6 best remedies for hemorrhoids

A selection of effective drugs and folk remedies

The embarrassing life situations and problems that have piled on them are not without reason compared with hemorrhoids. This disease can in a few hours turn you from a contented person into a grunting wreck, which has neither the strength nor the desire to get out of bed.

The only question is how severe hemorrhoids will become and whether medical care will be needed.

If things are not so bad as to run to a doctor, you can be seriously lucky: there are a number of medications that can help ease pain, relieve inflammation of hemorrhoids and allow you to return to the system.

Which of the hemorrhoid remedies is better to choose? This will be discussed below.

best hemorrhoids

The cost of a package containing 10 suppositories is about 350 rubles.

Benefits. The active ingredient of Natalside is a natural polysaccharide sodium alginate. This substance is obtained from brown seaweed, and this means that the treatment of hemorrhoids is held under the slogan "No synthetic drugs!". The action of the polysaccharide is aimed at reducing inflammation, healing of cracks and cessation of bleeding, which is characteristic of a prolonged or chronic course of hemorrhoids.

The natural origin of the active substance is a reason to recommend it for the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant and lactating women in whom this condition is a familiar companion of pregnancy and the early postpartum period.

disadvantages. Natalcide must be introduced into the rectum only after a bowel movement in a natural way or after a cleansing enema. Given that hemorrhoids sufferers are not always capable of such feats (pain during defecation can cause "psychological" constipation), treatment with Natalsid's is not for everyone.

findings. The effectiveness of the drug and the ability to use it to treat even the most "vulnerable" categories of patients - pregnant and lactating - gives Natalsid the right to receive the highest rating in the ranking of the best hemorrhoids drugs. 10 points out of 10!

Reviews. “Candles are wonderful - effective and safe, and the price is normal. Especially for pregnant women and nursing - an indispensable tool for hemorrhoids and cracks, and even those that bleed. "

best hemorrhoid cream

The cost of a tube containing 30 ml of cream is about 220 rubles.

Benefits. Hemorrhoids are not only pain. It is also intolerable itching, which sometimes makes you wonder: maybe the pain is still better? And when pain and itch come together, life turns into hell.

Proctonis, although not a drug, does an excellent job with both of these problems. It contains herbal extracts, natural oils, and even exotic squalane from shark liver. All these substances, selected in the right proportions, simulate tissue healing. Reduce bleeding hemorrhoids, have an antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and softening effect. In addition, Proxalan improves microcirculation, which allows the necessary substances to penetrate into deeper tissues - an important fact, given the gradual "deepening" of pathological processes in chronic hemorrhoids.

disadvantages. With acute hemorrhoids, when the nodes are bleeding, and the pain is really unbearable, Prolaxan will help only conditionally. But it is not intended to eliminate the "leak" or provide a quick analgesic effect.

findings. This cream will become a real lifesaver during remission, when acute pain and inflammation are left behind. It is then that Prolaxan will fully manifest itself, stimulating the restoration of damaged tissues, eliminating the itch during healing and “stretching” the remission period so that one day you cannot even remember when you last suffered from hemorrhoids. 10 points out of 10!

Reviews. «Proctonis was used after the birth of a child, because the pain began with hemorrhoids. The pain immediately calms down, but the hemorrhoids themselves, of course, do not pass so quickly. ”.

Sea buckthorn oil (candles)
the best natural remedy for hemorrhoids

The cost of a package containing 10 rectal suppositories is about 100 rubles.

Benefits. The exceptionally natural origin of all the ingredients is in itself a huge plus in this synthetic world. And the effects that sea buckthorn oil produces on the long-suffering hemorrhoids made it one of the most recommended remedies.

Bioactive substances and fatty acids contained in sea buckthorn oil accelerate the healing of damaged tissues, strengthen cell membranes (which does not allow inflammation to spread easily to other areas), has an immune stimulating effect, etc. Those who have hemorrhoids are complicated by other rectal diseases will especially like these candles. areas (proctitis, paraproctitis, etc.) - sometimes it is necessary to take a break in medical treatment, and sea buckthorn candles will help not to “give up” while taking a break from medicines.

disadvantages. The high content of fats in these candles requires their careful use in the early recovery period after diarrhea. Accordingly, during diarrhea they also can not be used.

findings. 10 points out of ten for effectiveness, the almost complete absence of contraindications and absolute "chemical" safety.

Reviews. «Sea buckthorn candles are something. The child suffers from constipation from birth, only with these candles and are saved - they have a mild laxative effect and at the same time, as the doctor explained, they warn of rectal cracks».

the best pain reliever for hemorrhoids

The cost of a package containing 10 suppositories is about 90 rubles.

Benefits. Those familiar with hemorrhoids personally are notorious for such situations: hemorrhoids do not bleed and are not inflamed, but hot weather combined with tight jeans or sitting on a cold surface cause irritation of the nodes and their severe pain. It feels like a big (really big) thorn in that very spot. Especially serious problems it creates for people who have to spend all day on their feet: every step causes pain. This is when Anesthesol comes in handy: a local anesthetic that is meant to relieve these inhuman sufferings.

The action of benzocaine analgesic substance is supplemented with “drying” zinc oxide, antiseptic dermatol and cooling menthol. This combination provides a light cooling effect, eliminates wet cracks, prevents infection of vulnerable areas and relieves pain.

disadvantages. Pregnant and lactating Anestezol recommended to apply only after consultation and approval of your doctor, but this can hardly be called a disadvantage - common sense, and nothing more.

findings. 10 points out of ten for the ability to provide "emergency assistance" when it is really necessary.

Reviews. «My friend's hemorrhoids worsened. She advised to use candles Anestezol, since there were pains and cracks. Her pain subsided immediately after the first application, and subsequently the cracks tightened».

the best folk remedy for hemorrhoids

Benefits. Potatoes were used to treat hemorrhoids back in the days when this disease did not even have a name. Let us leave aside the question of how our ancestors learned the benefits of potatoes for the rectum, because the fact remains: a thin cylinder with a diameter of 1-1.5 cm and a length of 3-4 cm, cut from raw potatoes, creates real miracles.

Scientists, having reached this method of treatment, decided that a large amount of vitamin C and starch that make up the potato have a firming and tonic effect on the blood vessels and heal cracks. Such a complex action allows you to relieve inflammation and increase the elasticity of blood vessels, thus reducing the frequency of bleeding.

Important advantages of this folk remedy for hemorrhoids are the complete absence of contraindications, as well as the ability to vary the “form of the drug release”. For example, in case of severe inflammation of the near-canal area, which causes no less agony than hemorrhoids, you can not chop up potatoes, turning cylinders out of it, but apply grated potato mass to the painful area.

disadvantages. Of course, with complex forms of hemorrhoids, only potatoes will not help, but potato candles can be combined with any other means, which deprives them of the only “minus” - limited indications.

findings. 10 points out of 10 for accessibility, efficiency and naturalness!

Reviews. «For several years now I've been saving myself with potatoes: after birth, hemorrhoids have developed, which do not bother most of the time. But when it gets worse, I’m almost not a tenant. Mom suggested this tool, now at the first sign of starting problems I make a candle for the night, and in the morning everything is fine».

Exale wipes

The cost of two sachets (2 napkins) is about 90 rubles.

Benefits. Hemorrhoids in most cases also acquire chronic constipation - regardless of the content in the diet of fiber and the excellent characteristics of the gastrointestinal tract. A patient with hemorrhoids refers to the urge to serve natural needs as a sentence. Because he knows: in the process of defecation, pain awaits him, and after an emptying of the intestines, hemorrhoids will completely bloom and heal. Well, an additional "bonus" is the pleasure of using toilet paper, even if it is of supernaturally high quality and softness. It hurts, it still hurts a lot. Better to endure.

Excalat napkins, with their regular use, can not only leave the fear of going to the toilet in the past, but also indirectly save them from "psychological constipation." Substances that are impregnated with this napkin at the same time moisturize the skin of the anal orifice, have an antimicrobial effect and create a kind of “shield”, acting as a barrier for most pathogens for several hours. This means that the cracks will heal without complications, hemorrhoids will not be complicated by infectious diseases, and after a visit to the toilet you will not have to apply something cold to that very place to relieve pain and irritation.

disadvantages. Of course, toilet paper is cheaper. But where have you seen toilet paper that people with hemorrhoids like? But Eksalet like it!

findings. Perhaps for daily use at home you can find an alternative - for example, cotton wool soaked in a mash of glycerin and some antiseptic. But at work, on the road and other "uncomfortable" places, Exalet is simply irreplaceable. 10 points out of 10.

Reviews. «I am still grateful to my fellow traveler, who told me about Exalet napkins. Upon arrival, I bought a whole package and used them instead of toilet paper. Already after a week or so, hemorrhoids stopped bothering. Now in the warm season, from May to September-October, I use only them.».

What you need to know when treating hemorrhoids?

If you describe the correct sequence for the treatment of hemorrhoids, then action number one - cast off false shame. According to statistics, up to 85% of all patients who underwent surgical treatment could have avoided surgery by consulting a doctor promptly. Impressive? Therefore, if you feel “something is not right” in the area of ​​the anal orifice, do not philosophize on the topic “ashamed or not ashamed,” but go to the doctor.

And a few more important points for the treatment of hemorrhoids:

  • Meticulous personal hygiene - a condition without which compliance treatment is impossible. Try to use for washing only cool water (but its temperature should be comfortable!) And special gels for intimate hygiene without antibacterial effect (antiseptics in soap can overdry mucous membranes, and this “does not like hemorrhoids”).
  • Watch for maintenance healthy physical activity - congestion in the pelvic area - the cause number 1 development of hemorrhoids, and they are perfectly eliminated with a 20-30-minute walk, performed regularly every day. But say a firm and decisive "no" to strength training equipment, weight lifting and other ways to make your hemorrhoids perk up and declare yourself with new forces.
  • Avoid spicy, spicy and fatty foods, pickles and alcohol - they irritate the mucous membrane of the rectum and slow down the healing process.
  • With hemorrhoidal bleeding, which appears systematically, iron deficiency anemia often develops. Therefore, dizziness, nausea, pallor of the skin and a feeling of constant fatigue - a reason to think seriously about treatment or taking vitamin and mineral complexesdesigned to compensate for iron deficiency. We hope you prefer both options.
Attention! There are contraindications; consultation of a specialist

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