10 best treadmills

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Type of treadmill

Treadmills can be divided into two main types - mechanical and electrical. Cloths of mechanical treadmills work through the application of their own efforts - the speed of the run is regulated by the person. Electric treadmills work at the expense of the electric motor, through which you can set any speed of the movement of the canvas, without applying your own forces.


It depends on the power of the maximum allowable weight of the user and, of course, the speed of movement of the canvas. The greater the engine power of the simulator, the higher the speed with which a person can run. In addition, high engine power is responsible for the reliable operation of the track. For people whose weight does not exceed 80 kg, a simulator with an engine power of 1.5 is perfect. hp If you plan to do jogging, not walking, it is better to choose a treadmill, on which the acceptable speed indicator can reach 15-20 km / h.

Size of running belt

The usability of the treadmill depends on the size of the running belt. The more complexion of a person engaged in the simulator, the wider and longer the running belt should be.


This parameter is responsible for the functionality of the simulator. The more additional programs, the more opportunities for a person involved in sports. For example, a pulse-dependent program is capable of monitoring heartbeats and measuring a person’s pulse. In addition, some programs allow you to score your own data, indicators of weight and height, in order to be able to control the consumption of calories, burned fat, etc.


Among the proven and well-known brands of treadmills are:

  • Taboutrneo (Torneo) - one of the largest Italian companies in the market of simulator manufacturers;
  • HaboutuseFit (HouseFit) - an American company that produces some of the best treadmills;
  • Haboutrizaboutn Fitness - Another well-known American manufacturer, which is popular in the European market.

It is worth noting (from a positive point of view) such companies as: Body Sculpture - English manufacturer and WinnerFitness - Asian manufacturer.


CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top cheap treadmills1Carbon Fitness T4049.2 / 1031 290
2Carbon Fitness Yukon9.0 / 1021 490
3DFC M1009.0 / 1027 990
Best treadmills for home1Svensson Body Labs PhysioLine TBX10 / 1054 990
2Clear Fit Eco ET 16 AI9.9 / 1059 990
3Oxygen laguna ii9.5 / 1043 890
4FAMILY TM 300M9.5 / 1030 990
Top semi-professional treadmills1Bronze Gym T900 Pro10 / 10284 890
2Vision Fitness T609.6 / 10296 890
3Bronze Gym T800 LC9.3 / 10144 890

Top cheap treadmills

Carbon Fitness T404
31 290

A good treadmill for home, develops a speed of up to 10 km / h, which is enough for home workouts. The depreciation system has eight flat elastomers. Convenient and bright display, 13 user programs and the measurement of time, distance, speed and number of calories expended - all that is needed for beginners. The simulator takes up very little space and is equipped with transport rollers and folding mode. Running cloth size 111 * 37 cm. The maximum allowable weight of the user is 110 kg.

  • not very large in size, perhaps not everyone will be comfortable on it.
9.2 / 10
The track of the initial level, for serious training is not suitable. Designed more likely on girls and pensioners. To walk, to run a little, this is its main purpose. But for those for whom it is designed - in terms of price / quality is the best treadmill.
Carbon Fitness Yukon
21 490

Small-sized electric treadmill Carbón Yukón is perfect for people with a limited budget. The depreciation system consists of two conical and six flat elastomers. The simulator console has a black and white display that displays information such as speed, distance, time, and calories burned. The treadmill can be easily and simply folded so that it does not take up much space. It does not measure the pulse and pressure, it is not suitable for professional occupations. But in order to diversify the sedentary lifestyle, which many lead at work - a great option. Motor power is 1.5 hp The size of a tape of a running cloth is 105 * 32 cm.

  • a bit noisy compared to other models of treadmills
  • maximum weight - only 90 kg
9.0 / 10
According to my female size - height 165, weight 55 - the best treadmill. A tall strong peasant will obviously be too small. Speed ​​is smoothly regulated, stops smoothly, but quickly. Noise at a speed of more than 5 km / h, but it is not critical.
DFC M100
27 990

Compact electric treadmill with a maximum acceleration rate of 10 km / h. It has a minimum set of home functions inexpensive simulator. A comfortable running belt of medium size is suitable for people of short stature and with a maximum permissible body weight of 110 kg.

Main advantages:
  • folding
  • compact
  • can withstand up to 110 kg
  • low noise
  • shows speed, distance, calorie consumption
  • can not change the angle
  • pulse does not show
  • small running belt (40x107 cm) is not suitable for everyone
9.0 / 10
The track is foldable, so that it can and remove, if you suddenly need to free up space. Accelerates significantly quickly. It has 5 modes and you can set your own settings. Shows calorie consumption, which is important to me.

Best treadmills for home

Svensson Body Labs PhysioLine TBX
54 990

Powerful and functional treadmill is suitable not only for home fitness, but also for beginner athletes. An informative, clear LCD display with a blue backlight gives the basic indicators of speed, pulse, time, distance and calories burned, and also displays a scale of fat burning. The simulator has an automatic tilt level adjustment of 15%. Soft and smooth fold.

Main advantages:
  • 12 built-in programs (including 9 pre-installed - downhill, uphill, endurance training, descent, weight reduction, etc., 3 user)
  • quick access keys on the railing
  • stepless angle adjustment
  • maximum speed of 16 km / h
  • 2-layer anti-slip coating
  • Mitsubishi production engine
  • built-in speakers, MP3 input
  • maintains up to 140 kg
  • not found
10 / 10
Chose a program for weight loss - the result is! During training, the track itself changes the slope and speed. I run in sneakers, my joints don't hurt. Sometimes I listen to music, because the iPhone can be connected.
Clear Fit Eco ET 16 AI
59 990

This versatile electric treadmill is suitable for teenagers, for their parents, and for the older generation of the family. Everyone will be able to choose for themselves a comfortable speed (from 0.8 to 15 km / h) and mode of movement, set their own mode, as well as control the load. If necessary, the track is easy to move (there are videos), fold and remove.

Main advantages:
  • wide running belt (46 cm)
  • speed up to 15 km / h
  • 18 programs (5 of them are heart-dependent, 2 are user programs)
  • cardio sensor on the handle and the ability to connect wirelessly
  • smooth movement of the running belt
  • “quick access” buttons on handrails
  • speed and angle can be changed while driving
  • low noise
  • withstands up to 130 kg
  • suitable for all ages
  • no chest strap included
9.9 / 10
The best treadmill for the house, I think. Gaining speed instantly, without jerks. There is a depreciation system, there is no discomfort in the knees (compared to running in the park).
Oxygen laguna ii
43 890

Stylish and modern treadmill has a powerful and reliable Japanese 2.0 hp engine. and can reach speeds of up to 12 km / h. Touch sensors for measuring heart rate, 19 useful programs, a large LCD display that shows the speed, distance covered, time, calories burned and the amount of fat burned. In the simulator there is a unique system of program specification, that is, the creation of load conditions, as in certain types of terrain and topography, for example, in the mountains, in the valley, at the intersection of the terrain, etc. Built-in speakers and multimedia outputs will provide each user with a fun and carefree workout atmosphere. The size of the running belt 120 * 40 cm. The maximum allowable weight of the user - 130 kg.

  • dimensions too big for home use, in the absence of excess space often have to fold.
9.5 / 10
Madly like a treadmill, so much functionality in the form of various programs that contribute to rapid weight loss.
30 990

This treadmill is great for frequent home workouts. The sensors on the handles measure the pulse. The display shows basic information about speed, angle of inclination of the web, time and distance of running, how many calories were burned as a result of training. The track is equipped with a multimedia function (audio input and speakers). The hydraulic system facilitates the smooth folding of the simulator, and the presence of transport rollers simplifies its movement in assembled form.

Main advantages:
  • 12 programs (including the Quick Start program - the ability to start training immediately after pressing a key, usually used for warm-up)
  • speed up to 14 km / h
  • built-in cardio sensor
  • tilt adjustable
  • in addition: stand for books, for a glass of water, speakers, MP3 input
  • withstands up to 120 kg
  • there is no way to set your program
  • for a tall person may be small
9.5 / 10
Durable, withstands a man weighing about a centner. At the same time compact, easy to fold, convenient to store. Works without interruption. It looks much more expensive than we paid for it.

Top semi-professional treadmills

Bronze Gym T900 Pro
284 890

Professional treadmill with a powerful and reliable 4 hp engine. develops speeds of up to 20 km / h. A large and comfortable 153 * 56 cm running belt is suitable for practicing sports for people of almost all weight categories, since the maximum permissible user weight can reach 180 kg. A massive, professional simulator is perfectly suited for its operation in modern, versatile gymnasiums and fitness halls. A wide range of training programs (as many as 26), pulse sensors for measuring heart rate, automatic tilt angle, support for multimedia devices will provide each user with a lot of unique opportunities not only to exercise hard, but also to feel at ease and relaxed. The treadmill is equipped with a fairly powerful single-phase fan that will save you from fatigue and heat.

  • not found.
10 / 10
Powerful and the most modern simulator, stuffed with a variety of functions and capabilities that greatly simplify sports and contribute to the development of further motivation
Vision Fitness T60
296 890

This model of the treadmill fully meets the best criteria of professional simulators. Professional treadmill with an engine power of 3.0 hp able to reach speeds reaching 20 km / h. The large size of the running belt 160 * 51 cm is perfect for using the simulator in a sports club. The automatic tilt angle of 15% allows you to change the incline of the running belt during training, which is very convenient. The high-strength frame and treadmill case are ready to withstand any user weighing up to 159 kg. The choice of programs and a variety of fixed indicators allow you to fully control the process of training, monitor the state of human health and his physical progress. A large dotted LCD console display allows you to track all information in real time.

  • very large dimensions
  • high price.
9.6 / 10
Super! The best treadmill was purchased for personal use in the home gym. The price matches the quality.
Bronze Gym T800 LC
144 890

The semi-professional treadmill is ideal for fitness rooms and sports clubs. Convenient running cloth size 152 * 45 cm. Engine power 3 HP allows you to reach speeds of up to 18 km / h. 10 built-in programs and a maximum allowable weight of 160 kg allow practically every person to work on a treadmill. A number of additional programs, touch sensors, a Polar receiver, a multi-functional display, a wide range of functionality will make training on such a treadmill a holiday. In order to regulate the temperature of the body and the air in the room, a special fan is built into the simulator, which at any convenient moment will cool you from overload. The treadmill is equipped with multimedia outputs and high-quality speakers that will brighten up the pastime behind the simulator. A simple and easy way to fold and transport the simulator allows you to quickly move it to the right place.

  • Large dimensions are certainly not suitable for every room.
9.3 / 10
I purchased this simulator in my gym, where many visitors are engaged daily. They appreciated the treadmill, most customers are satisfied.


Of course, there are a lot of good manufacturers of treadmills and it is very difficult to select the best ones among them, but still we tried to do it. When choosing a simulator of this type, it is worth considering a few main factors that are important for you as a buyer.

First, how often do you want to use the treadmill. Secondly, in what conditions, that is, you need it for home or for professional work in the gym, for example. Thirdly, it is worth considering the power of the treadmill engine, since the further operation of the simulator depends on its reliability. It is worth paying attention to the functionality and capabilities of the simulator, because the price of the treadmill largely depends on this. When you decide what treadmill characteristics are most important to you, then you can choose the best simulator.

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