The most useful innovations in juicers

The most interesting for the "juicy" life!

"Mobile" juice spill

Now, in order to make the whole family drink juice, it is not necessary to wait for the filling of the jug and gradually pour the drink into glasses. Turn the nose juicers 120 degrees allows you to consistently fill the cups one by one. The stylish, strict, slightly futuristic design of modern equipment is appropriate for any table setting. Due to the convenient swiveling spout, juice is easily poured into mugs for guests and family members. There are no problems with the height of the glass or cup, the design not only rotates easily, but is also height adjustable, providing additional comfort in use.

Multi-speed control

The difficulty of choosing juicers was always the same: the one that makes juice well from berries, does not cope with hard fruits, and vice versa. The appearance of home appliances up to nine working speeds completely solved this problem. Now the user himself can adjust the power of the product and get the juice either from the dense stalks of celery, or from the tender plum fruits.

Twin screw mechanism

From super-fast universal juicers, the emphasis in production has shifted to slower screw counterparts. But they decided not to limit themselves on this - in fact, even if the cake is obtained in auger products, is almost dry, you can achieve even better results. If a simple auger juicer worked like a meat grinder, then twin screw mechanism already more like a millstone. Vegetables, fruits, stems, leaves are so tightly flattened when working juicers that all the juice is squeezed out of them really dry. The drink is thick, with a very rich taste, slightly less transparent than usual. But at the same time, all vitamins are completely preserved in it, therefore the effectiveness of such a technique is taken to be the greatest among all the existing proposals. By the way, on such a juicer you can even make juice from pine needles or oil from flax seeds!

Meal regulator

Attempts to control the release of oil cake have been made for a long time, but it didn’t go further than interchangeable nozzles until this year the models with lever regulator output of the cake. Now, with just one movement of the rotary knob, you can easily move the silicone plug and change the size of the hole, based on the type of raw material. The smaller the remaining gap, the stronger is the return of juice during operation of the screw mechanism. More juice - more good!

Anti-drip function

Despite the fact that "Anti-drop" It appears in the functionality of juicers for a long time, this problem was really solved only this year. Due to the rising design of the spout, an outflow of excess juice is created in the inner compartment of the product. No more drops on the table or convulsive replacement of glasses! Slightly raised nose solves all problems with sloppy drops and drip juice.

Focus on multi-functionality

All housewives dream of one kitchen device that would cut, squeeze, shred, grind, and ideally it would still be hot, stew, and roast. A new type of juicers with numerous attachments gradually brings us closer to the realization of such a dream. Today there are products that will not only carefully squeeze the juice from fruits, vegetables and greens, but also:

  • whip up baby cream soup;
  • make cocktails;
  • mix tender desserts or hot sauces;
  • bold coffee, nuts or spices;
  • chop up the salad products.

At the same time, the novelty will please with neat dimensions and attractive design. Almost a food processor, but still a juicer!

Wider and wider

The ergonomics of kitchen equipment for the production of juice is directly related to the size and shape of the loading opening. After all, you just want to throw fruits and vegetables into the juicer, and not to crush them under an oval or semicircular mouth of any size. Today, champions in width have settled on the size of 85 mm, and in terms of shape, round configurations increasingly predominate as the most optimal for fruits and vegetables. Some manufacturers use their own label - XXL to denote the gigantic size of the loading opening.

More juice!

When choosing a juicer, you usually come across the formulation of dry or non-dry meal. To paraphrase this parameter, it will sound - a large or small volume of the finished juice. To squeeze the most out of fruits and vegetables is the task of all producers. Everything else is just elements of ergonomics and ease of use of household appliances. According to the latest data, many have managed to increase productivity by change configuration of strainer filter. Changed the structure and location of the holes due to what happened to achieve an increase in the volume of the finished juice by 30%.

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