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Thanks to the popularity of winter sports and the development of modern technological processes, skis have ceased to be ordinary wooden equipment. Today it is a high-tech product.

There are no universal skis; choosing them you need to determine your goal: active rest or competitions, mountain slopes or virgin lands.

When choosing a ski model, it is necessary to consider not only the nature of the surface on which they will be used, but also the weather conditions, styles and techniques of skiing, as well as height, weight and skill level of the skier. By the way, for children, you can safely take skis with a margin, 3 cm longer, because during the season the child will definitely grow up.

Below are descriptions of well-known manufacturers whose products are in demand both from ordinary fans of this winter sport, and from winners of the Winter Olympics and world championships.

Top Alpine Skiing

ELAN - the best alpine skiing for experienced

To make skiing dynamic, yet comfortable and easy, the company ELAN from Slovenia applies the latest developments in the manufacture of skis:

  • RST Sidewalls - a special design of the side walls, allowing you to transfer the energy of movement to the edges;

  • Power Woodcore is a core that provides greater torsional stiffness combined with increased product flexibility;

  • Carbon's lightweight and durable hydrocarbon fiber gives the structure strength in the right places.

Developers do not forget about the aesthetic side, the manufacturability of their products is combined with a great design. Each model is designed for skiers with a particular level of training.

A distinctive feature of the best ELAN skis is the use of Amphibio's revolutionary technology in some models - the use of two types of Rocker and Camber profiles at the same time, when skis are made separately for the left and right legs.

Popular model: Elan Amphibio 78 Ti + ELX 11.0 13/14.

Estimated cost: 28,000 rubles.

These skis are designed for advanced skiers. Thanks to the calculated geometry of the product, athletes can easily conquer any tracks, prepared slopes and virgin lands. The production uses the latest integrated system of ski mounts Fusion, making turns easier, and the deflections of the ski along the length of a smooth.

Disadvantages: Most models require a choir to prepare the course.

Our rating: 9.5 points out of 10

Reviews: “Elan - my favorite skis, really like it. Often I go to the mountains, ride along very difficult tracks, the skis have never failed. ”

Head - the best technological skiing

Brand Head from Austria in the design of their models uses fiberglass, whose task - to take on the main load during skiing. But since this is a rather heavy material, the products of the manufacturer were weighted at the beginning too. Therefore, Head began to use fiberglass, hollow from the inside, and therefore lighter, but still durable.

For the first time in the world, the company introduced into the product a system of "electronic control" - fibers intellifibers, allowing skis to instantly adapt to changes in the speed or texture of snow. These piezofibres convert mechanical slip energy into electricity, which is captured by a closed loop, conducted through a resistor and filter. The processed energy returns to the fibers within 5 milliseconds and provides torsional stability of the skis.

The second technology introduced in Head skis is the Intelligence Chip system. The chip condenses the electricity generated by “smart” fibers. At the right moment (for example, when the contact with the snow is lost) the microchip sends it back to the fibers, they press edges into the snow, preventing loss of control.

Popular model: Head Chip 66 SW PR Pro.

Estimated cost: 28,000 rubles.

Skis are well suited for both professionals and beginners, they are easy to learn to ride. Equipped with Intelligence Chip stabilization system. A metal TTT stabilization torsion fork has been added to the design, providing additional strength. Designed by experts BMW-studio.

Our rating: 9.9 points out of 10.

Disadvantages: many, especially women, complain about the significant weight of skis, they are not so easy to transport.

Reviews: “At first there was an unusual feeling: the skis were heavy, seemed to be kind of sluggish, but terribly stable. Porridge, raskolbas, change of the state of snow on the drum, a rod like tanks, you do not feel anything at all. In general, I like skis, I recommend to healthy men, you can beginners at the expense of softness at low speeds. ”

“I liked it very much - both in short and in long corners. Heads have some kind of electronic stuffing - something electrically changes their rigidity right on the go (due to the complexity of the process, the sellers really cannot explain exactly how everything works, so everyone just skates). ”

“Heads were my first skis. Well, what can I say - the best skis for a beginner! "

K2 - the most reliable alpine skiing

Alpine skis of the American manufacturer K2 have long been present on the Russian market and have been sales leaders for a long time. In the conditions of tough competition, the brand is constantly improving its production technologies. In the latest to date collection K2, the MOD-monic vibration damping system and the new “ski-fixing” system are used when the latter are installed without drilling holes: a couple of clicks, fixation - and the mount keeps itself and perfectly holds the boot.

K 2 skis are distinguished by their tolerance to the state of the slope: they ride equally well on hard or soft snow, on a highway with bumps, or completely outside the slope.

Popular model: K2 AMP Bolt.

Estimated price: 48,000 rubles.

These are the best men's skis for fast trails. Fir core, waist width 74 mm. The technology used Speed ​​Rocker (allows you to perform turns at the highest speed with maximum control). Metal Laminate construction with Hybritech sidewalls provide the necessary rigidity.

Disadvantages: overpriced in the Russian market.

Our rating: 9.5 points out of 10.

Reviews: “Good light skis, short turns to make them just fun. This model is just suitable for the Moscow region, skis begin to "work" even at low speeds. "

"Just wonderful! These are the best skis I've ever tried in recent years. The most fun, the most versatile. As you like, so you go. "

Top Cross Country Skiing

Salomon - the best women's cross-country skiing

The French company Salomon produces skis that successfully combine classic traditions and the most modern technologies:

  • Monocoque technology allows you to make skis light, but quite tough, thanks to a closed system consisting of a wooden or composite core and a body made of composite material;

  • V-shape technology gives the products original geometry - narrowed heel and wide nose, which provides excellent maneuverability both on virgin soil and on rigid prepared tracks;

  • The Powerline system is used for vibration dampening and improved ski control;

  • Special development 3D Race Carbon (sandwich) and Rocker (reverse deflection) provide a good edge and the correct transfer of effort to the edge.

Basically, Salomon skis fall into the unisex category. But the company has also developed special product lines for women and children. Lightweight models have an interesting design and bright colors.

Popular model: Salomon SNOWSCAPE 7 SIAM.

Estimated cost: 6600 rubles.

Skis are lightweight, soft, taking into account the anatomy of the female body, have a displaced center of gravity and provide good grip to the track. Owners note the excellent characteristics of the rental, as well as the good value for money of these skis.

Our rating: 9.9 points out of 10.

From Salomon ski reviews: “Sure glide (especially at a temperature of -2 to -8 degrees), sharp edges, good geometry. Plastic sliding surface suitable for central Russia. "

Fischer - the best men's running skis

German skis Fisher, as well as products of other brands, are made for different categories of amateurs and professionals. The models are distributed among the rulers and differ in the technologies used in production.

For the manufacture of cross-country skis used technology designed to reduce the weight of products and reduce energy loss, improve slip. The design of the ski is quite complicated. Outside the product is covered with plastic, and inside applied cellular technology, which is also common in the aircraft industry. In the manufacture of the sliding side of the ski used diamond grinding and carbon.

In the line of cross-country skiing, Fisher can pick up a pair for himself as a beginner skier (a universal pair for any type of skating) and a professional athlete (for a skating or a classic move).

In addition, when choosing the best ski you need to know about the climate of the area where you intend to ride. For different snow different models of Fisher skis are produced:

  • “Warm” - with a high content of graphite, soft heel and toe, they are ideal for the warm winter of central Russia and Western Siberia;

  • "Cold" with a lower content of graphite in plastic. They are used for hard snow and freezing weather.

Popular model: Fischer LS Combi.

Estimated price: 5000 rubles.

In these skis, the ROCKER CAMBER technology is used: at the time of pushing the pads, the toe is unloaded, and the ski does not dig in the snow. As a result, ski management becomes more comfortable. The improved system of air channels in the structure of the wooden core allows you to optimally distribute the weight over the entire length of the ski. Great for beginners wanting to start driving really fast.

Disadvantages: skis of such quality require careful maintenance and preparation.

Our rating: 9.9 points out of 10.

Reviews: “I would like to say about the feeling of the Fischer skis: when I first got on them, then, without even making a start, I immediately drove off. They slide just fine! ".

Rossignol - the best skis for professionals

The Rossignol group of companies, which has production facilities throughout Europe, was one of the first to master the production of plastic skis. Lightweight aramid laminate used in their construction provides good stability and steady edge of the product. The wooden core is reinforced with carbon fiber, which makes skis docile and lightweight.

The design of the side walls has two layers. Upper, made of elastic material, designed to absorb shock loads under the mounts. He protects the skier's legs and the skis themselves. The bottom layer is made of hard plastic, which provides strength characteristics.

The company is better known as a manufacturer of alpine skiing; one of the cross-country skis it produces is real pearls.

Popular model: Rossignol X-ium Skating WC3 White Base NIS.

Estimated cost: 20500 rubles

Specialists find a lot of advantages in the geometry of these skis due to the competent distribution of loads between the toe and the heel, so that the skis confidently enter the turn and move through the snow of various densities.

Disadvantages: rather, you can call it a feature: these skis are not for a beginner, they require a certain sliding technique from a skier.

Our rating: 9.6 points out of 10.

The opinion of Michele Julian, a member of the Italian national team in ski biathlon: “These skis are stable, you feel free on them. Excellent skis comparable to top-level racing models. ”

Atomic - the best skis for children

Austrian company Atomic produces narrow and strong cross-country skis for users of any level of training and of any age. In great demand are the skis of this company, designed for children and teenagers. The synthetic lightweight Ultra High Densolite cores and 3D Touring profiles give lightness to the heels and toes of the skis and perfectly distribute the energy.

Popular model: Atomic Ski Tiger Junior

Estimated price: 3000 rubles.

This is a children's (junior) model for the classic move. It is equally convenient to learn the correct “classics” as well as to demonstrate the acquired skills at the most serious competitions. Nordicap technology provides uniform pressure distribution as well as sufficient torsional rigidity. Skis are easy to use and resistant to slipping. Do not need lubrication and special preparation. In addition, at such a price it’s not a pity to break them in the learning process.

Disadvantages: Due to the popularity of the brand, skis are quickly dismantled in stores, so it is not always possible to find a suitable pair in height for sale.

Our rating: 9.9 points out of 10.

Reviews: “I bought my daughter. Long chose, stopped at Atomic Ski Tiger with fixtures G2 Auto. They did not even have to lubricate paraffin. Immediately from the store - on the snow, and the girl went. There is almost no uphill return, the daughter says that her legs get tired much less than on old skis».

Rating of the best mountain and cross-country skiing according to the "Expert Price"

Model, manufacturer





Elan Amphibio 78 Ti + ELX 11.0 13/14

28,000 rubles

Wide Waist, RST Design, Mono Ti Enhance, Power Woodcore Core, Wavealex

Top alpine skis for advanced skiers


Rossignol X-ium Skating WC3 White Base NIS

20,500 rubles

Best suited to experienced athletes. All of their advantages reveal if the owner has high-level skills.

Top cross country skis for advanced skiers



6600 rubles

Women's skis are lightweight, soft, with a displaced center of gravity

Top cross country skiing for women


Fischer LS Combi

5000 rubles

Rocker CAMBER technology, improved stability options, well suited for beginners.

Top Cross Country Skiing for Men


Atomic Ski Tiger Junior

3000 rubles

Junior model for the classic move, there are various sizes.

Top cross country skis for kids and teens


Head Chip 66 SW PR Pro

28,000 rubles

Worldcup sandwich, CHIP intelligence management system, UHM C base with structure

Top Innovative Alpine Skiing


K2 AMP Bolt

48000 rubles

Men's alpine skiing for the fast track. Improved reliability.

Most reliable alpine skiing


Enjoy the shopping!

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