same time, the advantages of the Pro version of the PS4 console are quite obvious. Moreover, the next update of the PlayStation line is expected in two years, and I want to see a high-quality picture on the screen today. The latter is formed both with the help of native 4K, and due to upscaling of 1080p resolution and various clever tricks. It must be admitted that the latter is more common here. Among other shortcomings of the PS4 Pro, we note incompatibility with old and cross-platform games, as well as noticeable working noise. A unique feature is the ability to connect a virtual reality helmet.

Main advantages:
  • exclusive PlayStation platform games;
  • the ability to display images in 4K;
  • support for virtual reality technology.
  • “Honest” 4K is not always formed;
  • no backward compatibility for games;
  • does not support cross-platform projects;
  • quite noisy works.
9.3 / 10
It creates a special atmosphere. In the armchair, in front of a large TV, with a tea - a sheer pleasure to run around the foreign worlds! It delays both children and adult uncles equally successfully.
Sony PlayStation 4 Slim
23 990

You do not want to spend extra money or do not see the point in acquiring a UHD TV, but do you like games that do not exist outside the PlayStation ecosystem? Then look at this console. Compared to the “simple” PS4, the Slim version doesn’t offer anything revolutionary, but its case is smaller and it heats up less. Virtual reality glasses are supported, a set of wireless interfaces has been updated, and the joystick has learned to operate via USB. For lovers of martial arts is a clear plus. The flagship of the family console loses, and it is quite expected. Keep in mind, even when connected to Full HD TVs, Slim will lose to Pro in image quality, so far it has no analogue to supersampling mode, in which the future image is first processed at a higher resolution and then scaled to a smaller one.

Main advantages:
  • exclusive gaming products;
  • compact size and reduced weight;
  • the ability to connect glasses VR.
  • no backward compatibility for games;
  • does not support multiplatform games.
8.9 / 10
Very handy wireless gamepads. The console itself is quiet. You can connect headphones directly to the gamepad - it is convenient to play at night so as not to wake others. Of course, the quality of the graphics is excellent. Enable console with gamepad.

Top Microsoft Game Consoles

Microsoft Xbox One X
35 990

The most powerful gaming console today. Unlike Sony's top console, it provides gaming in 4K @ 60 modes without any reservations or software tweaks. The second fundamental advantage of Xbox One over the conditional competitor is that the Microsoft product supports both exclusive games of its own “preparation” and multiplatform projects. The third plus is backward compatibility with old toys. Fourth, the Xbox One X is superior to the latest in terms of multimedia equipment, as long as it has a UHD Blu-Ray drive. True, this advantage will be appreciated mainly by owners of 4K-film libraries on four-layer licensed disks. Finally, the American gaming console is noticeably quieter.

Main advantages:
  • the most powerful stuffing among existing consoles;
  • full 4K, without upscaling;
  • large selection of games, compatibility with the old;
  • 4K optical drive;
  • relatively quiet work.
  • does not support virtual reality glasses;
  • high price.
9.4 / 10
I do not play on my computer, I have a console for games, so I don’t need to say that they look even better on PCs. Yes, and a comparable PC will cost much more than the console.
Microsoft Xbox One S
21 370

The best game console of the middle class. To provide gamers with native 4K-picture, the Xbox One S console is not capable, the graphics processor power is not enough, but it can use the extended dynamic range (HDR10 format) in any mode of operation. For simple video playback in the UHD-quality, the special performance of the filling is not required, therefore, the recommended set-top box is quite capable of this task. Recall that the latest Microsoft Xboxes are equipped with 4K Blu-Ray drives, and Sony has saved on their consoles. Another weighty plus in the Xbox piggy bank is support for cross-platform projects and compatibility with all games released for this line.

A significant drawback (considering the price) is one. Hardly anyone would argue that the advantages of 4K are more convincing on the big screen. Inch that way for forty. On the other hand, when gaming using XOS, it is better to limit it to a diagonal of 32 ".

Main advantages:
  • uses the HDR10 format when displaying game graphics in 2K;
  • supports 4K Blu-ray video;
  • compatible with old games;
  • relatively low price.
  • part of cross-platform games is displayed with a lower resolution;
  • On large screens, the game picture is uncomfortable.
9.0 / 10
Buying more than satisfied. I consider the Xbox One S prefix justified and relevant for 2018-2019 and I see no point in changing it to a newer model.

What game console is better to buy?

The game console is able to give a sea of ​​emotions to absolutely anyone. Even ardent opponents of computer games, picking up a gamepad, willingly and excitedly play shooters, strategies, and races. Selection console type directly depends not only on your financial capabilities, but also on which game genre you prefer. Want more sports, cars, alien monsters or a variety of simulators - your road to the ranks of the owners Xbox. Love all kinds of hacks, fights, battles, battles (and further on the list of epithets), treasure hunting and overcoming dangers - be guided by consoles Sony. Of course, this division is very conditional, as far as PlayStation can be run in “FIFA 19”, and on Xbox One you can shoot in “Call Of Duty”. Microsoft gives some advantage backward compatibility with games released for previous generations of Xboxes. Plus in favor of the playtation - the richer choice of exclusive. Feel the beauty of 4K will only allow really big TV. Remember that it must be able to reproduce the extended dynamic range (HDR10).

Finally, unpretentious retro consoles They are also quite capable of delivering a lot of positive emotions to gamers that are older and are a good option for a game console for children.

Have a nice shopping!

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