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Before writing about the best barbequeers, I want to figure out - is this device necessary at all? All electric BBQ machines have a number of disadvantages, the main of which is that the kebab on the grill still tastes better! Also, people don’t like that it’s quite difficult to wash all such devices, and there’s not so much barbecue - a large family, and even less you feed a company. Therefore, many, having tried a couple of times, throw the device away and regret the wasted money.

Sorry about the purchase, however, not all. Because on the grill, of course, tastier - but not always the weather and the situation allows it to dissolve, but in the electric BBQ grill, you can also cook perfectly.

By what criteria did you choose?

Almost all electric BBQ machines are similar to each other, so choosing the best is not easy. We have preferred time-tested models made of stainless steel. We also chose those of them in which the heating element is located predominantly in the center, which contributes to uniform roasting of meat. And, of course, they paid attention mainly to domestic models, which proved to be excellent among the buyer.

Which manufacturer of electric BBQ stoves are better?

The electric BBQ is still a device, more focused on the Russian market. In addition, the tradition of manufacturing such devices in domestic enterprises stretch from the time of the USSR. Therefore, it is not surprising that in our list of contestants the leading positions are occupied by the models of the trademarks “Hydroagregat” (Caucasus-5 and XXL), Chudesnitse (EL-8) and the Great Rivers (the Russian brand is the assembly of the PRC). However, foreign brands (mostly Chinese) still managed to master this market. The rating was supplemented by the presence of the Kitfort and Smile brands, which are represented by quite successful models of electric barbecues and make up worthy competition to Russian companies.

Rating of the best BBQ machines 2018 - 2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best cheap BBQ Stores1HYDRO-AGREGATUS Caucasus-29.5 / 101 900
2Wonderland-59.4 / 101 745
3Great Rivers Hunting-39.3 / 101 950
4Energy NEVA-19.2 / 101 800
5CENTEK CT-14609.0 / 101 980
The best BBQ in terms of price-quality ratio1REDMOND RBQ-0252-E9.7 / 103 300
2Kitfort KT-14059.6 / 101 950
3Kitfort KT-14029.6 / 103 090
4Kitfort KT-14039.5 / 102 890
5Maxwell MW-1990 ST9.5 / 103 400
The best BBQ grills with timer1Polaris PEG 0502T9.8 / 103 980
2VES G-1119.7 / 102 700
3ENDEVER Grillmaster 2909.6 / 102 630

Best cheap BBQ Stores

1 900

One of the most popular and purchased 1200-watt electric skewers from the Russian manufacturer is equipped with five skewers and is heated to a temperature of 280 ° C. Such a temperature mode of preparation will precisely ensure a quick roasting of the dish and the formation of a golden crust. The protective screen-reflector is opened from the side and fixed with magnetic inserts. In the center of the electric kettle, there is a heater, around it there are stainless steel skewers, each with its own cup for draining fat. Warranty period - a year.

Main advantages:
  • Powerful unit, fast cooking: 7-20 minutes per kebab cooking cycle, depending on the meat.
  • Compact design: 23 cm long skewers.
  • Twisted skewers for products: the pieces practically do not slide off.
  • Heat insulated handles skewers and body.
  • The central heating element of nichrome.
  • Instructions with recipes.
  • A heating element with a glass bulb requires careful handling.
  • No automatic shutdown.
  • Strong heating of the entire device during operation. Although, this minus can be attributed to all models of barbecue.
9.5 / 10
The meat on this electric BBQ is juicy and tasty, with a crispy crust. The main thing is not to overdo it.
1 745

If the weather does not allow you to get out into nature, but you want shish kebab or baked vegetables, then at home you can cook all these dishes with the help of the Chudesnitsa electric machine. It is more spacious than the previous model, while compact and perfectly fit into any kitchen. 5 long skewers are arranged vertically around the heating element. To prevent meat from sliding down during cooking, special limiters are provided. When the dishes are ready, the device is easy to clean thanks to the special coating and pallets located at the bottom of each skewer.

Main advantages:
  • limiters to prevent meat from slipping;
  • non-stick coating;
  • compactness.
  • uncomfortable casing;
  • large pieces from the inside touch the flask;
  • The plastic handles of the skewers easily heat and melt.
9.4 / 10
We were very pleased with this gift! It turned out, electric BBQ - an indispensable thing, especially in winter. Easy to assemble, disassemble and wash.
Great Rivers Hunting-3
1 950

Standard electric BBQ grill with 5 skewers, which automatically rotate during cooking kebab, on top they are covered with a protective aluminum casing. The device takes little time to preheat - only five minutes, and you can cook! It will take you no more than 20 minutes to prepare the dish, and you can bake not only meat, but also mushrooms and vegetables. All the fat and juice that forms is drained into the trays. If the glass bulb cracks from moisture or other reasons, it can be replaced with a new one.

Main advantages:
  • spare heater bulb included.
  • meat slides down;
  • upper pieces can burn;
  • short-lived.
9.3 / 10
If there is a place for her in the kitchen, then the appliance is quite capable sometimes to please comfortably cooked kebabs. A big company using this device to feed kebabs is unlikely to succeed.
Energy NEVA-1
1 800

The 1000 W electric BBQ grill will cook up to 1 kg of meat in 15 minutes of work. In its arsenal - 5 skewers, 5 cups for juice and fat (for each skewer), there are special tongs for removing cups, i.e. You can even disassemble the device to drain the juice or fat, even in hot condition. Product dimensions - 21.5x21.5x45 cm. Manufacturer - China. Warranty - a year.

Main advantages:
  • Compact and powerful device.
  • All the skewers and casing of the device are equipped with “cold” handles. There is a central holder for the transfer of barbecue.
  • Fragile heating element. The instruction demands to exclude sharp pushes, blows, falling of a shashlik maker.
  • Aluminum casing: does not rust, but aesthetic such material can not be called.
  • The handles are too close to the body: you must protect your hands from burns.
9.2 / 10
Satisfied with the operation of the device. The electric BBQ is Chinese, and the instructions are so detailed, as if they plunged into the Soviet era.
1 980

This 1000 W electric BBQ grill has a record skewers length of 31 cm for our rating. The design is the most common for popular models: 5 skewers with individual cups for juice and fat. The speed of rotation of the skewers - 12 rpm. The manufacturer claims that this contributes to a more uniform roasting. Manufacturer - China. Warranty - 1 year.

Main advantages:
  • Inexpensive powerful barbecue for instant kebab made from various products. Frying cycle - 10-20 minutes.
  • Skewers and body - stainless steel.
  • Plastic handles to avoid burns.
  • Informative instruction with a set of recipes.
  • Strong body heat.
  • No protection against overheating and falling.
9.0 / 10
High-quality, good and inexpensive barbeque for picnic at home in the kitchen, in the country, in the gazebo and even on the balcony.

The best BBQ in terms of price-quality ratio

3 300

The 900 W electric BBQ grill with a weight of only 1.8 kg will make a fragrant kebab on six skewers. Each has an individual cup for draining fat. Turn on - key. The speed of rotation of the skewers - 2 rpm. Removing the cylindrical body-screen - through the top of the device. The device is quite compact: 21.5x18x46.5 cm. Made in China. Warranty - 2 years.

Main advantages:
  • Twisted skewers against slipping pieces.
  • Autoshutdown when falling (there is a sensor of vertical position). When returning to the vertical, the barbecue maker continues to work automatically.
  • The convenient not heating handles of skewers and the metal case. Top loop for carrying.
  • Long warranty period.
  • No timer and auto power off.
  • Removable parts can not be washed in the dishwasher (according to the instructions).
  • Fat cups and casing made of aluminum.
9.7 / 10
The BBQ heats up quickly, fries well, easy to clean. However, cups for juice quickly lose their original appearance.
Kitfort KT-1405
1 950

Good electric skewer for 5 skewers. It has a 1000W ceramic heater. Stainless steel skewers are inserted into the fat collection bowls. From above, the design is covered with a casing, its handles do not heat up, making it easy to remove and put on when necessary. The slots on top allow you to control the degree of cooking meat - thanks to the constant rotation at a speed of 12 revolutions per minute, it is evenly roasted for 15-20 minutes, and the resulting portion is enough for 2-3 people.

Main advantages:
  • comfortable casing handles.
  • grease trays are thin and creak during cooking;
  • short-lived.
9.6 / 10
Included with the barbecue are 5 skewers and 5 cups, which rotate evenly. I am glad that the meat is evenly roasted until golden and golden brown, it does not take much time to cook.
Kitfort KT-1402
3 090

Kitfort KT-1402 is an electric kebab cooker that will allow you to cook various kinds of kebabs (meat, chicken, fish, mushrooms or vegetables) without much trouble and effort at home. Thanks to the powerful (1000 W) infrared heating element, rotating skewers and metal heat-reflecting casing, home-made dishes will hardly differ in taste and aroma from those prepared on charcoal. And it does not have to mess with firewood and make a fire. The popularity of Kitfort KT-1402 is due not only to reliable and efficient work, but also to its stylish design. The model is made of metal in combination with bright green plastic (for fans of other colors there is a similar model KT-1403). Includes 5 stainless steel skewers with comfortable thermally insulated handles and 5 metal cups for collecting the drained fat. Conveniently made casing of metal and plastic all the same green. It is easily moved apart and removed to provide access to skewers. The model is quite compact and weighs only 1.7 kg.

Main advantages:
  • Attractive design;
  • Uniform cooking;
  • Comfortable design.
  • High price;
  • A small download.
9.6 / 10
We thought a lot about which model to choose. We stopped at this (attracted the appearance) and did not regret it. She is not only beautiful, but also works great. Twists myasko and evenly roasts. Satisfied with the purchase.
Kitfort KT-1403
2 890

The electric BBQ player in the stylish and bright case in the form of a parallelepiped, it acts as a top up. The power of the infrared heater is 1000 watts, it allows you to spend on cooking up to 1 kg of meat in just 15-20 minutes. The instruction is allowed to fry in one cycle up to 1.5 kg of the product, but judging by the dimensions of the kebab maker, the figure is controversial. Included - 5 skewers. Rotation of skewers gives even roasting. There are removable cups for fat, for each skewer - separate. It starts up with a single power key. Overall dimensions: 27x18x46 cm. The device of the Russian brand, manufacturing - in China, the warranty period - a year.

Main advantages:
  • Sufficiently powerful barbecue with a fast cooking cycle.
  • Handles of the case and skewers from the thermoisolated material.
  • Stainless steel case.
  • Compact size, light weight (2.1 kg).
  • Long service life - 5 years (according to the instructions).
  • There is no timer.
  • Does not turn off automatically.
  • No overheating protection.
  • The glass bulb of the heater is a rather fragile element.
9.5 / 10
The BBQ fries well, but it is better to do this with powerful ventilation or on the balcony or terrace.
Maxwell MW-1990 ST
3 400

The appearance of this electric BBQ from a fairly well-known brand immediately attracts - it looks very neat and stylish. The size of the device is standard - the model is designed for 5 skewers, at the bottom of which there are cups for collecting fat. During a break in cooking, you do not need to pull the plug out of the socket - just use the shutdown button if you want to stitch a new batch. The main thing is not to forget the shish kebab inside the device, since it will be fried absolutely silently. Due to the high power and automatically rotating skewers, the dish is tasty and juicy.

Main advantages:
  • high-quality assembly;
  • quiet work;
  • on / off button;
  • alternating cooking mode with heater off;
  • relatively high cost.
9.5 / 10
Barbecue just super! It is very compact and takes up very little space in the kitchen. It is steel color, perfectly suited to the interior of our kitchen.

The best BBQ grills with timer

Polaris PEG 0502T
3 980

A good BB, with a power of 1000 W, equipped with five skewers, has a timer with automatic shutdown. And this changes the situation: although the process of cooking kebabs does not exclude constant monitoring, but it makes it easier: you can set the timer for a lesser amount of time and check the readiness by a signal, and then turn the device back on by turning the knob. Even forgetful and busy guaranteed a great kebab. It is recommended to make the pieces of the product not exceeding 3x3 cm. Produced in China, the guarantee is one year.

Main advantages:
  • The electric BBQ grill with simple management of one rotary switch.
  • The timer for 30 minutes (maximum) with shutdown automatically. Early process can be completed manually by turning the toggle switch to 0.
  • Sound signal of the termination of work.
  • Convenient loading / unloading: the casing of the reflector casing is set apart.
  • Steel TEN.
  • Stylish stainless steel case.
  • Handles do not heat up.
  • The instruction limits the duration of continuous operation of the device - 1 hour, then it must be turned off until it cools completely. Although, this time is enough for a couple of downloads.
  • Removable items can not be washed in the dishwasher.
9.8 / 10
Timer - a huge plus kebabs. The square case is not very convenient: for 2 skewers, the pieces touch the heater, it is necessary to fit it smaller.
VES G-111
2 700

The power of this model of electric BBQ from the company VES electric - 1000 watts. The device is equipped with a timer and automatic shutdown. The kit includes 5 skewers, 5 cups for juice / fat and tongs to remove them. Dimensions of the device 18x18x41cm. Case material: stainless steel and food grade aluminum. The length of the power cord - 1 m. Country of origin - China, the warranty period - a year.

Main advantages:
  • Rather compact device with a significant load of the product - 1 kg.
  • The timer for 30 minutes with the possibility of early manual shutdown.
  • Simple mechanical rotary switch.
  • Convenient removal and washing parts.
  • Reasonable price for a model with a timer.
  • The heating element in a glass flask requires careful handling.
  • No power / temperature adjustment.
9.7 / 10
In the electric BBQ grill, it’s great to cook sausages: fast, no more than 4-5 minutes. It is necessary to adjust to the kebab so that it does not turn out to be dry, apparently the temperature of the heater is large.
ENDEVER Grillmaster 290
2 630

The 1100-watt electric kebab maker in the kit has a standard 5 stainless steel skewers and 5 individual cups for fat. Skewers rotate automatically after the timer is activated. One load is enough for portions for 2-3 people. The timer is set for the required duration of the process. Device dimensions: 18x18x40 cm.The manufacturer also offers a model of similar design, but for 6 skewers (Grillmaster 295, 20x20x40 cm). Both models have a central heater and this is their advantage: devices with a greater load (by 7-8 skewers) from other manufacturers are offered, as a rule, with a side heating element, this increases the cooking time, and the power of such electric bowl machines increases, involving a considerable expense electricity. The brand’s birthplace is Sweden, the manufacturer is China, the guarantee is 1.5 years.

Main advantages:
  • Timer for 30 minutes.
  • Stainless steel case.
  • Handles practically do not heat up.
  • Reasonable price for a model with a timer.
  • No temperature controller.
9.6 / 10
They became satisfied with the purchase when they adapted to the size of the pieces: the small ones dry, the big ones touch the heating element and they burn. Need a golden mean.

Which kebab is better to buy?

So, as you can see, electric BBQs do not differ much from each other. We advise you to pay attention to reviews and product packaging. If the quantity of the prepared product is important for you, choose the kebab-maker with the highest load. And if you want to cook not only kebabs, but also grilled chicken or fish, you can use a multifunction electric grill.

Tricks for making delicious kebabs:
The main thing that distinguishes the kebab from the electric grill from cooked on the grill is no smell of smoke. There are several ways to remedy the situation.
Method 1. Marinate with liquid smoke seasoning.
Method 2 Buy a bit of real smoked bacon on the wood and wrap the kebab with ribs of bacon or string small pieces on the skewers along with the meat.
Method 3. On the onion rings put a little sawdust (eg, cherries) or juniper cones.
The choice is yours, enjoy your shopping!

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