What is the most convenient way to glue the fabric to the plastic?

The expert of our project, Svetlana Olishevets

If you need to glue the fabric to the plastic (or vice versa) pointwise, then a glue gun will do (it is also called a “thermogun”). The principle of operation is quite simple: a small glue stick (“cartridge”) “charges” into the gun, which, when turned on, starts to warm up. Then you put pressure on the “trigger” and apply a hot glue drop on the tip of the gun to the place where you need to glue something. In this case, the glue gun can be a battery (it is usually quite compact models), or have a wire for inclusion in the outlet.
After you use up the entire glue stick, you can “charge” the gun with the next one. Do not forget that the heated glue is very hot and you need to work with it carefully. Although when working with a glue gun, the main thing is to adjust to squeeze out exactly as much glue as you need. Excess, if they appear, can be easily removed (cut off) after it hardens. The adhesive is transparent, so it is usually not very noticeable at the point of gluing.
“Cartridges” for glue guns are different (depending on what materials they should glue). But the usual transparent glue stick will do an excellent job with fabric and plastic.

In addition to the glue gun, various universal adhesives (such as Alleskleber, the corresponding types of Moment or Econ glue, and others) will also be suitable for plastic.
Not bad, he also proved Unicum glue, which must be applied to both glued surfaces (plastic must first be degreased with acetone) twice (with an interval of 2-3 minutes), and then firmly press them together for 5-6 hours. It is better to use the glued product after 24 hours.
You can use the aerosol adhesive (glue spray) 3M Spray 80 or 3M Spray 90. The adhesive is applied on both surfaces, the time interval is maintained for 30 seconds, after which the fabric should be pressed hard enough to the plastic, making sure that there are no air bubbles.

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