12 best home theaters

Top models for blockbuster viewing

Going to the cinema is one of the most popular ways to spend leisure time with a huge number of people. Fortunately, the Hollywood and domestic film industry consistently pampers us with new blockbusters, including in 3D. Spectators are traditionally lured with incredibly spectacular special effects, the charm of which lies not only in the visual perception of what is happening on the screen, but also in high-quality sound.

And who said that this is only available in entertainment centers? Indeed, in virtually any home appliances and electronics store, it is really possible to purchase a ready-made and balanced “home theater” system, which you simply connect to your TV. And you can enjoy not only new movies, but also create your own collection, comfortably browse sports, music videos and much more. For this, all you need is to choose a model that suits your room size and your own needs. And our rating of the best home cinema available on the market in 2018-2019 will help in this.

Rating the best home cinema 2018-2019 year - TOP 12

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best low-cost home theaters1LG LHB6759.8 / 104 580
2Sony BDV-E31009.6 / 1018 800
3Samsung HT-J4550K9.4 / 1016 635
4Sony BDV-E41009.3 / 1023 233
5LG LHB7559.2 / 1023 800
6Samsung HT-J5530K9.1 / 1018 890
The best home theaters of the average price category1Samsung HT-J5550K9.6 / 1024 880
2Sony BDV-E61009.6 / 1028 990
3LG LHB655NK9.5 / 1022 960
Top Premium Home Cinema Systems1Onkyo HT-S780510 / 1084 990
2Onkyo HT-S58059.8 / 1057 150
3Harman / Kardon BDS 8809.8 / 10119 990

The best low-cost home theaters

4 580

An interesting and very popular model with floor acoustics from the Korean brand. This is the case when for a relatively small price the user gets a universal system with decent features for creating a home theater or just listening to music. It should be noted solid design of the device and ease of placement with a minimum number of wires.

3D Blu-Ray X-Boom - this is how the manufacturer outlined its “brainchild” and rightly so. In addition to the built-in front (2 x 167 W) and responsible for the volume (the same 2 x 167 W) speakers, rich and realistic sound provide powerful dual subwoofers with a truly high-quality transmission of low frequencies. There is a possibility of wireless sound synchronization with LG Smart TV via Bluetooth.

As for video, the player is able to play Full HD content (including 3D) from Blu-Ray, DVD discs, USB-drives. Connecting to a home LAN network further expands the functionality, as well as managing and communicating with online resources via the LG Remote App smartphone app.

Main advantages:
  • 4.2-channel sound with a total power of 1000 W;
  • Wireless or HDMI connection to the TV;
  • Karaoke function support;
  • Dolby and DTS decoders, including Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio;
  • Digital FM tuner with 50 fixed settings.
  • Bluetooth connection is not password protected;
  • No wifi.
9.8 / 10
I liked the cinema both in design and sound quality. Included with the TV looks like a complete ensemble. The player is completely omnivorous, almost all audio formats are supported.
Sony BDV-E3100
18 800

This compact and quite inexpensive, especially considering the brand and the Malaysian assembly, home theater will be a good addition to the modern TV. The design of Sense of Quartz will delight owners with a sophisticated style. Watching movies, sports broadcasts, music videos with support for 5.1 audio tracks will become more comfortable and realistic. And you can just listen to multichannel music or stereo in the extended and more saturated "bottoms" range.

The set of acoustics consists of four single-band satellite speakers, a center and a subwoofer with a total power of 1000 W, which is a very decent figure for such dimensions. Video playback is available in Full HD resolution from Blu-Ray and DVD discs, 3D format is supported. The transfer of music from smartphones, tablets with Bluetooth and NFC is carried out with one touch, the presence of built-in Wi-Fi will allow you to broadcast entertainment content wirelessly from devices connected to the general local network.

Main advantages:
  • The declared power for a subwoofer is 250 W;
  • Bass Boost technology for bass enhancement;
  • Karaoke function with 2 microphones;
  • Network company service Sony Entertainment Network;
  • The ability to use your smartphone as a remote control.
  • Simple plastic speakers;
  • A cooling fan noise is heard.
9.6 / 10
For a movie with 5.1 sound, it's even nothing. The subwoofer delivers well tangible and at the same time soft, even bass. For music, too, come off, if you do not wrung out a cool esthete. Small speakers, of course, not ideal, but quite pulling.
Samsung HT-J4550K
16 635

An uncommon phenomenon, when the Korean company Samsung is able to offer decent quality and attractive looks, the device is cheaper than the sworn competitors of LG and Sony. And let the total acoustic output power of 5.1 in the HT-J4550K is not particularly large - 500 W, which is quite enough for high-quality transmission of multi-channel surround sound in conditions of small or medium-sized living rooms.

The design of home theater does not look cheap. Even it is somehow surprising that, despite the budget price tag, the front and rear speakers are floor standing, located on stylish vertical racks. The power of each, as well as the central speaker, is 80 W, the subwoofer is 100 W.

The design of the player provides DVD and Blu-Ray drives. Full HD 3D playback is available. In addition, there is a video upscaling mode to FHD resolution. The wireless interface is the Bluetooth adapter, the network connection is made via the Ethernet connector.

Main advantages:
  • Power Bass mode;
  • Support for basic Dolby and DTS codecs;
  • There is a reversible channel ARC;
  • My Karaoke function on 2 microphones;
  • 15 fixed FM tuner settings.
  • Not enough interfaces for external connections;
  • Included no Wi-Fi adapter.
9.4 / 10
It is a good home theater for watching movies, sports. You can listen to music, but you should not expect a serious return from multichannel formats. The acoustics look great, the amplifier-player unit itself is simple.
Sony BDV-E4100
23 233

This single-block system is able to please high and powerful speakers. Bluetooth technology helps reproduce the signal from a smartphone or tablet. When you decide to use the maximum available volume level - even your neighbors will be horrified, because the total acoustics power reaches an impressive 1000 watts! Content can be viewed using Blu-ray Disc or DVD, as well as downloading it from the Internet or using a USB-drive. In its price segment, it is one of the most advanced home theater systems.

Main advantages:
  • Availability of Bluetooth and NFC modules
  • Wi-Fi module
  • Support Blu-ray 3D and Smart TV
  • Availability of FM radio
  • Total power 1000 W
  • A large number of supported formats
  • Lack of manual equalizer

9.3 / 10
23 800

Having correctly placed this acoustic ensemble from LG, you will be able to feel powerful and high-quality surround sound. Aramid fiber diffusers not only enhance the design, but also provide additional sound clarity. If you do not part with your smartphone, then it can become an integral part of the home theater and as a universal remote control, and as an additional media device for Wi-Fi Direct technology, and as a sound playback on the smartphone’s headphones via Wi-Fi, which will allow, if necessary, not to disturb the sleep of people close to you. And even if you do not like to sing yourself, your guests will certainly appreciate the karaoke function, and if successfully performed, the system will approvely respond with fanfare in honor of the artist.

Main advantages:
  • system power 1200W;
  • clear sound without distortion, even at the highest power level;
  • readability of many formats;
  • abundance of inputs / outputs, network interfaces;
  • interesting view of diffusers;
  • 3D Blu-ray support;
  • adequate price.
  • thin wires.
9.2 / 10
Great home theater. Intuitive interface that connects easily. I set up the smartphone as a remote control and forgot about my own. I like the presence of various interfaces and three HDMI inputs / outputs.
Samsung HT-J5530K
18 890

Nice, inexpensive and functional device. The system of the standard 5.1 in the outdoor version supports 3D, Full HD and Smart TV, plays 3D Blu-Ray and DVD, as well as media content from USB media, reads almost all popular video and audio formats, including FLAC, has an FM tuner, wireless and wired network interfaces. The DLNA function will ensure that all your devices are connected to a single digital network. A nice bonus for lovers of singing songs and evaluating their performance is the presence of karaoke mix.

Main advantages:
  • 1000W total power;
  • multi-format;
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet;
  • BD Live technology;
  • Dolby Digital support;
  • the presence of the “enhanced bass”;
  • karaoke and performance evaluation;
  • nice design;
  • low cost
  • short wires.
9.1 / 10
Replaced 2.0 speakers with a five-channel Samsung HT-J5530K. True surround sound and powerful bass. The films came to life differently, they began to listen to music only in the FLAC format. And the design of the system added solidity to the apartment.

The best home theaters of the average price category

Samsung HT-J5550K
24 880

The average price, decent sound power and a very decent design of this home theater are good enough reasons to include it in our rating of the best. The form factor of a set of acoustics 5.1, which in the detailed display implies: front and rear floor speakers (two-way and single-sided, respectively), center and passive subwoofer with a total of 1000 watts output.

The main unit, which combines the functions of 3D Blu-ray player and AV-receiver, does not shun reading and DVD discs. However, as well as not experiencing any problems with playback of Full HD content from USB drives. Not at all superfluous is the function of scaling the resolution of standard content up to 1080p. For digital FM tuner, there are 15 fixed settings.

Support for DLNA, wireless Wi-Fi connectivity, the ability to use a smartphone or tablet instead of the remote control, availability of more than 250 applications from the Opera TV Store online store Samsung HT-J5550K as a smart device with the Smart TV function.

Main advantages:
  • Attractive design;
  • 2 microphone connectors;
  • Reading video files of almost any format;
  • Support for decoders Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS 96/24, DTS-HD Master Audio;
  • Power Bass boost function.
  • Not secure Bluetooth connection;
  • No karaoke disc included.
9.6 / 10
I love to watch movies with multichannel sound, and with this home theater it is really affordable. I’m not a music lover, I don’t need an expensive system, but it’s great to go out with karaoke with my children or friends!
Sony BDV-E6100
28 990

If you are looking for a very loud home theater - you should pay attention to the Sony BDV-E6100. Available here acoustics can please the total power of 1000 watts. Cine explosions or percussion instruments sound from the speakers as realistic as possible. You can output the sound to the speakers from your favorite smartphone - it uses Bluetooth. And home cinema has various "smart" functions. This allows you to watch content directly on the Internet. The connection to the global web is organized both through the Ethernet port and via Wi-Fi. For more comfortable control, you can use the keyboard by connecting it to a USB port.

Main advantages:
  • Decent total power
  • Bluetooth module
  • Support Blu-ray 3D and Smart TV
  • A large number of decoders
  • A large number of connectors
  • Availability of FM radio
  • Few sound settings
  • High enough price
9.6 / 10
22 960

3D Blu-ray home theater with karaoke. The model is made in a nice laconic design. Classic black color, floor front and rear satellite, neat and compact unit of the player.

Configuration LG LHB655NK - 5.1. The total power declared by the Korean brand is 1000 W, the subwoofer is passive. Available wired network connection (Ethernet), wireless via Bluetooth. Available drives play Blu-Ray, DVD / CD discs. Supports 2D / 3D video in Full HD 1080p resolution. There is a USB port and HDMI connector (cable included).

Additionally, I would like to note the trouble-free work with most formats, including MKV, the presence of the main decoders Dolby and DTS.

Main advantages:
  • Karaoke function with various effects, microphone included;
  • Reproduction from USB carriers, possibility of record;
  • Access to content providers on Smart TV LG;
  • There is an ARC channel;
  • Up to 50 fixed FM tuner settings.
  • Only one HDMI connector;
  • Lack of wifi.
9.5 / 10
Not a particularly expensive, convenient kit for a comfortable pastime in front of the TV and for karaoke lovers. Of course, the indicated power of 167 watts per channel should be perceived philosophically, but in principle the sound of a home theater is good.

Top Premium Home Cinema Systems

Onkyo HT-S7805
84 990

Gorgeous home cinema 5.1.2, which may seem expensive to someone, but people who understand what it is capable of and are guided by the prices for Dolby Atmos equipment will surely understand the benefits of this offer. Well, the quality of products of the Japanese brand, no one in doubt.

The basis of the design is a modern and powerful AV receiver with a full range of analog and digital interfaces, including HDMI 2.0 (8 inputs and 2 outputs) with support for 4K / 60 Hz video, HDCP 2.2, USB. The AccuEQ room autocalibration system is provided for Dolby Digital and DTS encoded: X tracks there is an enhanced AccuReflex feature.

Under the receiver and set of speakers, "sharpened" under Dolby Atmos. An active subwoofer with a 20-centimeter loudspeaker and an 80-watt amplifier, wide-band rear speakers, a two-way center and a main stereo pair are a classic set for configuration 5.1. However, in each of the front speakers there is an additional installed high-altitude speaker in an airtight chamber, directed towards the ceiling at a certain angle.

Main advantages:
  • Powerful AV receiver - 160 watts per channel;
  • Support for advanced formats Dolby Atmos / DTS: X;
  • FireConnect technology for connecting to wireless speakers;
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB;
  • Full Acoustic Set 5.1.2.
  • The price is not affordable for everyone.
10 / 10
This is really the best home theater. The configuration is optimal for surround sound in a standard living room, it is possible to create an additional zone. Not yet fully understood with all the "chips", but so great.
Onkyo HT-S5805
57 150

This model is a "lightweight" version of the home theater with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS: X in comparison with the Onkyo HT-S7805, but with a much more attractive price tag. If it seems to someone that this is expensive, it is advisable to compare the cost of individual Dolby Atmos components in online stores and, as they say, feel the difference.

The kit includes an AV receiver with seven amplification channels of 100 watts each, five of which are for classical acoustics (front, center, surround) and two for high-rise. There are 4 HDMI inputs and 1 output (for 4K UHD and HDCP 2.2), there are decoders of almost all known surround sound formats. AccuEQ automatic calibration is nowhere to go.

The acoustics of the HTP-588 are compact and easy to place, and its basic design is about the same as that of the HTP-678 from the “big brother”: an active subwoofer with a 20-centimeter speaker pointing to the floor, rear wideband speakers, center - 2 x 8 cm plus tweeter, combined frontal pair with main two-way sections and built-in height speakers under Dolby Atmos.

Main advantages:
  • Relatively affordable kit 5.1.2;
  • Compact AccuEQ Calibration Microphone;
  • Technology (wireless) Bluetooth Audio Streaming;
  • FM / AM tuner with 40 presets;
  • Advanced Music Optimizer to improve compressed files.
  • Limited number of interfaces, no USB;
  • There are no network functions.
9.8 / 10
A great option for familiarizing with Dolby Atmos.Compared to simple boxed home theaters, real high-quality sound with a large number of settings and adjustments. Quality thing!
Harman / Kardon BDS 880
119 990

Compact, stylish, elite, high-tech, multifunctional, high-quality. All these epithets accurately reflect the properties of the wonderful product of the American company Harman / Kardon. The two-unit system, consisting of a networked 3D Blu-ray player and a 5.1-channel speaker system, attracts with a minimalist, rigorous style and surprisingly compact performance. At the same time, the main corporate quality of the Harman / Kardon line, crystal clear sound, was in no way affected. Five power amplifiers coupled with a passive speaker system with an active subwoofer provide accurate, dynamic, spectacular sound with amazing clarity and reliability. For low-frequency sound meets 200-watt active subwoofer, which has a closed-type design. Technology Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, NFC, DLNA 1.5, built-in Wi-Fi and much more greatly expands the applicability of this home theater

Main advantages:
  • sound and sound again;
  • AirPlay wireless;
  • support for Near Field Connection (NFC);
  • reproduction and scaling of UHD;
  • natural sound processing technology;
  • auto calibration;
  • compactness;
  • choice in black or white colors.
  • not.
9.8 / 10
Everything is relative. If Koreans are chasing power figures (and whether they need it), then the Harman / Kardon brand is always distinguished by the highest quality of sound and workmanship. Truly top, the best home theater.

Dolby Atmos and DTS: X Quick Reference

If in simple words, the familiar home cinema system provides surround sound by playing individual channels (the number depends on the original track and equipment configuration) from several directions, but only in the horizontal plane. Consequently, the full three-dimensionality is not in question. But in real life there is no such limitation.

So, Dolby Atmos allows you to achieve the most realistic and object-oriented distribution of sound from all sides, including the top. Thus, we get the same 3D effect, which allows us to be directly in the center of events. And this is a completely new level of perception.

The alternative is DTS: X. Actually, this is a product from another developer competing with Dolby, pursuing similar goals, but with its own audio coding and settings. What's better? Everyone decides for himself. Fortunately, leading manufacturers try to equip their receivers with decoders of both formats, and there is an opportunity to compare.

In conclusion

In relation to complex consumer electronics, the method of purchase according to the “cat in a bag” principle, if there is a chance of random success, then with very much luck. But the negative effects are much more likely. It is for this reason that the choice of such a device as a home theater should be taken seriously.

It is no coincidence that we divided the popular and affordable models in stores precisely into the categories indicated above, in order not only to help navigate the prices, but also, in general, to clearly indicate the level to which a single home theater corresponds. Hence the conclusion: whatever you choose, it is important to clearly understand what is to be expected from one or another instance and what is not.

Successful acquisitions!

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