The most interesting new items in electric kettles

Tea time technology

Time saving

For decades, a certain unwritten standard for electric kettles was a certain ratio of the volume and power of the heating element. Kettles with a volume of 1.8 - 2 liters consumed about 2 (in rare cases, 2.2) kilowatts, and their smaller counterparts, containing 1.2 - 1.6 liters, were equipped with a heater of 1.5 - 1.7 kW. Accordingly, the boiling time of a full kettle often did not correspond to the consumer’s perception that morning tea should be taken in a short time interval between the alarm clock and running out of the house. In 2015, models of electric kettles come onto the market, providing boiling time from one to two minutes. A striking example of such a device is the Stadler Form Kettle Three SFK.8000, which has a hidden 2400 watt disk heating element with a kettle capacity of just 1.5 liters. And the record holder here is Philips HD 4678, which, with a volume of 1.2 liters, is equipped with a 2400 watt heating element that boils in less than 1 minute.

Temperature adjustment

Not a single person who understands the subtleties of the aroma of tea or coffee in the least bit will brew your favorite drink with boiling water. Do not lose a single note of the magic aroma will allow the new electric kettle, developed by Scarlett. The touch control buttons located on the stand allow you to select the water heating temperature. You need to prepare baby food - press "60", for hot chocolate - choose 70 degrees, green tea is best brewed at 80 degrees, and black tea or coffee - at 90.

Kettle with electric whistle

For a long time, kettles were made, the spout of which is equipped with a special whistle. Water boils, steam under pressure passes through the whistle, and the hostess rushes skipping to the kitchen. Philips has developed and brought to the market an “electric” analogue of this veteran of the kitchen utensil shop: when the water boils, the sensor is triggered and the kettle beeps. Squeak, I must say, turned out to be more pleasant to the ear than the "natural" whistle of ordinary kettles. The device has a number of additional chips: the level scale graduated in the cups and the mode of maintaining the set temperature.

Electric set

Yes, now there is one. Rolsen began the serial production of the tea set RK-1211CSN. It includes a ceramic electric kettle, a teapot, 4 cups and 4 saucers. The manufacturer claims that the special design of the base and the kettle itself provide a very low level of noise when boiling. In addition, the unified design of the service allows the electric kettle to cease, finally, to be a “white raven” in the family of kitchen utensils.

Thermos kettle

The new model of the electric kettle, presented by Vitek, ensures that boiled water is kept hot for up to 3 hours. This happens thanks to a special design that has double walls made of stainless steel. Thus, a serious household problem has been solved: now you do not have to spend electricity to reboil. Well, no need to rush headlong to the boiling kettle, so as not to miss the temperature necessary for brewing tea or coffee.

The hotter the redder

Binatone took into account the choice of consumers, and in 2015 combined its patented Aqvarius technology in one product, which allowed to combine the processes of heating and filtering water, as well as the MagicThermocontrol function, which changes consumer color, depending on the liquid temperature. The model is named simply - by the name of technology Aqvarius MagicThermocontrol. The device allows you to boil and filter 3 liters of water in just 3.5 minutes.

Away from the outlet

The standard length of the power cord for teapots is 0.75 meters. Sometimes the layout of the kitchen does not allow to place the kettle so close to the outlet. If at your home the kettle is connected via an extension cord, which periodically heats up and even melts, take a look at the Bork K 711 model, which recently entered the market. Designers equipped this device with a 1.2 m long cord. It is made of real wires with a copper current-carrying core of increased section.

Automatic water injection

Polaris has developed an electrical appliance in which the reservoir is filled with a non-volatile microcomputer. A device that is turned off from an outlet can be attributed, for example, to the nearest key with icy water and to download it into a working container. The pump is powered by a battery or USB connector. Such technology will be very useful in places where there are difficulties with the presence of running water.

And here is the vintage

In the model number 2015 - real vintage teapots! And this is expressed not so much in design as in the material from which the body is made. High-quality ceramics allows, in contrast to plastic and even metal cases, to get water without odors. A striking example is the Gorenje K10C ceramic electric kettle.

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