10 best hair balsams

Hair transformation in a couple of minutes: is it possible?

Manufacturers of the best hair balms

After analyzing the composition of many hair balsams and reviews about them, the Price Expert came to the conclusion that neither the brand nor the price affect their effectiveness. The best (and more affordable) - from 400 to 1000 rubles. Professional brands offer care: for example, Estel, Kapous, Wella, Matrix, etc. You can buy many of them not only in the salon, but also in a regular store.

With problem hair, Expert Prices recommends that you pay attention to pharmaceutical balms. Asian products are ideal for creating the effect of smooth and flowing hair, as they are traditionally saturated with moisturizers and silicones. Garnier and Elseve can be recommended from the mass market, and Belarusian Belita products are among the most affordable balsams.

Rating of the best hair balms - TOP-10

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best balms for dry hair1Matrix Oil Wonders Oil Conditioner Hair Balm9.9 / 10719
2Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment Hair Conditioner9.9 / 101 700
3Balm for hair Gliss Kur Hyaluron + placeholder9.8 / 10250
The best balms for greasy hair1Hair balm L'Oreal Paris Elseve Balancing 3 Valuable Clay10 / 10194
2Estel Curex Hair Balm to give volume9.7 / 10210
Best balms for damaged hair1Ecolab Firming Hair Balm for volume and growth9.9 / 10243
2Balsam-conditioner Londa Professional Visible Repair for damaged hair9.9 / 10600
Best balms for colored hair1Balm Kapous Hair Care for Dyed Professional Color Care10 / 10270
2Kaaral Purify Colore Conditioner for colored hair9.9 / 10630
3Balm lamination for all types of hair Belita-Viteks9.8 / 10210

Best balms for dry hair

Matrix Oil Wonders Oil Conditioner Hair Balm
719 (200 ml)

Matrix's American nourishing conditioner with argan oil has become the company's bestseller and the favorite of many girls. It enhances the natural shine of hair, visibly smoothes them, gives an amazing softness and greatly facilitates the process of combing and styling. The manufacturer recommends using a balm in a pair with shampoo from the same line.

The consistency of the tool is quite thick, cream. Balm perfectly moisturizes dry hair, makes them silky, makes it more elastic and mobile, pacifies electrification. Does not weigh strands and does not fatten them, does not contain silicones. Sold in a 200 ml tube and in a liter bottle.

Main advantages:
  • moderately consumed;
  • offered in two volumes.
  • rather big price;
  • There is no protective membrane in the tube.
9.9 / 10
The best balm for my dry hair from all that fell into my hands! It really gives a feeling of powerful moisturizing, even the tips of the hair after using it look well-groomed and become pleasant to the touch. That's great!
Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Treatment Hair Conditioner
1 700 (200 ml)

The conditioner with oils, plant extracts and seaweed from the professional luxury brand Paul Mitchell promises quality care for normal, dry and porous hair and is suitable for everyday use. It will deeply moisturize the hair and restore the natural water balance, will give an intense shine and elasticity and prevent the ends of the cross section.

The texture of the balm is very dense, but comfortable, melting. It leaves no greasy feeling, smooths well, perfectly unravels hair and adds shine to it. Available in a 200 ml tube and in a 500 ml bottle.

Main advantages:
  • there are different volumes;
  • economically spent;
  • not tested on animals.
  • very expensive.
9.9 / 10
Balsam is not cheap, and it is not sold at every corner, but despite this, for me it remains the best - when it comes to beauty and health of hair, money fades into the background. I recommend to try at least once!
Balm for hair Gliss Kur Hyaluron + placeholder
250 (200 ml)

The restoring balm of the German brand Gliss Kur with an innovative hyaluronic complex and liquid keratin was created specifically for dry, thin and brittle hair. The manufacturer promises that this tool will strengthen the hair and update their structure, give the strands elasticity, and hair - additional pomp.

The texture of the balm is light, pleasant, moderately dense. It is quickly distributed through the hair, as if absorbed into them, and is well washed off, helps the strands to lie neater, adds a smooth and healthy glow. The volume of the tube - 200ml.

Main advantages:
  • affordable cost;
  • cumulative effect.
  • not particularly economical consumption.
9.8 / 10
I really like the whole series with hyaluron, but the balm is really something! Hair has become much more dense, shiny and well-groomed. And this breathtaking smell! Would not refuse perfume with such a scent.

The best balms for greasy hair

Hair balm L'Oreal Paris Elseve Balancing 3 Valuable Clay
194 (200 ml)

The successful novelty of the current year, the conditioner with green, white and blue clay created a sensation among women - many enthusiastically call it the best among the balms from L'Oreal. The tool is designed for hair, greasy at the roots and dry at the ends, and is designed to refresh, moisturize and provide easy combing, as well as restore the optimal balance of the scalp.

The texture of the balm is non-greasy, but rather thick. It does not flow, is evenly distributed along the strands, makes the hair more obedient and smoother, does not allow them to electrify. Does not overdry, gives visual thickness. Silicone free. The volume of the tube - 200 ml.

Main advantages:
  • moderately used;
  • budget price.
10 / 10
Loved this balm! Untangling hair once or twice - in spite of my fears, I managed to cope even with a complex varnished hairstyle. Reliable workhorse, the smell is very pleasant, apple. I advise!
Estel Curex Hair Balm to give volume
210 (250 ml)

The balm for giving volume to oily hair from the domestic company Estel contains a balanced vitamin complex and helps the curls to stay clean longer. It also gives the hair silk radiance, pomp, elasticity and makes it possible to avoid injury to the strands when combing.

The consistency of the tool is comfortable, slightly fluid. Balm makes the hair crumbly, shiny, pleasant to the touch. Does not make them heavy and does not entangle them, resists fluffing. The volume of the bottle - 250 ml.

Main advantages:
  • equipped with a convenient dispenser;
  • economically used.
  • According to reviews, not everyone gives the declared amount.
9.7 / 10
Excellent balm for oily hair with a good composition, my hairdresser advised him. The main thing - do not apply to the roots and wash well, then it will reveal its properties in all its glory. Alternate with a mask from Estelle. Satisfied with the effect!

Best balms for damaged hair

Ecolab Firming Hair Balm for volume and growth
243 (200 ml)

Ecolab's natural balm with shea and macadamia oils and herbal extracts gives the hair a powerful healing effect, gives it shine and fills with life-giving power, contributes to faster growth and increase in volume. Suitable for thin, dyed, weak and tired hair that has lost its shine.

The consistency of the tool is moving, of medium thickness. The balm is easy to apply, well pacifies the hair, moisturizes it, makes it flow and adds pomp. Will like both curly and straight hair. Does not contain parabens and silicones. The volume of the bottle - 200 ml.

Main advantages:
  • 97% of components of plant origin;
  • moderate spending;
  • through the translucent bottle the rest of the product is visible;
  • loyal price;
  • convenient dispenser.
  • not too quickly washed off.
9.9 / 10
For me, this is definitely the best balm! It seems to me that it acts not worse than a mask - the tips become more well-groomed, the hair is moisturized, beautiful. And to all, and the composition is amazing - I can recommend it safely.
Balsam-conditioner Londa Professional Visible Repair for damaged hair
600 (250 ml)

The indelible German conditioner from Londa Professional with silk proteins and almond oil is suitable for lifeless, porous, dull, bleached, dried, split hair. Filling the damaged areas, it intensively nourishes and moisturizes the strands, helps to restore hair health and cope with brittleness, eliminate electrification and simplify the styling process.

The consistency of the balm is soft and creamy. Apply it to the hair dried by a towel in small portions, evenly distributing the strands. You should not take a lot of money in order not to get the effect of glued hair. The conditioner is quickly absorbed, removes fluffiness, facilitates combing. The volume of the bottle - 250 ml.

Main advantages:
  • minimally consumed;
  • no need to flush;
  • cumulative action;
  • convenient pump dispenser.
  • considerable cost.
9.9 / 10
I dye my hair blond and, of course, every lightening is stressful for them. This balm was a salvation for me, we have been together for five years now! Balm is really the best - hair looks beautiful and healthy.

Best balms for colored hair

Balm Kapous Hair Care for Dyed Professional Color Care
270 (350 ml)

Russian professional balm brand Kapous with cosmetic oils and antioxidants suitable for the care of dyed, bleached, melirovannyh hair. It will help restore damaged areas, protect hair from negative environmental influences, restore elasticity, maintain color saturation, and get rid of static electricity.

The consistency of the gel means rather dense. Balsam is easy to apply, does not flow, does not stick together strands. Due to its effect, the paint is washed off more slowly, the hair becomes soft and silky, and acquires a beautiful healthy shine. The volume of the bottle - 350 ml.

Main advantages:
  • large volume;
  • democratic value;
  • minimum consumption.
10 / 10
For one candy flavor of this balm you can sell your soul! I use paired with shampoo from the same line, fully satisfied with the effect and my hair.
Kaaral Purify Colore Conditioner for colored hair
630 (250 ml)

Eco-friendly SPA-conditioner with an extract of blackberry leaves and berries from the Italian brand Kaaral is designed to carefully care for the hair cuticle, maintaining the pigment brightness, add flexibility and elasticity to the strands, enhance their shine and reliably protect against adverse external influences.

The consistency of the balm is airy, thick. It is wonderfully distributed through the hair, helps to preserve the intensity of color for a long time, gives softness and sparkling shine, moisturizes. Available in a liter bottle and in a 250 ml tube.

Main advantages:
  • sold in two quantities;
  • moderately consumed.
  • impressive price.
9.9 / 10
My favorite, the best balm for the care of dyed hair! I always buy this balm in a large package and I would hardly trade it for any other. Hair flow and shine, the color remains juicy for a long time!
Balm lamination for all types of hair Belita-Viteks
210 (380 ml)

Belarusian balm with ceramides, panthenol and coconut oil promises to wrap every hair with a weightless film, protect it from the destructive influence of the environment, seal the damaged ends, moisturize and nourish the strands along the entire length and give the hair a lamination effect. Hundreds of girls appreciated its properties and in the reviews called one of the best among the inexpensive hair balms.

The consistency of the product is silicone, uniform, supple. With regular use, the balm makes the hair more dense and well-groomed, gives it smoothness, but does not deprive the pomp. The volume of a jar is 380 ml.

Main advantages:
  • low price;
  • cumulative effect;
  • impressive volume;
  • economical consumption.
  • chemical composition.
9.8 / 10
As for me, this is the best Belita series! I am pleased to use both balm and shampoo. It is pleasant to look at hair - they are smooth, shiny, do not electrify and are easier to fit. I advise everyone!

So which hair balm should you choose?

Our rating clearly shows how diverse hair balms are for the purpose and price, and decent products can be found in different price categories. You need to choose a balm that best suits your hair, solves the problems inherent in them. We wish you a pleasant choice and a successful purchase!