6 best creams for fixing dentures

The most reliable means for fixing dentures in the opinion of the dentist

More than half of those who wear removable dentures, the main problem of their use is considered unreliable fixation, which is the cause of the mobility of the prosthesis during eating, talking or laughing. To improve the reliability of the prosthesis attachment in the mouth, several types of products (creams, adhesives, gels) have been developed for gluing the removable base to the soft tissues of the palate and alveolar process.

Creams to improve fixation are most often used when using prostheses made of nylon or acrylic plastic. Fixing means are also used when carrying temporary removable structures. Well-made removable byugelny designs, as well as removable dentures based on implants do not need additional fixation.

Fixing gel for dentures is practically no different from the cream in its functions, but they are different in consistency. Cream - more dense. Cream for fixing dentures is better suited to those who use removable dentures for the first time. The cream is more difficult to apply too much, and an excess of funds will not allow reliably fix the prosthesis.

The best creams for fixing dentures, we consider in detail in our ranking.

The best fixing creams for dentures

# 1 rating
Rocs denture fixation cream

Price from 230 to 350 rubles.

Rating - 10.0

The cream of the Russian-Swiss production guarantees a 12-hour fixation of the prosthesis, which is not weakened by the use of hot food and drinks. When distributed over the surface of the basis of the prosthesis provides tightness and protects soft tissue from food particles under the prosthesis. The composition of the cream includes ingredients based on menthol and mint, refreshing the mouth and protect against the appearance of an unpleasant smell from the mouth.

From reviews: Irina Nikolaevna, 56 years old - "It so happened that I had to put the lower removable partial denture. But not very good, or I have such an oral cavity, or the dentist didn’t make it too well, but when talking and eating, the denture dropped out all the time. Having tried many brands of fixatives , I stopped at the cream "Rocks". This is the best cream for dentures, it does not dissolve when eating or drinking beverages, now at work I can participate in common tea drinking. "


  • can be used for wet dentures;
  • it is not washed away by liquid;
  • does not dissolve when taking a hot meal;
  • the composition does not include artificial colors;
  • does not contain zinc.


  • quite high price;
  • thick, therefore application is difficult.

Number 2 in the ranking
prosthetic fixation cream Lacalut

Price from 270 to 400 rubles.

Rating - 9.8

Cream of high quality, produced by the German company. According to the manufacturer, when using the tool, a reliable fixation is ensured for at least 24 hours. It creates a thin layer between the prosthesis and soft tissues that protects them from mechanical damage by the edge of the prosthesis, which helps to adapt to the removable design that is worn for the first time.

From reviews: Ivan Arsentievich, 48 years old - "Because of the injury I lost two front teeth, the dentist made a temporary removable denture that was held out of the hands. In a pharmacy, the pharmacist advised me to buy Lacalut cream, I am completely satisfied with the result."


  • reliable fixation;
  • pleasant taste and smell;
  • thanks to the thin film created when using the cream, protects soft tissue from rubbing.


  • high price;
  • fixation is slightly weakened by eating hot foods and drinks (especially tea and coffee).

Number 3 in the ranking
denture fixation cream Protefiks

Price from 280 to 400 rubles (a cream in 24 gram tubes costs from 140 rubles).

Rating - 9.6

Means from the series Protefiks provide reliable attachment of the prosthesis to the gum tissue for a period of not less than 10-12 hours. There are three types of this tool: hypoallergenic cream, which due to the absence of dyes and fragrances causes less allergic reactions; as well as creams, which contain components of mint or aloe.

From reviews: Anna 29 years old - "I persuaded my mother to put a clasp prosthesis, but she opted for nylon, which is rather poorly fixed in the mouth. The doctor advised to use Protefiks fixation cream, now mom can safely eat and talk without fear that her teeth will be on the floor at the crucial moment ".


  • economical;
  • has high fixing properties;
  • has no taste or smell.


  • a cream tube contains a significant percentage of the liquid;
  • a little awkward dispenser;
  • The bottle must be tightly closed and stored in an upright position, as it is possible for it to leak.

No. 4 in the ranking
prosthetic fixation cream Fittident

Price from 180 to 250 rubles.

Rating - 9.5

One of the best creams for dentures, but when using Fittident, people with high sensitivity of the gums feel a rather strong burning or tingling sensation. To avoid this effect, it is necessary to let the cream dry on the prosthesis for at least 20-30 seconds. With increased saliva secretion, a larger amount of cream can be applied, which is then removed with a dry cloth until it solidifies.

From reviews: Maria Fillipovna, 61 - "Fittident bought me a daughter cream, before that I used other means that did not provide a good attachment. Now I don’t even have to remove the prosthesis for the night, it just does not come off (even during the meal). I am completely satisfied."


  • when removing the prosthesis on the gum does not leave traces of cream;
  • does not have a pronounced taste;
  • fixes the prosthesis for a long time.


  • has a rather viscous texture;
  • can be applied only on a dry denture;
  • It is difficult to buy in pharmacies (only in large cities or in online stores).

№5 in the rating
denture fixation cream President

Price from 190 to 230 rubles.

Rating - 9.4

After applying the President under the prosthesis, a dense elastic layer is formed that prevents food particles from penetrating under the prosthesis base. In some situations, the fixation may be weakened when taking hot liquid food. The composition includes flavors and petrolatum.

From reviews: Igor, 49 years old - "Cream President, I bought my father for fixing full dentures. Without additional funds, they did not stick in the mouth and, in addition to the discomfort caused by eating and talking, rubbed the mucous membrane. A thin layer of cream firmly seizes and forms a film that protects the gums from pressure acrylic plastic. "


  • affordable price;
  • good fixation;
  • the volume of a tube is 10 ml more than at analogs.


  • when eating fixation is weakened;
  • pretty strong taste.

№6 in the rating
Korega denture fixation cream

Price from 200 to 250 rubles.

Rating - 9.3

The composition of any of the fixing cream Korega includes substances that do not cause allergies and do not have a negative effect on the human body when properly used. Anyway, you can not use the cream more than 2 times a day, and before applying a new portion of the remnants of the fixing agent must be thoroughly washed off the prosthesis.

From reviews: Anatoly, 63 years old - “Unfortunately, a reliable fixation of the substance lasts 3-4 hours no more, and even after eating food or drinks, the attachment of the prosthesis deteriorates significantly. You will have to choose something else, although this cream is quite convenient to use.”


  • affordable price;
  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • can be applied to wet dentures.


  • it is quickly washed away by water;
  • the actual duration of reliable fixation does not exceed 3 hours;
  • when eating, a prosthesis falls out, because the cream dissolves and with the food enters the stomach;
  • ends quickly;
  • has a very wide neck of the tube, so it is difficult to apply a small amount of money;
  • after prolonged use, the mucous membrane swells.

How to choose a cream for fixing dentures

Almost all means for fixation have the same properties and composition, so when choosing a cream you should pay attention to the patient's individual sensations. A well-chosen cream should firmly fix the prosthesis, preventing it from moving while talking and eating, protect the mucosa from rubbing and pressing the base of the prosthesis, do not allow food particles to penetrate the orthopedic construction and not cause allergies in a particular person.

Rules for using fixative cream

Even the best denture cream will not provide a secure fit if applied incorrectly. In order to properly apply a cream for fixing prostheses, it is necessary to strictly adhere to several rules:

  1. The prosthesis should be clean and dry - before applying the agent, it should be cleaned with a regular paste or a special agent and wiped dry with a soft cloth.
  2. The cream is applied strictly along the lines indicated in the instructions, and the use of a fixing composition should begin with a minimum amount. A large amount of cream applied to the base of the prosthesis will break the fixation strength.
  3. The gum should be rinsed and wiped with a napkin before putting on the prosthesis.
  4. Wearing a removable design tightly pressed to the surface of the alveolar process for at least 20 seconds.
  5. Once the prosthesis is fixed, do not eat, drink and talk for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Having removed the structure from the oral cavity, it must be thoroughly cleaned of residues of the fixative composition.
  7. You can not use the cream more than once a day, and its quantity should not exceed the recommended. Otherwise, there is the possibility of the development of neurological diseases, triggered by the use of large amounts of zinc, which is part of the fixing means.
Attention! There are contraindications, consultation of the expert is necessary.

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