The composition of hair balms: what to look for?

How to choose a hair balm?

The composition of balms for hair

Let us throw aside advertising slogans from “revitalizing” and “feeding” hair and remember that hair is still an inanimate matter. Any products applied to the hair do not make them better, but they help them LOOK better, which is also not bad at all. The correct balm of industrial production consists of three groups of components:

  • Acids (lemon, wine, milk, acetic) are designed to neutralize the alkali remaining on the hair after using the shampoo, and make hair shine.
  • Cosmetic substances, bringing hair to life: silicones, proteins, moisturizers, natural oils and waxes. They make the hair more shiny and elastic, reduce brittleness and facilitate combing.
  • Preservatives - without them, not a single balm produced industrially. Preservatives do not cause any harm to hair, but they help to preserve all valuable components and preserve the means of reproduction of bacteria.

It is very good if there are natural oils in the hair balm (avocado, burdock, jojoba, etc.). Oils moisturize hair, nourish the scalp. Extracts of medicinal plants have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

Important: It is advisable to choose a balm and shampoo not only of the same brand, but also from the same line within the brand.

Important: Especially useful balms owners fragile dry, dyed and damaged hair.

With or without silicones?

Silicones are dimethicone, cyclomethicone, simethicone, and other ingredients that are consonant with them. Despite the horror stories about the dangers of silicones, trichologists claim that they are not as terrible as they say in advertising. These substances cover hair with light film, instantly giving them shine, obedience and protection from harmful external factors. Without silicones to achieve a luxurious shine hair, alas, more difficult and much more expensive. When used excessively, silicone balm can “clog” the hair structure, making it heavy, greasy and dull. To prevent this from happening, alternate such a balm with other means or use deep cleansing shampoos.

In preparing the article used materials from the book E. Hernandez "New Cosmetology"

Attention! There are contraindications; consultation of a specialist

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